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    littlekit | littlepaw | littlefrog

    ○ "Little" for being the runt of the litter | "frog" for his love of playing in the mud & swimming

    - cis male + bisexual heteroromantic | catches feelings quick

    - 11 moons | ages at RPers digression | created: 7/22/19

    - soft build | attack in bold underline

    - minor injury: allowed | major injury: ask | capture: closed

    - notable friends: bluepaw | best friends: airpaw | mentor: juniperflower

    - trusts: airpaw & juniperflower | dislikes: tbd | enemies: tbd

    - crushes: tbd | s/o: tbd | ½ of _____

    - medium physically | easy mentally | health: 100%

    - won't start fights. won't end fights | will run. will show mercy

    relations & interaction

    NPC x NPC | parents' names: cloudfur & swanbreeze

    ○ 100% Skyclan | gen 1| all siblings deceased

    - develops crushes easily | doesn't act on them

    - easy to become friends with | hard to become enemies with

    - 1st n 2nd love language: Words of Affirmation & Physical Touch

    - get's easily flustered by clear acts of affection, but very much appreciates it. he will preform displays of love to those he is interested in, however is awkward and will likely stumble over his words and actions.

    appearance ref


    ○ smells like earth & sweetgrass | feels like coarse thread and rope

    - Little is, as a direct opposition against his name, a gentle giant. A large tom that towers over most, never quite grew into his disproportionately giant paws. His bumbling appearance is aided with his rounded appendages, maw ended with curves that always seem to be upturned in a lazy smile. His skull is framed with a mane of white, often discolored with fits of dirt. His fur, under a second coat of caked mud, is a cascade of grey and dull brown, ghosted stripes dusting across his pelt in waves over his ivory.

    - disorders: gigantism & depression



    ○ kind, empathetic, nature enthusiast, honest, gentle | depressed, awkward, unhygienic, insecure, low-self worth, disobedient

    - neutral good | hufflepuff primary & griffindor secondary

    - Little is a dork in the body of an large and intimidating feline. He is awkward in his communication with others, often thinking he isn't genuine enough in his expressed emotions, scared of being dishonest and appearing rude. He often just avoids interaction all together, opting for surrounding himself with nature, considering amphibians friends rather then food. He is terrified of hurting others, holding himself to a standard to be a good and nice guy. He has a general love for all living creatures, a cat connected with nature and the feelings of others, and is incredibly empathetic. He puts others before himself, going out of his way to help others and wear a smile while doing so. He does so to fulfill his own self worth, insecure and disapproval of his personality and appearance.

    He suffers from depression; witnessing his sibling's collective deaths due to greencough plaguing his mind and often has nightmares surrounding this. He uses catnip as a way to cope, sneaking off territory into the kittypet dwellings to gather stashes that he uses, guising his scent with mud so he may be undetected while sneaking out and in of the territory. He does not have a desire to appear clean or handsome, often able to be found with mud fastened to his fur, matted locks of his sable scattered about him, and occasionally leaves and sticks stuck in his pelt without care. He has a disregard to hygiene due to his low self-worth, possibly being considered the grossest of the Skyclan cast.

    future plots

    - forbidden romance w/ rosepaw

    - best friend find where little get's super duper honest about his depression

    ideas for development

    - starts to trust too easily

    future thread titles

    - five days underwater

    - it's all in frame

    - familiar faces on my wall

    - seasons never change

    - the wall doesn't stop for anyone

    - till the sun dissolves


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