Nyx's bio

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  • Name: Nyx
    Species: Common European Viper
    Gender: Male

    Age: 3 years, 12 months

    (All drawn by me!)

    Personality- Chaotic Evil
    Loyal to none but himself, Nyx is a sly, deceptive, and immoral trickster. He is a skilled actor and manipulator with an eye for detail, being able to project emotions perfectly and even imitate others. Though he relies on his wits in order to survive, he can crack if put under enough pressure and slip up in his act. Nyx does not lack the capacity to care for others, and can become a very soft-hearted friend to those close enough. Unfortunately, he consciously pushes most away with his arrogant and aggressive attitude. He has a large ego, and can easily be upset if he or his skills are insulted or criticized in any way. He can also be very petty and immature.

    Traits: Astute, efficient, adaptable, independent, manipulative, precise, selfish, dishonest, sneaky, cowardly, secretive, cold, harsh, brutal, lazy, bitter.

    Likes: Solitude, quiet, gullibility, exploration, sunlight, relaxing, drawing.

    Dislikes: Large birds, royalty, excessive risk, cold weather, nosy people, being called out, fighting.

    Weaknesses: Terrified of large birds.
    Can't teleport if blinded.


    -The shapeshifting snake known as Nyx has led a rough, cutthroat life of independence ever since he was born, growing under an abusive mother and an absent father. Eventually, he was forced to run away from her at a young age. At an early point in his life, he had met a young, wandering con-cat by the name of Praven. The two got along nicely, and complimented each other's strengths and weaknesses perfectly. For the next two years, they would tour Agrelos, scamming, cheating, and robbing all they could find. The duo had perhaps become too successful, as when they faced retaliation from those they stole from, Praven took their bounty and fled, leaving Nyx to fend for himself. He barely survived the encounter, with a new perspective on his life. The snake would become a recluse for a few months, only ever venturing out of his burrows to eat- times that were few and far between.
    -Eventually, Nyx had learned of a new rogue group by the name of the Hellraisers- a clan fueled by anger and vengeance.
    -Nyx had decided to join the Hellraisers, a disreputable group based in the Silent Marsh, and was placed under the mentorship of Venus Diabolus. Unfortunately, Venus had succumbed to a fit of feral rage and disappeared, her location remaining unknown. Nyx was soon after promoted to Guildmate by the new Law, Icilia.
    -After Icilia took a leave for unknown reasons, Lucifer took her place. Nyx took the opportunity to successfully apply for the position of Lector.
    -Nyx and fellow circle member Tanya launched a two person raid on the Painted Brigade in response to a member of the latter's trespassing on Hellraisers territory. Tanya left during the fight, causing Nyx to panic and struggle to distract the Brigade members with a trick- humiliating himself in the process- before escaping.
    -The Hellraisers disband, leaving Nyx to search for a new clan.

    -Nyx joins the Shadow Veil.


    Faction: Shadow Veil

    RANK: Veiler

    Titles: N/A


    POWERS (90%): Shapeshifting [Adept], Venom Glands[Adept], Scent Manipulation [Intermediate], Light Elemental [Master], and Teleportation [Adept].

    Nyx specializes in a certain perk of light manipulation, being the ability to create very convincing optical illusions using holograms and other methods involving the manipulation of light rays.

    Shapeshifting Forms: Crow- A small, black crow with sky blue eyes.

    Mimic- Lacking a suitable body for combat and other tasks himself, Nyx relies on copying the bodies of his allies and enemies in order to be effective. Nyx may also use this to impersonate someone for various purposes. The larger the body is, the harder it is for Nyx to replicate and maintain.


    Relationship status: Single as a pringle, refuses to mingle.


    Trivia: Normally speaks in a sibilant voice, but has such a large vocal range that he can perfectly impersonate anyone.

    Nyx lives outside of the Veil camp, inside the hollowed base of a large tree. He keeps all of his belongings here, including a large stash of valuable trinkets, jewelry, and gems. Entering without his permission ensures death, clanmate or otherwise.

    Nyx is a closeted bisexual.

    Nyx, like most snakes, has naturally poor vision. But he has learned to use his light powers to correct these issues in a similar way to glasses, allowing him to have extremely good eyesight.


    IN BATTLE: Physically weak and can be defeated easily in his normal form. Relies on tricks, illusions, and ambushes to weaken his opponent, before going in for the killing blow. Will often take the form of an enemy or ally to assist him in a fight.

    The effects of his venom can range from:

    -Extreme pain in the bitten area


    -Blurred vision




    Despite this, his venom is unlikely to kill unless in large doses or there are other underlying health issues.

    Physically easy | Mentally extreme| Open to capture and injury | Will kill if given the chance

    CURRENT CONDITION: 100% Healthy!

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