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  • ❝ BASICS ❞ ―― gettin' loud like an amplifier!

    vincent vendetta | " vinny "

    cis male | he/him | bisexual | 12 months

    hellraiser | guildmate | death angel

    frat boy of the hellraisers

    ❝ RELATIONSHIPS ❞ ―― cuz it's party time

    NPC x NPC | brother - william vendetta

    single | [0] crushes | somewhat looking | is naive to others crushing on him

    ❝ APPEARANCE ❞ ―― and i've got confetti!

    CURRENT APPEARANCE: domestic tuxedo cat, golden eyes, long-furred and lean

    Vincent is a young domestic long-haired tomcat with a tuxedo pelt and striking golden eyes that stand out significantly against his darker pelt. His fur is silky in texture and sticks up a bit along the back of his neck. Vinny has a long, sweeping tail and long, curled claws. His build is lean, with most of his muscle in his legs.

    ref is wip

    mutations: n/a

    accessories: sometimes wears black shades to help with his hangovers

    ❝ PERSONALITY & QUIRKS ❞ ―― yeah i make shit up but

    KEYWORDS: party animal, troublemaker, goofy, playful, loves alcohol and drugs

    Vincent is a laid back, tired tomcat by day and the life of the party by night. He can get crazy at parties and loves to socialize and cheer up his friends with stupid jokes and crazy stunts. Vincent tends to get carried away with his wild endeavors and can often times get himself in trouble. The young domestic has an affinity for drugs and alcohol and hates being sober, especially for long periods of time.

    enfp-t & hufflepuff

    disorders ― type 1 bipolar

    ❝ AESTHETICS ❞ ―― i'm not a liar!

    smells like: booze and mud


    ❝ INTERACTION ❞ ―― spittin' fire, gnarled like barbed wire!

    no powers yet

    ask to powerplay

    talented fighter

    ooh, on the weekend I come alive --------------------- YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT, I DANCE LIKE FIRE

    vincent / tags / hellraiser guildmate

    made by checkers

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