this is my reality - adara

  • BASICS ―― The last thing that you taught me before you left

    Adara | "Addie"

    Hebrew for noble

    female | she/her | undecided | 15 months | ages at roleplayer's choice/ages real time

    shadow veil | shaderunner | followthrough, patriot, sociable, trailblazer, devastator

    powers based off of akutagawa from bsd

    RELATIONSHIPS ―― is that there are certain types of happiness that don't come back

    npc x npc | no family members she recognizes

    no inheritance

    single | [0] crushes? | not looking | develops attraction/crushes

    ½ of ship name here

    APPEARANCE ―― The dark past I kept hidden and unsaid

    CURRENT APPEARANCE: black smoke angora with gray eyes

    A black smoke turkish angora, often sporting a cloak. Sporting startling gray-blue eyes, and long whiskers framing her face, mixed with her petite build.

    Adara is a very frail-looking thing, as though a strong gust of wind could knock her over. And she does have a somewhat weak body, catching diseases quite easily, and has frequent coughing fits that medicine can't seem to treat. However, despite her history, she has little to no scarring on her body, and for good reason. Her shadow elemental is versatile enough to defend her from a majority of threats, however, prolonged use of her abilities usually have consequences for her, leaving her plagued by headaches and difficulty breathing at times afterwards.

    biiiig wip



    accessories: a cloak

    PERSONALITY & QUIRKS ―― would've remained forever dark, if it hadn't been for you

    KEYWORDS: strict, apathetic, awkward, refined

    Adara, at first glance, doesn't seem to have much substance. She seems like a hollow shell of a person, and in a way, she is. Taught from a young age that she was simply made to fight, Adara never had the same social interactions that children usually had and needed, and easily fell into that role of hers as a result of the trauma that she experienced. It is due to this that she has a very twisted moral compass, and unable to tell right from wrong at times unless she is told to. Along with this, due to the fact she was not raised to feel guilty or sad over death, she had never felt remorse or loss until very late in her life, and even then Adara does not fully comprehend or may not even be conscious that the emotion she is experiencing is loss, unless somebody points it out to her. She follows requests from those she considers higher in authority than her.

    She usually wears a very blank or bored expression on her face, though occasionally a smile can be seen. The way she speaks often gives her an aloof or disinterested air about her.

    Since Adara has started living in the Veil, where it is not 'kill or be killed', and had to adjust to the fact that she doesn't need to be on guard, where she needs to be able to understand emotions to be of use to the Veil, and later on, for her own fulfillment. She still struggles to properly express emotion, finding it easier to keep a neutral facial expression, but those who knew her as a child will likely note the stark difference, with Adara speaking her mind on things, and even instigating others in the process on purpose if she dislikes them. She develops a somewhat sadistic nature towards those she dislikes, with anything that might seem like a favor to them often having much more evil intentions behind them. Though she strives to make the people who she dislikes in the Veil's lives as difficult as humanly possible on her own end, Adara still cares for them, and in the end her loyalty stays with them over somebody who is more likable, but in enemy. Essentially, her loyalty lies with those who consider themselves Veilers, a choice she makes on her own.

    However, in battle, she tends to revert to that 'kill or be killed' mentality, revert to that need to follow orders, to become that mindless weapon she once was, and likely will have that ugliness in her show at times when something is threatened. Adara will never fully be able to escape it, and realizes this.

    mbti & hogwarts houses and why


    AESTHETICS ―― Know that there is no possible way

    smells like:

    feels like


    objects / motifs

    pinterest link / spotify link

    INTERACTION ―― for me to be more hurt than I already am

    hard physically, medium mentally, she relies very strongly on her powers since her body is quite weak

    shadow elemental, electricity elemental

    Adara cloaks her electricity elementals within her shadow elementals, so it looks as though shadowy monsters are slaughtering her opponents. The only hint that this is not the case is the red electricity that is emitted by the creatures and objects she creates. She can still form these objects with just her shadow elementals, but they will not harm anybody, and simply pass through their body. reference

    powerplay peaceful actions

    fully trained

    I want you to know

    there's a hidden story

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  • kira,

    "Him? He seemed a bit upset about the suggestion of covering his face. But I did notice he's wearing a sweater. He seemed to take it somewhat well though. Better than some. I can respect the fact that he takes it in stride. Was I aware it was somewhat rude? Now, faintly. Would I have rephrased it? No, not particularly."


    "I heard he hosted a group therapy session recently. I don't quite understand him, with him constantly hiding behind others. It's not like somebody like Tough is going to be constantly watching over him. I know I can't. He's too needy for me to be able to like I can depend on him. So I won't."


    "The Exiles leader? He seemed kind of unstable, if you asked me. Clearly has a few screws loose. But he seemed like a sniveling weakling in the end. I suppose that's what parenthood can do to you. What was that? He beat me up? .... I don't recall that. Next."


    "Midi's about the same age as Candypaw and the others, but the difference between them is astonishing. I'd easily mistake her for a child. Riptide has his work cut out for him."

    calina, hearts

    "Calina's similar to Ver when it comes to leading with her heart instead of logic, and while I do dislike that greatly, at least it's usually easier to convince her to stop and think. The only issue is that she hesitates when it's important. She'll get somebody killed."

    s, hearts

    "I've never really questioned her need for secrecy or her fascination for teeth. I'll never admit it, but I still check my mouth from time to time, especially after every Wind Haven visit, to make sure I still have my remaining teeth. S, if you're listening, I want my tooth back."

    candypaw, hearts

    "I've never had to specifically train somebody. My first thought is to teach her the way I was taught. I turned out fine. Candypaw will probably turn out fine as well. But then I know that if I'm too successful, I'll have to listen to Ver chew me out and tell me to fix what I've done. I can hear it already."

    aile, hearts

    "Who? The strange Exiler? I don't fully trust her. Sure, she brought Cory's leg, but she doesn't seem to have any real loyalty to the Veil. I guess I'll kill her if the time comes."

    ver, hearts

    "It's time to plot her untimely demise, consequences or not."

    junebug, hearts

    "He doesn't like me. I don't particularly like him, either. So I guess we'll just continue disliking each other. It's never stopped me from working with somebody before."

    riptide, hearts

    "Hm? Ah, yes. Riptide is calm and can remain composed, which is something that drew my attention. He isn't the type of superior I've been accustomed to, which was either ones with no morals, or Ver. He's competent, but still won't let me do whatever's needed to be done. Still, it's difficult to discern whether I see him more as a superior now, or closer to that of how I used to view the other children. A gray area, for the time being. In fact, I'd trust him more than the ones I grew up with. He wouldn't light me on fire with a smile."

    luca, hearts

    "Luca's always smiling, but something's always missing, so it looks off. I don't think many others realize what's missing exactly, until they see him in battle, cutting people down with that same smile, like some cheerful beserker. He draws people in, causes those who walk in the light to trust him, to beckon him closer. And that, in my opinion, makes him even more dangerous than a regular child soldier."

    name, hearts


    name, hearts


    name, hearts


    name, hearts


    I want you to know

    there's a hidden story

    tags. | played by Mirror's Edge

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