and you wake up and start to cry // virgo [tags]

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  • ❣ Virgo ❣


    ❥ 31 moons

    ❥ cis female {she/her}

    Whispering Grove Skyclan

    ❥ Bisexual

    Listener / Currently Matron Queen


    ❥ Parents; NPC x NPC (father deceased) {Named Celeste and Astro}

    Both abused Virgo, forcing her siblings to ignore her entirely. Astro was killed by his son.

    ❥ Siblings; Two NPC sisters {named Aries and Libra}, One NPC brother {named Taurus}

    ❥ Partner; female NPC

    ❥ Kits: Daisypaw, Amaryllispaw

    ❥ Friends; Fenrir, Osiris

    ❥ Enemies; TBA

    appearance➻ ref

    Chubby even before her pregnancy, her body is at a point where you can tell by looking she is expecting. This vulnerability terrifies her. Her coat is thick and her red fur dives into white at her stomach, tail tip, paws and muzzle. She has brown eyes stuck in nervous look. She was born without ler front left leg, and walks in a very shakily manner.


    Explorer ; ISFP-T

    Strengths: Charming / Sensitive to Others / Imaginative / Passionate / Curious / Artistic

    Weaknesses: Fiercely Independent / Unpredictable / Easily Stressed / Overly Competitive / Fluctuating Self-Esteem

    Her entire life is overrun by her paranoid state of mind, stemming from an abusive childhood and cult mentality thrown upon her from birth. Fearing something will come for her children if she does not leave, she escaped Whispering Grove and wandered her way to the Skyclan boarder. Virgo genuinely believes the world is out to get her and she finds it very hard to clam down in any situation. Due to her upbringing, men make her feel unsafe.

    life is moments you can't understand.

    31 moons tags skyclan PENNED BY kindcolors

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