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    Running for their life a slave (Muse A) has just gotten away from their master. Alone, lost and in need of help, they run right into the woods. by the time muse A stops to rest, he is cold and in pain. As luck would have it the former servant finds a house in the woods. It looks like no one has lived in it for years.

    Figuring anything is better than the cold, Muse A goes inside and finds that the place is dirty but OK in general. They find a bed and fall asleep, only to wake with a vampire looking at them.
    Muse B is a vampire, known for being a leader of a dangerous gang and, as luck would have it he had come just home tired after a long trip, ready to sleep in their own bed. Only to find someone sleeping in it already. Shocked they let the slave stay and make them there personal toy (mostly so he could show off to all the other vampires.)


    I have no preference on which muse I play. If you have any ideas to expand the plot a little more I'd be happy to hear them c:

    All I require from you is the ability to write around 500 plus words and a small form [plus picture] of your character. Once you post a small form I will put up a starting post along with my own form.

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  • here's my form! Sorry it's not too detailed or anything but I guess it's something? Anyways, the starting post will be up sometime tomorrow. But for now maybe post a small form of your own? It doesn't have to be too detailed or anything. Honestly just a picture and a name for your character is fine lol.

  • Dark twigs reached out in the dark night to attempt to claw along the lithe body that was running through the forest, each of his footsteps seeming to stretch through the dark night. The moonlight was the only light source for miles around, shining down on the short figure dressed in torn up, vintage styled clothing. This figure, was Lilian, a blood slave running from his cruel masters.

    Lillian was a short person, standing at only 5'7 when he stood with good posture. His body was slim, lithe, almost fragile appearing like fine china. His skin was pale, almost unhealthily so. Light brown freckles were scattered all over his shoulders, collarbones and face. His beautiful skin seemed to almost glow inside the moonlight that faintly lit up the dark forest around the slave. The slave's overall appearance was more feminine than masculine, perhaps even doll like.

    Lilian's knees shook with the need to fall as he ran through the night. His soft pants and the twigs breaking under his cut up feet were the only sound that penetrated his ears. All around him was only forest for miles around. Until, finally, his large blue-green eyes framed by long lashes managed to set upon a small, beaten up cabin inside the woods. It looked like a great hiding place, the only reason why it managed to catch his eyes was due to a light flickering on and off inside it. He could hide in the cabin for a day or two, or until the search for him had died down.

    Mind made up, since he didn't want to spend another night hiding inside a tree, unable to get sleep in fear he would be surrounded by bloodthirsty mutts and equally bloodthirsty vampires. Lilian stumbled weakly to the cabin. It felt like hours had passed when his trembling hands managed to push against the door. Only to find it locked. Perhaps it was the fear of getting caught by his old master(s), or just pure desperation. But he walked to a window, picked up a large stone and shattered the window.

    Getting through the window was certainly difficult since it was fairly small. But he did manage to get inside, earning him a deep cut on his thigh for his efforts. But he was inside. Lilian's beautiful eyes flickered around the living room he was now in. The furniture was quite vintage appearing and covered inside a thick layer of dust. Meaning, the person that lived here really hated cleaning or the cabin was abandoned. Lilian hoped for the latter.

    Slowly, with trembling legs Lilian stood up, his knees almost buckling under the weight of his own body. He was careful to avoid the glass shattered all over the living room as he walked to the lamp flickering on and off. With deft, long fingers, he shut the light off so the darkness once again surrounded him. In a strange sort of way, the darkness was comforting. It protected him from another's sight, keeping him hidden and safe. It took a while for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, but finally it did.

    Slowly he walked through the cabin, his hands wandering over the walls as he walked to support his weight. Finally, he managed to stumble inside a fairly sized bedroom with a small bathroom attached to it. Slowly, he walked into the bathroom, a soft shaky sigh escaping his slightly parted lips as he found a shower. His fingers continued to shake as he turned on the water, causing warm water to run out of the shower's head. A soft, surprised breath escaped his plump lips when his hand reached out to make contact with the water. It was warm? That was surprising to say the least. Not a lot of abandoned places had warm water inside it. Then again, not all abandoned places had working electricity either.

    Slowly, Lilian unbuttoned his blood stained shirt, allowing it to fall to the ground. His trousers came next, pooling to the ground by his feet. With careful movements he stepped into the shower, almost moaning when the warm water hit his body. He stayed under the warm water for at least an hour, allowing the hot water to caress his body and wash away all of his problems. He would have stayed there for longer, but the water started to turn cold.

    With a long, deep sigh he turned off the water and left the tub. He stepped out, the wooden flooring creaking under him as he did so. Not even bothering to try finding a towel to dry his soaking wet body Lilian walked to the nearby wooden closet. Upon opening it, his beautiful eyes roamed the closet. The clothing inside it were dark and high-end. Like his master's clothing was.

    Gingerly his scarred fingers ran over the fabric of the clothing. Until finally, his fingers curled around a simple, long sleeve shirt. He carefully pulled it into his body. It was baggy on his too skinny frame, resting around his thighs but it was something. Deciding this would do fine for now at least, Lilian walked carefully to the large bed. He slowly slid into the bed, his hands roaming over the silky blankets. Lilian's body stretched out along the bed, his back beautifully arching and his arms moving above his head to grip onto a soft pillow. Slowly, Lilian pulled the pillow against his body, nuzzling gently into it while his eyes fluttered closed.