RIPTIDE // mountain goats

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  • ゚ ✦ ° HALF ALIVE - There were many things that Morgan couldn't see back in the city, but there were even less things he could see here that he had seen in Bloodclan. He still had yet to see a dead body here, or for someone to outright slander their leader or high positions - not that there were many to choose from p and he hadn't seen animals like they had in Bloodclan. But here in the tribe, well, he was staring at a large pale furred, hoofed creature with a massive pair of horns curling around it's narrow skull. Slate eyes narrowed as he allowed his claws to unsheathe as he took careful, silent steps forward towards the unusual animal. Taking a quick glance down he make a ginger leap forward and drew himself up onto a boulder. Whatever it was it was like nothing he had ever seen before and he had to admit to himself that he was intrigued by the strange creature.

  • The sights and scents of the tribe's mountains were definitely different than BloodClan's concrete jungle. Robin had never visited the city, but he was sure to be lost if he ever did; in light of that, Morgan's quick adjustment to the tribe's home was nothing short of amazing.

    Blue eyes tracked Morgan as the large ebony to-be jumped atop an equally large boulder. After a brief hesitation (because some small part of Robin was uncomfortable with someone who never opened their mouth and instead cloaked themselves in silence and secrecy) he padded toward the younger cat, nimbly making his way onto a neighboring stone. His voice was quiet, barely more than a whisper so as not to disturb the goat, as he asked, "Do you have goats where you're from? They usually don't disturb us if we don't startle them."

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  • QFSVbbe.gif "You guys watching the goats?" Frog asked as she made her way over. She often liked watching them since they didn't really do much besides making weird noises. Every once in a while they would fight each other. It was pretty cool to see.

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