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  • When she had pressed her nose against that rock and closed her eyes she had immediately fell asleep like a rock... it was... strange? Everything was dark for a few moments and then when she opened her eyes again she found herself surrounded by stars... Immediately she turns her head around to see a bunch of rather blurry figures in the distance that appear to be looking at her. Narrowing her eyes she tilts her head in confusion and allows herself to take a couple paw-steps closer to them. Still blurry.

    With a gulp she continues to look around in confusion, where was she? What was going to happen? Was anything going to happen? Why was everything so fuzzy looking?

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ This was not the first time Frogleap had been among the cats of StarClan tasked with bestowing a life. Before Lavenderskies had come Sorrelstar and Twistedstar, and neither had been from his clan.

    The tabby tom would be the first of the cats to step forward. His brown and white fur was aglow with the faint glimmer of starlight, and his deep blue eyes shimmered with warmth. However, to Lavenderskies he would as blurry figure, with an indistinct form. "Greetings," He would mew softly so as not to startle her. "Welcome to StarClan, Lavenderskies. My name is Frogleap. Unlike many of the cats here, I was not from SkyClan." The tome would pause for a moment, letting his words sink in before pressing on with the story of his life. "I was born and spent most of my life in WindClan. I had a wonderful life there, with family and friends who I adored, and I showed promise as a good warrior. Sadly, things changed when I was kidnapped by twolegs," Frogleap's eyes closed for a moment as he recalled that time. "It was a horrid time, and honestly some of my darkest days. The only thing that kept me going was the hope that I would see my family again. And when the time came, that hope carried me home, and reunited me with much of what I was lost. When I left my clan some moons later, it was hope that kept me from being consumed by my own dark thoughts." He paused once more and a thoughtful expression passed over his face. "You are to be leader soon, and with that comes a sense of uncertainty of the future in an ever-changing world. You must have hope that no matter how things seem, everything will be alright in the end."

    He took a step forward and pressed his nose gently against her head. Although the touch had been gentle, the sensation that would wash over Sorrelfire would not be the most pleasant. She would feel his pain and grief, a strange sensation, that seemed to gnaw away in the back of your mind. She would feel the fatigue flood her body. Not the sort from lack of sleep or illness, but something that came from an overwhelming urge to give up, from a lack of motivation. And when the pain seemed at it's worst, it would fade away, being replaced by a sense of warmth, happiness, and hope.

    "With this life, I give you the life of hope. Use it wisely in guiding your clan," He said, giving her a small nod. "Remember that even in the darkest time, when things seem at their worst, never lose hope."

    And with that, the brown tabby bowed his head, and stepped back, taking his place back among the cats of StarClan.




  • Unlike Frogleap, this was the first time that Sunkit had bestowed a life. He was terribly excited, his boundless energy propelling him forward to do so, and after the warrior had spoken and given his life, the little golden tabby felt the responsibility fall onto him. Forever stuck in the body of a kit whilst his mind developed, some might have seen it as a cruel fate; though he had plenty of other kits to play with up here. Sure, he was an older kit at 5 moons forever, but he still had to crane his neck to touch her nose.

    "I'm Sunkit! I'm not from SkyClan either, I'm from ShadowClan, so I hope you're okay with me giving you a life! I went out exploring before I was allowed out of camp, and I stayed out a bit too late... a fox ended up getting me. But I still had a lot of fun before I met the fox, just like you'll have plenty of fun despite your new responsibilities!" he chimed, unaware that she couldn't quite make him out. As he had to, he craned his neck to touch her nose, bright suns in his gaze blazing with a thousand fires of excitement.

    "So, I give you the life of adventure," he chirped, voice vociferous and upbeat. "Never be afraid to try new things, because then you'll never know what good can come out of it! Staying safe all your life isn't going to help anyone- you gotta have some RISK once in a while!" he giggles, stepping away. The life he gave away would be a rush of excitement followed by two outcomes; a peaceful sigh of immense relief, and a painful biting sensation around the neck. It was up to Lavenderskies to choose whether she would wish to risk the second outcome in order to achieve the first.




  • Stepping up after Sunkit came an old she-cat, with messy fur and a noticable white streak on her face that went across her eye, though both eyes were clear and filled with energy. "You've come so far Lavandersky," she rasped, pride filling her voice as she came to a stop in front of the she-cat. "I was once an elder in Skyclan- I would hope you remember me, considering we were once clanmates! Or are you getting forgetful in your age?" Amusement flooded through the former elder's features, and a raspy laugh filled the air. "S'cus me for that joke- a dead cat has to get her laughs somehow!" Twitching her fluffy grey tail, the Starclan cat continued on, her voice getting clearer and kinder. "Skyclan will be lucky to have you as a leader dear, don't forget that when you leave here. With this life I give you a long, fulfilled life. May your age bring you wisdom and experience, no matter what happen, and may you stand strong through the flow of time. Your age isn't a hindrance- its a gift to be shared with your clan, like I once did when I was among the living."

    Touching her weathered nose to Lavandersky, a tidal wave of events and emotions flowed through her. The energy and curiosity that came as a kit, growing up as an apprentice with exitement at becoming a warrior one day. Getting her warrior name- Sparkstripe- as she earned it after a hard fought battle. Working hard to prove herself as the seasons passed by, chasing the position of deputyhood that she would never get as cats she grew up with died and left her alone, with nothing to show for her dedication to her clan. That feeling of loss, of wasting her life was washed away by falling in love, having kits with her new mate, and loving them as only a mother could. The despair at her mate dying, being slain before his time, as intense as the pride she had for her kits as they became apprentices, and then warriors, of Skyclan. The pain of realizing she could no longer serve her clan and retiring, seeing life move on around her as she aged and aged, until she passed away peacefully in her sleep, awakening to those she loved.

    As she pulled back from the torrent of her life, yellow eyes sparkled with kindness. "You may not have faith in us, Lavandersky, but we have faith in you, sweetie" Whitescar whispered. "Goodbye, and may we not meet anytime soon, or I'll give ya an earful!" Turning around, the fluffy gray elder walked away, towards where Sunkit had scampered off to.

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ He had been problematic in his short-lived youth, picking fights and snapping at anyone who tried to get close to him. Breezepaw was the only sibling that was remotely close to him, and Plumbpaw had gone and perished before they had even gotten halfway through their apprenticeship. The fluffy blue tom had barely lived, but during those few moons of life, he had never known a sense of family. His father and adoptive mother had died when Plumbpaw and his siblings were barely four moons old. Their mother - who they thought was dead - turned out to be living among SkyClan, and had wanted nothing to do with them. She had panicked at their arrival, and barely interacted with them.

    It had been devastating, lonely. Plumbpaw hated that he had been so isolated, but it was all he had ever known. Slipping through the starry ranks, the fluffy tom cat approached Lavenderskies, unsure if she would remember him, but knowing it didn't exactly matter. His star filled eyes were neutral, and his voice was calm as he spoke. "Being leader is a daunting burden, one not every cat is born to bear. You must be a parent, you must be a warrior, you must be a nurturer, you must be ferocious, soft, wise. But above all, you must treat your Clan like they are family, leave no soul unloved or outcast, because they just very well might be your downfall. Family is not limited to blood and kin, it is whoever you choose to face the world with.

    So, with this life, I give you loyalty - familial, romantic, and platonic. Use it well to guide your Clan like you would your own kin. Leave them not on their own, but remember that each life under your care can offer something to your ranks, whether you know it or not." With that, Plumbpaw touched his nose to Lavenderskies' head, offering her another life to her spirit before the young tom turned and bled back into the mass of starry ancestors surrounding the new leader.

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  •         Greetings.

    She feels her fur on her neck begin to bristle and her bright green gaze grows wide in confusion, huh? However as the tom who is unknown to her grows closer to him she begins to very faintly make out a cat like figure in the midst of the blurriness she was currently seeing through. Though before she knows it the voice starts up again and her ears perk up, Frogleap? A clan name? WindClan?

    Well well... perhaps she was in StarClan?

    Or maybe she was just dreaming, going crazy. It was difficult to tell. However the cat who claimed he went by Frogleap and hailed from WindClan continued talking, something about getting captured by twolegs and that his hope to see his clan-mates and kin again was what showed him the way home.

    Her ears fold back as she is directed again, whether she was dreaming or not the tom spoke with wisdom and she had to admit that. Yes... she needed to have hope, she needed to make sure she always kept her grasp on it. She couldn't slip like she had as a deputy, sad, depressed, and angry at the world for taking her son and daughter away, for taking her friends away, for SkyClan never seeming to get a break from their damn problems.

    She could not let herself break like Minnowstar had during her reign either...

    She would stand strong.

    At the touch of the tom she flinched back slightly alarmed, though finally she allowed herself to drop her defensive act and allow her muscles to ease. She was okay. But then a strange... terrible feeling washed over her. One that made her stomach turn into knots and one that made her want to scream out loud in frustration, she closed her eyes and scrunched up her face. This feeling was familiar to the molly... this feeling is what she needed to keep herself away from for the sake of SkyClan. For what felt like minutes to her, but was probably only seconds the feeling grew worse and worse until it met its peak- and then it was washed away. The twisted knot it her stomach fade away and she allowed her emerald gaze to open up once more. A happy, fluttering feeling was now about her, and with that the tom drew away.

    She was seeing the starry cats a bit clearer now... she was kind of able to make out Frogleap's features.

    She gulps at his words, a little shocked at the overwhelming emotions that roller coaster had given her. "I will." She says in a voice barely above a whisper, she was shocked, speechless at what had just happened.

    She found herself begin to shake a bit as anxiousness continued to consume her, dear god would all her lives give her such and overwhelming feeling? The end hadn't been bad at least...

    Before she even knew it or comprehend that someone was approaching her once more she looked down at her paws to see an older looking figure of a kit, which immediately struck sadness into her heart. It pained her in a way to know that such young cats really did die... it was terrible. It made her wonder though if Wheatbell, Fireflywatcher, Astral, Dream, and Wish were here?

    Oh how much she missed her children.

    How much she wished she could trade places with them.

    But she could not.

    The child's excited tone was enough to make her snap out of it, a smile was even oddly placed on her maw. How could one resist not cracking a smile at the sound of an excited kit? Cute...

    Though at the mention of the childs end, a shiver ran down her spine at the thought. How terrible...

    She shook the image out of her head and continued to listen to Sunkit. Upon noticing the blurry figure begin to reach up she kneels a little allowing the child a bit more ease, before closing her eyes once more. Excitement began to prick at her paws but before she knew it she felt a strange nipping feeling at her neck, it was safe to say it wasn't exactly pleasant, but by the time she opened her eyes the second life had been given. The life of adventure.

    "Thank you Sunkit." The large molly calls to the child, and as she called her vision once again became clearer. The beauty of this place and the cats that walked among the stars was beginning to come together for her. So now spotting the older messy furred feline was quite easy, she... she might even recognize this feline. Perhaps they had never directly spoken to one another but it was difficult for Lavenderskies to forget any face that walked within SkyClan during her time there, whether they'd be current or former.

    An amused purr slips out of her throat, "I do suppose as I get older and older I tend to become more forgetful. I remember you Whitescar." She was glad to see the molly appeared to be happy up within the skies, a heavy sense of happiness flooded through her. She hoped Orchardbreeze and all her other friends were doing well up here as well then. Before she knew it she was receiving a life from the molly and she closed her eyes once again. Like the others she received a strong sense of emotions pass through her, but as the seconds went on they would end. She would open her eyes and look into the StarClan molly's yellow gaze, and how ironic her words were... Her faith in the starry cats was now growing ever more stronger and stronger, and she felt a strange sense of love and belief in the starry felines around her. It felt like... they all really did believe in her, they all really did care for her, and they all wanted the best for her and SkyClan.

    Perhaps they truly didn't care that up until this point she hadn't exactly believed in them, that she considered them merely a possibility and that was all.

    She was beginning to see now that she had been foolish to ignore the multiple strong signs that their existence was real. "Thank you Whitescar, I'll do my best not to wind up here yet..." She meows thankfully, with a tint of amusement at her last comment. Then with a blink of an eye, the starry clearing was clear to her.

    She could make every individual cat out, Frogleap... Sunkit... Whitescar...- oh by the stars she still had more cats? Who would they be? Would she recognize them?

    This was amazing.

    Another tom was swift to approach, and unlike the others she could see him as clear as day as he did so. It was odd but... she was welcoming to the idea- no, the fact that StarClan was the real deal. She'd live among the stars on day, she'd get to play with her children in a forest of stars and chat to her siblings if they wounded up here about the usual gossip. Oh- and of course look down at SkyClan and think "damn, what a bunch of idiots"- haha.

    But she had a feeling she had awhile yet before she would meet her fate.

    Anyhow, Crowflight introduced himself, a ShadowClan cat. She wondered how long ago he had lived on solid ground? Maybe he had been around when Butterflydawn had been in ShadowClan? Most likely not though. But he revealed himself as a former loner, which was something they did indeed have in common then. Before she could think of anything to say the former ShadowClan cat stepped closer to her and began to pass on another life to her... Compassion. Warmth and passion was the feelings that began to submerge within her, they were nice feelings... better then some of the others she had felt prior. Perhaps she should have known better though? The strange feline was barely there- but she could feel it amidst within her, if you asked her how to describe it she wasn't sure she'd know how but... before she could try and even put it into words in her head the feeling faded away and Crowflight stepped back.

    "I won't, and I will." She replies to the tom with determination, "Thank you Crowflight."

    She watched as the tom would settle among the crowd of starry figures, and her gaze would only leave when another cat began to approach. She recognized this cat! Plumbpaw, Rainpuddle's child right? Yes... It had been a tragedy that the apprentice passed away before he could reconnect properly with his mother. She remembered that day decently well... considering it had brought back some troubling flash backs when it came to her own son. Traps were a terrible... terrible thing. "Plumbpaw-" She murmurs quietly, probably not even loud enough for the starry apprentice to hear. She grows quiet though as Plumbpaw begins to speak, listening to his words carefully. Loyalty. Yes... she agreed with every word spoken to her, everyone within her clan was her kin. Everyone within her clan was her family. She would do anything for any of her clan-mates, any of them. Whether it'd be continuing to go another day in leaf-bare without prey to fill one of their bellies, or to have every last life she was being given now stripped away from her for them.

    She'd do it in a heartbeat.

    As the tom pulled away she would watch after him, opening her maw to speak a few moments after. "Thank you Plumbpaw, I hope you and your mother are doing well..."

    Now she stood, waiting for the next cat to approach.




  • wfok3Ob.gif "Lavenderskies- or I guess, Lavenderstar." the molly greeted with a kind smile. She passed by her son, Plumbpaw, and approached the newest leader. Rainpuddle was proud of them and wished she was still alive to see the clan once again. But things happened. Her missing eye was still nothing but a void of stars, her other eyes bore into them. She trusted them to lead Skyclan well and keep her remaining daughter safe. Breezepaw. She wanted to ask them a million questions but this wasn't about her.

    "I wish to give you the life of freedom." the grey and white she-cat pressed her nose against their cheek. "So that your soul may never feel captured by your line of duties. Live your life, protect your clan, and do what you believe is best. But don't forget to take moments for yourself, even if others perceive it as selfish." she then stepped back to allow the next cat forward. Wondering who would be next. The stary molly glanced at Plumbpaw before taking a sit to watch the rest of this happen.

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  • Not only had Dusk-kit died once, but twice as a kit. Now call that bad luck. It felt as if he never left StarClan. He still held the youthful bounce of a child, but his eyes... his eyes spoke a whole different story from being in StarClan for nearly half a decade. Now the giver of the seventh life stepped forward, childish joy emanating from his young body. "It's nice to meet you, missus Lavenderstar! I'm Dusk-kit, I used to be in SkyClan!" He was happy that he could finally give a life to a cat from his own Clan, "I would like to give you the life of faith. Sometimes there are things you can't just figure out. Sometimes, there are forces working that you can't see. Just take a deep breath and believe that you'll be able to do something amazing. Surprisingly, faith is very, very strong. Use it well." He stood on his hind legs, pressing his nose against Lavenderstar's chest before dashing back to the line of starry cats.

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  • The next cat to come was a black and white she cat. The she-cat did not know about the new skyclan leader, but she was soon to approach the newly appointed leader. The mich older she-cat had never bestowed a live to a newly appointed leader. However, Brokentail was the wiser of cats. She had been apart of Starclan for the longest time, she had almost forgotten what it was like to be close to a living cat. She had wondered what kind of leader that Lavenderskies was going to be.

    The black and white she-cat came up behind Rainpuddle as she dipped her head toward her. She turned her attention back toward Lavenderskies. "Hello Lavenderskies. I mean Lavenderstar. I am Brokentail, an old warrior of Thunderclan." She could rememeber the days she had spent in Thunderclan. She had been a strong warrior, as she had lived under Marshstar. She had felt a strong sense of duty to thunderclan.

    After Duskkit gave his life to Lavenderskies, it was Brokentail's turn. She came closer to the younger she-cat. "Lavenderstar, I bestow the life of duty to you. With this life, I hope you remember your duties to your clan, your family and yourself. When most are made leaders they forget their own duty to what they were truly meant to do. Remember, that your duty to your clan is your own to figure out. Minnowstar's duty in her heart was much different than yours. But don't let your judgment of other cloud your own thoughts. Use this life well." She pushed her nose into Lavenderstar's forehead. "I see great potential in you, my young leader."

    Brokentail backed away as she looked at Lavenderskies once more before moving away. She would watch over Lavenderstar's life.






    Finally, a ragged form would approach the soon-to-be leader, a slight limp in her back leg carried over from her own life and a fierce golden gaze cutting deep into Lavenderskies' pale pelt.

    "I believe we have met before, though briefly, but I'll grant you an introduction anyway. I am Twistedstar, one of RiverClan's many proud leaders. In my lifetime I had been brash and often unforgiving - it seems growing up in a warzone will do that to you," she mused, broken tail flicking as she stood only inches away from the other molly.

    "As leader, you will be the one your clanmates will look up to for protection and guidance, and I wish you luck in all you do. So, with this ninth and final life, I give you judgment. There will come times when the world is falling apart around you, when cats big and small will challenge your rule, and you're left to make a decision that may change everything. Look to your people, stick by your morals, and the answer will come to you in time."

    Pressing her nose to the new SkyClan leader's forehead, she paused for a moment before pulling away.

    "Congratulations, Lavenderstar. And good luck."

  • one, two, three

    three sets of four paws, so little, so small

    one, two three

    little bounds, happy squeals

    finally, for the finale, three of the littlest ones - one, two, and three, little kits finally with eyes open, and mouths to mew

    Astral, Dream, Wish

    one, two, and three

    stumbling over little paws they bound from the stars, pelts shimmering as they come to a stop

    little squabbles and squeals as they nudge through each other, pressing starry heads to mothers legs.


    breathed so light, so gently, so lovingly, one, two, three

    pressing close for the warmth they'd missed in life, grins and tears sniffled in the expanse of the stars- little voices never heard before reminding her of love

    big eyes stared up at the leader- no, their mother; more a mother than some, their mother that they loved

    shedding tears like star-dew three little ones gazed upon the mother they missed so much

    "it's us-!" one murmured into her fur




    no professional moment, not giving life, simply wallowing in the warmth of the mother they'd left before gazing

    mama, the mother they missed- at least she was here now, at least they were together, for the briefest of moments

    one, two, three

    three sets of eyes gazed lovingly upon her

    "we get to give you a life" one cheered

    the stars seemed to shake with excitement- they'd missed her

    one, two, three, they fell to a more serious state- as serious as three kittens could

    their paws shuffled and they stood before her in a line, smiling

    "momma, you really beat yourself up over us..."

    "we're sorry we didn't get to stay..."

    "we love you, we promise...!"

    "a clan will face many losses, and hard-harr..."


    "so many"

    "and it will hurt super lots... but it isn't your fault..."

    "feeling hurt is good, it shows your emp...em-path-ee!"

    "but you have cats to lean on- like papa!"

    "...can you tell papa we love him too...?"

    tiny tears like raindrops

    one, two, three, they fell silently

    "together we give you a life, momma"

    "your final life, ma"

    "we know you'll use it well, mama"

    lifting themselves, one, two, three, the kittens leaned up as best they could, relying on their mother to lean down for them

    "together," one murmured nose touching her muzzle

    "we give you," the second continued, nose against hers

    "the life of moving on," the third finished

    "it was not your fault, momma, it never was"

    "You'll be a great leader... we love you, Mama"

    one, two three, they dropped back down, and the stars began to shift- the others of their lives flittering away like comets in the night

    instead they stood in stars of trees, leaves rustling and dropping starlight upon them

    three little kits, one strong mother

    there they stood, in a mock of skyclan camp, flowers dropping in stars and blooming in galaxies

    "we need to tell you something"

    "very important"

    "just for you, mama"

    one, two, three

    lined up like they had been when born

    though now moving, their eyes showed a sadness

    watery eyes

    "Uprooted upturned
    the sky has fallen
    climb to regain the reign"

    little droplets of missing tears

    they dipped their heads, already beginning to disappear

    "we love you"

    a whisper in stardust