may we never meet again; arcticwind


    Arctickit → Arcticpaw → Arcticwind

    Cisgender Female; She/her/hers. Heterosexual. Taken, [1] crushes.

    14 moons. NPC x NPC, deceased. ½ Juniperwind; info.

    Warrior: Member of Skyclan | Loyal to Skyclan


    — protective, loyal, patient, adventurous, clever.

    — stubborn, private, unpredictable, quirky.

    — easily angered, easily frustrated, insecure, patient.

    Despite being hidden away most of her life, she tries to integrate herself into whatever environment she is in. However, her lack of experience can cause her to become easily frustrated when she feels that she hasn't done enough. Paired with being easily angered, she can be quite harsh on herself. When things that she has no control over come back to bite her, she blames herself for whatever the outcome is. Sadly, she isn't perfect and can blow up on someone. They could have never said anything horrible at her, but because she's frustrated, she'll say certain things that can potentially hurt them. It's something she hates, but it's difficult. She understands that it was all her fault, and will try to make it up to the cat. After they've cooled off and collected their thoughts. If the cat no longer seeks friendship or any sort of relationship, she'll accept it. Even though she's accepted it, she can't stop having it weigh at the back of her mind. Should she seek help? Yes, but she never does. She pushes those who want to help away or shut them out completely. It's just... She never had cats outside her family care for her. It will take some pushing and confronting her about it, but she'll open up. Not to everyone, just to the cats that are persistent enough to tolerate her. She does treasure her friends and those she considers family deeply and will do anything for them. Even if it means calling someone out for something they're doing. She can be serious, however, she's also quite sarcastic. Although she's wary of her sarcasm in order to refrain herself from hurting anyone's feelings.


    Arctic is a silver toyger cat with hazel eyes. Her dark black stripes contrast greatly to her silver pelt color. Her fur is thick and dense, as well as soft to anyone who touches it. She has short legs, which causes her to be slung closer to the ground. Her toes are elongated, which results in a sure footed walk. It may seem odd to other cats.

    — SCARS/INJURIES: Has a thin scar on her right side of her face. It's from her jawline to her cheek. The scar is thicker near her jawline. The next set of scars are on her chest, from the moment Creature initially attacked her. They aren't thick at all, as most of it has healed. What remains is an x in the center of chest along with another scar that is a bit longer. It stops near her neck, unlike the x scar that is simply in the middle of her chest.


    moderate opponent; has some training. Experienced.

    Will not instigate and initiate fights, but will initiate fights if friends are in trouble. Has strong morals.

    Fights with honor, will fight dirty under extreme conditions.

    Attack in bold underline or @ her account, please make sure the actions are visible and clear.

    Please PM for serious injuries, capturing, or any combat plots you might want to plan out.

    Peaceful actions may be powerplayed

    — Doesn't like fighting, however mess with her friends/family, and you're getting it.



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    [07/28/2019] EVERY MOMENT — Arcticwind who has been raised to be a skyclanner finally gets caught by real skyclanners. They are rightly confused why she knows so much about them and even bears their scent, but they find that she isn't a threat. Finally, she is allowed to join the clan she was meant to be a part of. Even though some skyclanners are wary of her.

    [xx/xx/xx] THREAD NAME — description

    [xx/xx/xx] THREAD NAME — description

    [08/26/2019] HIGH AND FLY — Wheatkit, Juniperthorn's little sister gets stuck in a tree and Arcticwind brings her down. Although, she feels out of place with all the other cats being family members. She still isn't over her time growing up all alone, nor does she think she ever will. However, she knows better than to tell anyone that. She tries to leave the family moment as soon as possible, but is stopped by Azurepetal.

    [09/10/2019] I FEEL MY HEART POUNDING — Maplekit ambushes Arcticwind while she is lost in her thoughts, which leads to a funny situation where the rest of the kits jump on her. She doesn't mind, rather intrigued by the games kits play. One kits jumps on Juniperthorn and then Arctic along with the kits begin to 'hunt' Juniperthorn.
    [09/29/2019] TATTOO — Arcticwind decides to venture to Bloodclan, wanting to understand them. However, she knows nothing about Bloodclan's borders and crosses them. She runs into Creature, who attacks her. Despite being beaten and injured by Creature, she bears no hatred for Bloodclan. It was her own fault for crossing the border and she finds that she wants to apologize to them, planning out another trip to the city. Although, it probably wasn't smart to call Creature beautiful while being questioned.

    [10/02/2019] SHE BLEEDS WHITE — Charcoalpaw requests to speak with Arcticwind, but they've never really shared any moments in the past. Instead of taking it as Charcoalpaw simply wanting to talk, she takes it as him wanting to report something to her. She's not very good at picking up social cues, but she's willing to converse with the apprentice.

    [10/02/2019] VIENS AVEC MOI — Wanting to improve her social skills, Arctic tries practicing with a twig. Sadly, a twig isn't a good substute for a cat. For the fun of it, she decides to confess her love. It was fulfilling, until Juniperthorn and Maplekit catch her in the act. Needless to say, she was more than embarrassed getting caught. She goes on to say it must be strange to talk to a twig, and Maplekit agrees with the fact. Maplekit then offers to be someone Arctic can practice with, and she is grateful for that. Juniperthorn teasing her like usual? She's going to return the favor eventually.

    [10/02/2019] INVISIBLE BONDS — Confused about her and Juniperthorn's relationship, especially with the advances made between them she seeks answers. Right to the point she asks Juniperthorn if he has feelings for her, which she she assumed he did. Her assumptions were right and he confirms the fact, but she wasn't prepared to hear his true feelings. She's not sure if it's love and neither does he, but she lets him know that she likes him too. The two decide to start something akin to a relationship, not completely certain of what they're doing.



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    Juniperthorn /

    "Kind soul hidden among numerous thorns, will you allow me to grasp you gently? I know not of the horrors or pain you have endured my beloved. Even if I do not know of the horrors, I can see them as plain as day. One by one they increase. The barrier between you and others. Tell me, my beloved... Do you not hear me weeping for you? The tears that you refuse to show. All the pain in world can not be held by you and those thorns you create. It hurts. You hurt me. Once I draw near... I prick my paw on one of your thorns, red spills from me. My beloved, does it hurt? Watching as everything decays? You are quite delicate, my beloved. I know that to be true, for I have seen you collapse time and time again. There is no shame in being weak. No matter what happens between you and I, I will continue to prick my paws on those thorns of yours. Do not fret. Do not cower in fear another night my beloved, for I will continue to love you. Ah, is that another thorn I see? My beloved... Your heart continues to bleed."

    Creature /

    "A beauty beyond all measure. Words alone can not express our relationship. We are neither lovers or enemies. The connection between us is bound by that tune. If we were birds then she would be my mother, and I would be her daughter. The song passed down to me shall also be passed down to my kits. The tune would continue to change with each generation, and I pray that it is a tune that brings peace. Peace for the soul. While red was shed in the process of learning this song, I have no regrets. In order to gain, something must be sacrificed. The thing I do not wish to sacrifice is our bond in order to preserve this tune. My silent promise to you is to pass your song on, for generations to come. I am your dear. You are my darling. Never forget that. To my one and only darling."

    Lavenderstar /

    "I find it ridiculous. When I look back... Maybe it really was ridiculous. To think, I wouldn't fear you. Everyone loves you. I don't hate that. In fact I once loved you too. When you told me kind words. An outcast could only find so much as comfort. Those words you told me that day haven't left. You've branded me. Number zero. Why number zero? Zero is undefined. I am the undefined. The one who can not be measured. Everyone you have branded has numbers one through millions. It took me a while to understand. Zero... Hahah, I am a fool. I never was part of the equation, isn't that right number one?"

    Heronswoop /

    "Number two can you entertain the undefined for a bit? Number two can you understand the undefined? Number two? Number two? Oh, number two do you pity me? Number two? You've gone to number one again. Hey, number two... Please, number two... Please listen to the undefined just this once. I want to apologize for my foolishness. Number two, I never meant to hurt anyone. Number two... Nevermind. Forget about the undefined. The defined is your domain, and I can not drag you away from it. Oh, how nice it must be... To dwell in such a domain."

    Mothshine /

    "Gardner of the other world you have been troubled as of late. Where has that smile of yours went? Was it lost to the flames? To the endless waters? Gardner all the other flowers have wilted. It was not water that you poured. It was poison that you poured. The flowers wilt in agony, for there is nothing they can to relieve this pain. Gardner? If I may, would you allow me to collect those wilted flowers? I know not what they remind you of, but perhaps I can make them anew. While we may not know each other as I hide among the wilted, I wish to see that smile once again. Gardner? Has something been broken? Have you lost the flower that is dearest to you? I can only watch afar as you continue to poison what flowers remain. Your soul is dim, but I do not fear it will cease. For there is one flower you dare not hurt. It is the flower with numerous thorns. This flower is precious. There is no denying that. You need not worry of the thorns this flower bears, as they come undone at your grasp. The thorns scattered at your feet... It is love. Shared between you and he. Gardner? Is that a smile I see?"



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