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    — cis-male, masculine pronouns.

    — 7 moons ages whenever the rper feels like it(probably a moon on the 29 of every month/every 100 posts)

    — unknown sexuality

    — bloodclan + kit

    voiceclaim: bakugou katsuki, ref - ref - ref(jap)





    — angry boy

    — will curse out anyone within a twenty foot radius of him

    — thinks he's the shit(he isn't)


    — his favorite prey is mice, the reason for this being it was the first animal he ate after being starved as a kit

    — has a superiority complex. he wants to be the best at everything, in charge of everything, generally just better than others, etc etc

    — due to malnutrition his growth has been stunted, causing him to very small(for now)

    — whenever he hunts, he yells "DIEEEEE!!!" anytime he's about to kill something

    — he refers to others by a physical trait or something about their personality that sticks out to him; referring to someone by their name is a display of respect(or seeing someone as a rival)

    — often threatens others with death, but when it comes to this he's all bark no bite(though he won't hesitate on leaving a nasty injury)


    ✧ INFO \ HEALTH: 40% [STATUS]

    — a handsome tuxedo maine coon with green eyes. he has white markings on his chin and trailing down chest, as well as a single white sock on his left paw. he usually always harbors a scowl or an arrogant smirk.


    injuries: he has a nicked ear, courtesy of one of his siblings thrashing about due to a nightmare.




    — the product of emotional scars from growing up in a rough environment, hound is closed off and a tough egg to crack. he doesn't trust others easily and struggles with letting people in, although this stems less from anxiety and more from the superiority he believes he holds above everyone else. perhaps due to being the only surviving kit in his litter, hound believes that he is a special individual with an unmeasured strength and thus demands respect from those around him.

    due to his cocksure and self-centered nature, hound doesn't hesitate on voicing his thoughts or opinions, believing he has a right to speak at any and all times. he's not quiet or subtle about the way he speaks either, often crudely yelling and tossing insults right and left. he believes whatever he says is correct no matter what, and has issues with admitting, or even realizing, that he can wrong at times. sensitive and easily to provoke, hound doesn't hold back on blowing up on those who irritate him. he's not very empathetic and is unable to put himself in another's shoes.

    having grown up in an abandoned litter left to die, hound is inured to things such as death, sickness, and gore. fear is rare to him; rather than causing him to retreat into a (completely) traumatized shell, his backstory has given him a reason to be bold and fearlessly rush into any situation. however, he has abandonment issues that he refuses to acknowledge, doesn't like people getting close to him, and has difficulty with believing promises others may give him. as a result, he tends to be very independent about the way he achieves things and doesn't like relying on others(although part of this comes from his massive ego/pride).

    most importantly of all, hound displays an almost unhealthy obsession with the concept of strength. he both respects and despises those who are physically strong and inhabit leadership roles, while looking down on those who are weak, physically or emotionally. he has so much trust in himself to emerge victorious no matter the situation, which is although extremely narcissistic and self-assured, a strength in itself.

    gained: wariness, insensitivity, arrogance, conceitedness, hostility, aggressiveness, ambition, narcissism


    — parents

    npc x npc

    — siblings

    five npc kits, all dead

    — children


    — mentorships


    — romantic relationships


    — close friends


    — enemies




    — will start fights \ won't end fights \ no mercy

    — will confront violence \ won't run away \ any other notes

    trusts: names here

    distrusts: names here


    — penned by sunchips.

    — inspired by aomine daiki, bakugou katsuki, muscular, and billy hargrove

    — color is #ff0040 and #000000

    ❝ there's a dog inside your heart

    and it tells you to tear everything apart ❞

    tags + played by sunchips.

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    as yet another summer prayed on a new year, a litter of six fragile souls was born in yard of a twoleg den, blissfully unaware of the fate in the not-so-distant future. they were the product of a pampered kittypet and a rouge, and the twolegs, disappointed with the litter's dirty blood, tossed them out in an alley just on the outskirts of bloodclan territory. their mother, the rogue, tended to them in their early hours out of mere pity, but once they opened their eyes enough to be able to see the alley walls that caged them with blurry, curious eyes, she became a ghost.

    leaving out the gruesome details, the nameless kittens died off one by one without the presence of a motherly figure to care of their health. yet at the end of this string of death, there was a single miracle kitten, one who survived long enough to live to tell his tale. he was a miserable little thing who conjured dark thoughts to replace the loneliness his siblings left him with, and his name would come to be hound due to a beast-like desire he felt to prove his worth and power to the world. he hid away in this alley for weeks, feeding on trash and maggots and even the helpless bodies of the creatures who once had brought him comfort, dark thoughts sprouting from inside his broken mind.

    when hound left the safety of the alley he had been raised in for the first time in a sudden burst of boldness, he ran into a group of cats who belonged to bloodclan. he would come to know them as bullet, clover, ace, nathanos, bune, and fernonia, harboring a particular distaste to nathanos and bune for the positions of authority they held over the others. desperate to leave behind his tragic beginnings and threatened by the strength these cats held through their numbers, hound demanded to join bloodclan, and he was accepted into the ranks of the dangerous clan of city cats.

    ❝ there's a dog inside your heart

    and it tells you to tear everything apart ❞

    tags + played by sunchips.

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    ❝ there's a dog inside your heart

    and it tells you to tear everything apart ❞

    tags + played by sunchips.

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    under construction bc i'm a bitch ass

    ❝ there's a dog inside your heart

    and it tells you to tear everything apart ❞

    tags + played by sunchips.

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  • Plot Ideas .

    - he is injured by someone or experiences a crushing loss, which ignites resentment and fuels a very damaging grudge that blinds him

    - gets hit by a car

    - gets caught in a tnr operation, loses the ability to have any more offspring

    - experiences tensions with someone he treasures and struggles with a build up of emotions inside of him, but his prideful character keeps him from saying anything/makes the situation worse. he breaks

    - many, many flings

    - forbidden litter with a forest cat? he demands to have custody over the children

    - becomes nearly abusive with his children. constantly beats the concept of strength into their mind and degrades them for being weak, mainly stems from losing his siblings and being an abandoned child

    ❝ there's a dog inside your heart

    and it tells you to tear everything apart ❞

    tags + played by sunchips.

  • Character Study .

    so this is just an analysis of hound's character for myself, mainly because he's someone who i'm going to struggle with getting perfect. if you're interested in learning more about why he's a stupid fuckin bitch feel free to take a peek, but it's probably gonna be me rambling a lot about shit that doesn't make sense lol

    the beginning


    i think the first question most people would have is, why does he tell everyone to die, why does he humiliate/hurt people, why does he call everyone painful names, etc etc. well this sick way of looking at everyone stems from the classic ol' what he experienced early in his childhood(keep in mind this should not excuse his attitude, but at the very least help you understand why he acts why he does). being very well aware that he was abandoned as a child, experiencing with his two eyes his siblings dying in front of his eyes, living by his dead siblings for a considerable amount of his childhood, staying in the same suffocating space for such a long time— understandably, all of these had extremely damaging effects on him, not just on his physical well being.

    i'd like to think that naturally, hound was horrified when his siblings started to die, maybe even entering a state of shock when the first one passed away. even in his litter he was the strong brother, the one who took care of the others, so he entered a mindset of "i'll protect you, i won't let you die" towards his remaining siblings. but they died and left him all by himself, so he was left with mostly two emotions: guilt and fear. he blamed himself for not keeping true to his promises, while simultaneously growing terrified about the possibility of dying. however, he didn't die, because in an area where resources are limited the probability of one kitten surviving is greater than six. surviving left him with the question of "why did everyone else die, but not me?" being left all alone with no one else to tend to him, his mind began to compensate for his feelings and build an explanation for his despair, leaving him with a sick outlook on his situation so he wouldn't completely break down. his answer for the miracle of his situation came down to this: strength. his siblings died because they were weak, so in hound's mind, he was alive because he was strong. it's a very simplistic answer to come to, and that makes sense since he was just a child. you'll see his obsession between the relationship of death and strength come up when he tells people he views as weak to "die" or how he becomes especially angry when you insult him his strength.

    a lot of people would assume he has an inferiority complex along side his superiority complex, or that he demeans others to compensate for insecurities he has. that's largely incorrect. he is one hundred percent, completely positive, about his greatness. no doubts whatsoever. his obsession with his strength and his unhealthy belief that being a survivor gave him power twists up his mind and tricks him. he is not tricking himself(at least not at this point in time), but he is still being tricked, if that makes sense.

    words don't have an affect on hound, actions do. when dealing with hound you might take the "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" mindset, but you have to assume that the same is for him. you can lecture him, you can spout your ideologies to him, you can demean him like he does to you, but it never will break down his character. you may him angry if you're concious of your word choice, yes, but you won't break him with words. actions speak larger. if you beat him at something, if you have better technique, if you made better decisions, those things with ultimately stay engraved in his mind more clearly. this is especially important if he doesn't acknowledge you or if there isn't a budding positive relationship between you, because there are always exceptions and he may listen to people he's the closest to. additionally, there's the thing of words accompanying actions; there is the chance of your words affecting him, but only if they are supported by a following action, and its these moments that will have the most important changes to him.

    ❝ there's a dog inside your heart

    and it tells you to tear everything apart ❞

    tags + played by sunchips.