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    Massive mountains breach the skyline, powdered in a swirling dust of snow. They give way to deep gullies and caverns, which stretch out into plains for as far as the eye can see. Aurora Borealis dances above the earth, teasing images of the ancestors of the past. The sky is a map of stars, illuminating the snowy terrain. Deep in this unforgiving terrain resides a pack of mythical creatures. Long ago they were plentiful, covering vast glacial lands from the Arctic Circle to deep into the Northwest Territories of Canada. With the passing of time, and the destruction of Climate Change, these fabled beasts have dwindled in numbers. Now known only through the folklores passed down for generations in the nearby native tribes, their species is believed to be extinct. Larger than most bears, and donning the appearance of the wild wolf, this mysterious pack of creatures are known as the Tokotas.


    Many moons ago, long before water dripped down the faces rapidly decreasing glaciers lived a pack of Tokotas lead by the fabled leader Nanuq. Nanuq was told to be a massive beast, towering over the largest polar bear, and as loyal to his pack as the sea is to the moon. Folklore depicted him as an immortal creature. Existence was much easier then. Food was plentiful, and their territory was endless. They did not fear the passing of time, for they were an ancient creature that ruled the North. For years they lived in peace alongside the nearby tribes, providing them with transportation and resources. They were the protectors of the people, and kept order amongst the food chain. They were content.

    Things changed with the passing of each year. Nanuq could feel the earth changing. The air was growing warmer as each winter season came and went. He grew wary for his pack and their safety. Civilization was expanding and food was becoming scarce. Nearby villages no longer viewed the pack as beneficial to their survival, but rather a burden to their existence. With the agony of mind, Nanuq chose to gather his pack, and retreat deep into the wilderness, where he believed they would be safe. No humans have seen the creatures since. It is told that Nanuq disappeared soon after the pack left, and their lineage disappeared with him.


    The Tokotas have lived in secrecy for quite some time. They are currently living in the wilds of the Nunavut, Canada, about fifty miles away from the nearest, recently established research base in Alert, Canada. A group of young scientists that live on the base are studying Ice Cores, searching for information on the earth's atmosphere from thousands of years ago. While out collecting samples, they stumble across a small group of Tokotas who are out hunting for prey. They are astonished to have discovered a completely new species that had only been mentioned in their ancient Inuit fables. The Tokota's are wary of the newcomers, and are unsure what to expect, but the rapidly progressing Climate Change has made their food sources scarce, and the pack is desperate for help. The humans are excited, yet afraid of the unknown, they want to learn more about the wild creatures, yet they fear that by approaching the Tokotas, they will put their own lives in danger. Will the Tokotas accept the aiding hands of the humans, or will they recede deeper into the wilderness as their Great Leader Nanuq did many moons ago? Will the humans redirect their research project, perhaps deciding to study and tame the Tokotas instead?

    {I'm leaving lots of open room for plotting, so let me know if you have any ideas!}


    The Nunavut Territory spreads across over 725,018 miles of land, however the pack only resides in a small portion of near the Alert Research Base.







    In Character:

    -Alphas word is law

    -Do not disrespect Dominants, Healers or Alphas

    -Do not injury or maim members of the pack

    -Pups are the future of the pack, they must be protected, regardless of their lineage

    -Loyalty to the pack above all else

    -Passages taken to obtain a higher rank are not to be taken lightly, it takes courage to walk alone, and those who attempt, regardless of the outcome are to be respected.

    Out of Character:

    -All FF rules apply

    -Try to keep things realistic

    -OOC drama is not tolerated, if you have an issue with someone, talk to me c:

    -Swearing is allowed, but please keep it limited

    -Nobody is perfect, character flaws are not only accepted, but highly encouraged!

    -I will at some point put a cap on the human population in the thread, as it is a small group of researchers

    -Have a fun time!


    Feel Free to mess around with the form if it isn't to your liking this is my first time coding...

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  • BubbleTeaPoppers The first image you have by Hlaorith is actually the same Tokota from an image I had planned to use, the third I believe. I happened to notice they shared the same markings and that's how I noticed they were the same Tokota. I apologize if I came off as rude.

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  • quick question, how to totems/spirit animals work for the healers? is it just an assigned animal that represents them or do they have a companion or something?

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    aliferous I view it as an assigned animal that represents their soul. They wear a totem around their neck with the depiction of that animal. Typically with the Dominant Rank the animal accompanies them home after their travels, and with the healer rank I think of it very similar to that. I see it as more of an honor badge than a physical being, if that makes sense.

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