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  • Sorry, I.. couldn't help myself SHOCKTHERAPY

    The serval was nearly out of breath as he reached the border of the exiles. He hadn't even tried to stop as he made his mad dash to here, only a few minutes behind Shocktherapy. He had hoped even to catch up to the exiler, though he had been too slow, unable to outpace him enough to catch up before finding himself at the border. He was tempted to cross, though it would be unnecessary since his quarry wasn't too far up ahead. "Shocktherapy! Come out you despicable bastard, you can't hide from justice for long!" While his first worry was to cure Claes, it wasn't until when Carmine had managed to infect herself with the same venom that he had decided to act. While sure him coming here could end in Lemon getting hurt, to be quite honest, the lives of those two were easily more important to him than Lemon, no matter how much he respected the mechanic.

    The serval then draws the sword, anticipating company, more than he had originally wanted to draw to himself. His call had been quite loud, loud enough that anyone nearby would have heard it. So it would be foolish of him to think that only the bastard he was after would arrive. Not to mention that at the moment he was alone, having left without much warning really. Though he hoped that at least Ver would come soon enough to back him up, just in case if things did get out of hand. If not though, he guessed he wouldn't mind the challenge, though the only thing that mattered to him was that Shock came to answer for himself.

  • The call of his name was becoming quite routine to the murderous wolfhound. It was boring and really, how many times could you listen to 'Shocktherapy!' without wanting to change your name? Sighing, the shapeshifter would slink out from under the tree he'd been sleeping under, unsettling golden gaze trained on Amatus immediately. His mouth stretched into a grin, blood from his ripped out teeth trailing down his chin grotesquely- by this point his chin was coated, and his neck and chest were... getting there. "Justice? My dear, I gave you the antidote- What is it you want now?" he hummed, almost lighthearted- it was made painfully obvious that even if Shocktherapy knew about what Carmene had done, he wouldn't give two shits.


  • Oh yes, Amatus had definitely attracted the attention of the pale shepherd. The Commander had been nearby, patrolling the borders the Exiles owned when the voice called out into the territory, baying for the attention of one of their own. Something akin to irritation pricked at his skin as he slowly altered his path to approach the sword-wielding serval, his dull blue gaze flickering to the mass of Solarians behind him and then to Shocktherapy who was already speaking to the knight about some "antidote." He wanted to roll his eyes. "What'd you do this time, Shocktherapy?" The Leonidas hummed with a slight raise of his brows, his tail swishing in broad strokes behind his muscular frame. Really, he was genuinely curious. The murderer of 9S stood before them, lips pressed into a thin line as he regarded them with cold neutrality - a stark contrast to the grinning Hellraiser beside him.

  • His amber gaze falls sharply onto the wolfhound, taking note of the trail of blood coming from his mouth and steadily dripping off his chin. Interesting.. He supposed perhaps that was what had been in the red vial, teeth.. Though that couldn't have been the only answer now could it have been? There was still the yellow one and whatever else was in the red one. Assuming it wasn't just blood. Hopefully he would get answers, and even vengeance here today. That almost smug look on his face made him disgusted. He should have just killed this bastard during the raid, rather than just letting Mel deal with him. After all, it was his fault that Claes had gotten attacked in the first place. Though perhaps this would make up for it.

    "You failed to explain how to use them. How does a half answer account for what you've done? Claes is no closer to getting healed." Not to mention that the princess also needed a batch, which would be hard to explain, though to hell with it. "You've also managed to poison a foolish child if that means anything to you. The anger of Ver is not something to underestimate if the life of a child isn't enough to make you cooperative." He didn't know why he was wasting his time with this, he ought to just take the bastard now and force the answers out of him. While he despised torture, he wasn't against using it at times like this

    Then, before he could act, another exiler shows himself. One he recognizes all too well, the one who had murdered Nine-S during the raid. Both were capable fighters, even though the temptation to attack them was strong. "You ought to be careful there exiler, before I finish what was started at the raid." He growls at Ivory, a weak warning due to the lack of assistance to back him up, though a threat nonetheless.

  • Shocktherapy hummed as Ivory appeared at his side, a malicious chuckle leaving his mouth as he questioned: what have you done this time? Well, that was indeed a good question, since Shocktherapy himself didn't know.

    Until he did.

    "Would it not be safe to assume that I left out certain details on purpose? Tick tock, child, your time is running out." came the Hellraiser's gleeful voice, tongue sliding out slowly to swipe up the blood from his chin. But then the information about Carmenere came, and he almost visually... well, stopped working. A look similar to hesitation passed across his unnatural eyes, and he'd bite down on his bottom lip harshly, his own teeth digging into the soft flesh there. "A child drank the antidote?" he asked, his voice obviously much quieter. He cleared his throat, standing up straight again, his resolve coming back to him. "It was the child's foolish choice to do so. The poisoning of her did not come directly from me and thus I am not responsible- maybe some of you Solarians should have been watchingher." He growled the last part, evidently upset. He'd never wanted to harm a child. He'd never wanted to subject a parent to that torture, knowing how it would feel if it would happen to him again.

    "You lower your sword, soldier. I'll give no more antidote to my venom- either the child dies, or Claes does. It is up to your pathetic, brainless kingdom to make the decision."


  • Lightning would dance across the beasts pelt as she landed besides her knight, it rippled and writhed the noise of static fading into every ebb of the treble of her snarl. She was a few minutes late but there and her anger and ferocity was clear as day. Her eyes turn to meet Shocktherapy and she stomps forward eyes meeting his if he didn't avert. Dribble dripping from her clenched jaws as her wings are spread out completely lightning flickering from wing tip to wingtip.

    She'd make this man pay for the crimes he'd committed, he'd tried to make a fool of her kingdom spit in her face and play his games. Her eyes only shift momentarily to Ivorybones after Amatus finishes speaking a cloud of pained recognition clouding her lenses as she recalls the final words of Nine. It was him. It was he who'd done it, this filthy dog. She doesn't see the irony in a statement like that, it's a thing they have in common even if Ver refuses to relate herself to anyone like the Exiles ever again.

    She's nothing like them.. She did what she did to survive and to protect those she loved...

    Finally she turns back to Shock ”Oh shut your fucking mouth before you lose all capability of using it. Your jaw would make quite a nice little token to bring back to Carmenere” she snaps after he speaks She lurches forward inches from the Irish Wolfhounds face eyes boring into him. ”You people never take responsibility do you, you just parade around and live your cute little lives as your clanmates tear our children apart. You have no right to call yourself a man, hell you have no right to call yourself a creature” he'd do the same wouldn't he if it was his child's life on the line? Or did he lack that basic paternal emotion just like he lacked any semblance of humanity.

    ”You've made a grave mistake even stepping into our expanse, for even laying your venom near my daughter or my medic. I hope your happy with yourself” she'd end it off quickly aiming to spit in his face hopefully hitting his eyes in particular before backing away. ”Amatus retreat for now! We'll be coming back I promise” she barks loudly at her Knight as she turns to come to his side again.


  • Oh, oh, the news that was delivered unto him by the enemy raised his brows further if that was at all possible, blue eyes glittering with something indiscernible as he gives a side-eyed glance to the Irish Wolfhound. Another child hurt indirectly by the decisions of the unpredictable Exiler - why, he should have guessed that this must have been what had happened. It seemed Shocktherapy had a tendency to unintentionally hurt children, so he was not as surprised as he perhaps should have been. Instead, he gives little to no reaction apart from a slight sigh that fell from the lips of the vice-deputy. The threat uttered by the serval makes Ivory smile ever so slightly, the corners of his dark lips twisting upwards into a challenging grin. Pristine teeth bared in an mocking grin, a gleeful challenge reflecting in the eyes of the Anatolian Shepherd as he tilts his head down towards the lanky wildcat. "That wouldn't be wise now, would it?"

    The Leonidas leans back, shoulders rolling, he is perfectly nonchalant. He does not care about this, not really at least. He'll wait for other Exilers to come to act, as he couldn't stand the stench of the Solarians for much longer. Shocktherapy continues to talk down to Amatus and the man only watches and listens, muscles flexing beneath his alabaster coat in case a fight broke out. He didn't feel like fighting but he would if the bastard made a move to harm his roguemate. He tilts his gaze up to the sky for a moment as a shadow falls over them and Ivory makes the smart decision to back up a couple of paces in case this was all just a distraction.

    But no, it was only the Queen herself coming to back up Amatus and to potentially threaten them even further. What joy. He thinks sarcastically to himself, as the devout man shifts his attention from the serval to Ver the moment her gaze lingered upon him. He gives her a knowing smile. Yes, I murdered your boy, he seemed to say with a harrumph. She tears into Shocktherapy with her words and yet Ivorybones does little to defend him because, well, she was right in a few instances. It would just be hypocrisy to say anything otherwise, so he instead responded to her final statement with cold cruelty dripping like venom from his tongue. "A shame I didn't get to see the aftermath of my tearing into the throat of your boy, your highness. But seeing as he's not here with you... I suppose I can assume he succumbed to his wounds?" He calls as she returns to her Knight's side, his expression bored yet his eyes glimmered with something malicious, something perverted and disgusting.

  • Eyes widen teeth clench her anger turning raw, she wants to throw up to scream until her teeth break from the sound. She whirls on her paws facing them once again face darkening her impulsivity and vicious desires raging wars in her mind, she feeds into them until they are won and a loud bark rips through the canyon like gunfire. The guilt is fresh, the blood still soaks the floor of the infirmary and she can still feel the phantom grains of his dried blood between her paw pads. " I'm happy to have served you "why? why? why? Why would he be she'd let him die, let a mongrel rip his fangs into his throat. It was her fault, all hers and no-one else she'd bare this burden for the rest of her life.

    Her movements are fast as she storms back to him strides long and powerful her muscles rippling beneath her thick pelt. ”Why bother asking?” he knows, he had his throat in his fangs he knows he's dead he's just trying to get a rise from her and of course the Queen takes the bait she can't help it. Her emotions always ruled her and this wasn't an exception. ”You'll be meeting him soon enough you bastard!” she screeches before flinging herself at him aiming to tackle him to the ground if she succeeded she would bury her fangs into his neck pressing hard to hopefully reach an artery or just leave a nasty wound.



  • Lemon knew that Solaris would be here soon enough, and he dreaded the moment. He didn't want Solaris to focus on helping him, but rather help Lemon. Of course, he was forced to stay here, actually he was chained. He hated them, around his neck, forcing him to follow Shock. He was some sort of pet. That wasn't even the worse thing. Lemon himself thought this would be a quick ordeal, he would get the antidote and leave. So, he didn't bring his workbag.

    The coywolf was attached to his workbag, it held all of his tools, notebooks, blueprints, everything. Anytime he didn't have anything to do, he would pull out something from that toolbag and tinker on an object nearby. Although, he had nothing, no tools, no screws, nothing. He felt his paws itching to work on something, but he couldn't. Being attached to the terrible wolfhound was bad enough, but being bored was not something lemon enjoyed.

    Being stuck here, lemon assumed that shocktherapy was a man of his word and gave the antidote with all the knowledge needed. But it didn't seem like this was the case. He watched as the discussion turned into an argument. Didn't he help? No, Claes wasn't the only one that was poisoned now? Was this all of his fault. Lemon started to panic, no no, he could help. He remembered, everything that bastard of an Exiler said. It was his fault for telling him what they were made out of. "the yellow ones a mix of water, honey and crushed poppy seeds. It slows the affect" he said quickly, he needed to get the information out before Shocktherapy would stop him. "the red one is the antidote, it is made out of his blood and crushed teeth. You need the teeth and blood from the person who poisoned it." he said. Yellow would slow it down and red would heal it. Yellow then red, yellow then red. "yellow then red, yellow then red." he repeated, this time out loud. He knew that Shock wasn't going to like what he said one bit.

    He watched as Ver tackled Ivory quickly and precisely. Maybe it would be possible for Shock to get distracted and someone knock his teeth out. They would have to be quick as to ensure that they didn't get poisoned themselves. But he didn't know what else to do. He wanted to go with Ver and Amatus, but he was stuck here by the chains. Please let me out, I need to see Claes.


  • Spittle flew everywhere. Mainly in his eye. Grumbling, the wolfhound would lift a paw to swipe the disgusting fluid off him, opening his eyes to show that they'd gradually turned a stormy grey, almost silver. He glared at Ver, jaw clenched and lips pursed. He listened with dangerous satisfaction as Ivory taunted the Solarians, watching in vague amusement as Ver thought she could take on the commander. He dared not move, sighing loudly, air releasing through his nose.

    And then Lemon spoke, and his eyes turned black. With a ferocious roar, the wolfhound would spin on his heel and aim to swipe his paw across the coywolf's face, lips curled into a vicious snarl, muzzle wrinkling in his fury. If successful his claws would have tore through the skin on his face, the power behind the strike would have sent Lemonlaw to the ground within seconds. "Shut UP!" he yelled, blood flying out of his mouth as he did so.


  • Heat started to form in the blue gem in the pommel of his sword. The heat builds as the bastard continues to speak, practically mocking him and his efforts. Not even the added stakes were enough to convince this bastard? He would only dodge responsibility like the bastard he was. It just.. made him want to kill the bastard, despite being outnumbered. Shock's ultimatum only made the serval clench the sword tighter, raising it towards him, about to let loose the bolt of fire before Ver lands down beside him. Which causes him to pause, the heat slowly dissipating from the gem as he manages to get a grip on his feelings a bit more.

    Though then Ivory speaks yet again, and this time at Ver. He spoke of Nine-S, and he couldn't help but remember seeing his barely living body on the battlefield. The first to fall and the only one to die. If.. If only he had been there a moment sooner. Perhaps he could have saved him, prevented the pain caused by his loss. He had been ready to leave when Ver had come back to his side, though then that bastard Ivory spoke and it seemed to awaken something in Ver, something he was beginning to see more and more in the woman. He didn't like to acknowledge it, but it was only a matter of time before it shattered her. There were too many things happening in his queen's life, hopefully things would eventually cool down though from the looks of it he doubted such a thing would happen.

    He watches Ver attack Ivory, and he was about to dive in himself when Lemon spoke up. He had been so quiet until now he hadn't even realized he was present until now. Though seeing Shock attack Lemon, he narrows his eyes and focuses on the crystal yet again. Amatus then lets loose another bolt of blinding white flames into the pelt of SHOCKTHERAPY . Perhaps it was foolish to start a fight at the moment, though there was no going back now. Perhaps once Ver gets a hold of herself she can get them out of here before they retaliate too hard. "You're right Ver, we can come back in force later to get the antidote and Lemonlaw." He then turns his amber gaze back to Lemonlaw, giving his an appreciated smile through the hilt of the sword, despite how difficult it was to manage a smile at the moment. "Thank you Lemonlaw, yellow and then red. We'll be able to save Claes and Carmenere yet." There was no way they could save him now, while his flames were hot, they couldn't burn hot enough to melt metal.

  • There was something amusing in the way Ver had lost all coolness the moment his words were uttered, an feral anger unleashing itself from the woman as she whirls on her heels. She feels something for the fallen Knight, whether it be companionship or something else, he didn't know, but the Leonidas knew that white caracal meant more to her than he'd first suspected. Following that, he had an inkling that the woman would launch herself at him and he was not exactly keen on staying around to see how she'd try to tear into him.

    She launches at him, bared teeth aching to sink into his neck the way his own had to 9S, and he prepares himself for a rough impact. The moment her body collided with his, the Leonidas would roll onto his back, allowing the force of her motion to fuel his counter-attack as he twisted his head, allowing her teeth to close around his cheek instead of his neck. Then, he twists around underneath her, using his weight and her momentum against her as he swung up his paws to grapple at her shoulders to bring her crashing down onto her side. Shortly afterward, jaws came snapping close to her face, aiming to close around the back of her neck and shake her about viciously to disorient her, claws wanting to tear into the Queen's shoulders savagely.

    A slight grin would curl up on the Commander's face, amusement managing to find its way into his husky voice as a chuckle eases past his lips. "Oh, I'm sorry... Too soon?"

  • He was already on the edge from what had been happening recently. Already having snapped mentally and emotionally because of recent events that had sent him spiraling. Now he could smell them, on his border, smell the fire that was blistering in his nostrils and his eyes slowly widened, the pupils becoming engulfed by the silver that had been present and wrapped around his pupils. The Kingdom was becoming more and more like a bunch of cockroaches that wouldn't be stomped out. More and more close to the Exiles everyday that the existed but still trying to hold on to some type of morality ground that they no longer had. His eyes narrowed as he made his way forward with wings spread and already he could hear the sounds of fighting breaking out. The words about poisoning children lifting up into the air and he could hardly give two shits. If they were older by his own laws then Shock was well within his right to have done so. But what made him more pissed off was what was said about them. How they didn't own up to what they had done. "Hypocrite." His words were scathing, slithering from his tongue like the words of a demon as he made his appearance. His jaws were tight and constricted as he suddenly rushed forward.

    There was no means to an end with this fight. All he cared about was rending flesh and tearing into one of the individuals here and giving them the fight they so desired. The light that illuminated his form started to get bright and brighter still till he suddenly flared open his wings and the light intensified in a sharp blast aimed to blind the Solarians that had come here. If that worked he would suddnely lunge himself Amatus Casus , attempting to snap his jaws around the throat of the other and drag him across the ground before using his claws to attempt to drive them into the chest of the other savagely. From there he would jerk his head to try to sling him toward Ver's hind quarters and cause the both of them to possibly fall over after Ivory's attack.

  • No, no. He wanted them to go away. Solaris was getting hurt because of some stupid decision he made. But it was for Claes's sake. This was to help him. He knew Shock wasn't going to like what he said about the antidotes, and was ready for his reaction. He winced, jumping to his side as Shock attacked him, the others claw marks would be marked across his left shoulder. Lemon felt is start to bleed, No I'm strong. I'm strong. Lemon grabbed at the chain holding the two together, pulling Shock closer to him and trying to headbutt his mouth, aiming to apply all his forth onto his teeth and knock some of them out. If this would work he would quickly try and toss the teeth towards Ver. That would fix the problem wouldn't it? The teeth were already bloody so they didn't have to worry about that. "go, I'm fine here." he would say, his paws at his wounded shoulder.


  • He snarled when he missed his shot, though his claws still tore viciously through Lemonlaw's shoulder. Snarling, the wolfhound would struggle against the chain as he was pulled towards the coywolf, pain exploding through the side of his face as three teeth were knocked out, and two tossed towards Ver. He growled, spitting the last one out and turning cold, dead, onyx eyes towards Lemon. "Big mistake." He huffed, surging forward and attempting to latch his teeth around Lemonlaw's shoulder, venom gushing from his teeth to the coywolf's own bloodstream.


  • He catches movement from the sky just from the corner of his eye, causing him to lift his amber gaze up to catch a blinding light just in time. He tried to close his eyes, to protect his vision, though the blinding light had managed to do just as it was untended, greatly reducing the vision of the serval for but a moment. Though perhaps a moment too soon as he feels jaws snap around his neck once again, though the serval just barely manages to force his paws between the teeth and his throat in some sort of attempt to protect it from getting eviscerated by the sharp canines. His cloak manages to protect his back from any scraps while being dragged, though he's left wide open to the claws which are shoved brutally into his chest, leaving terrible marks. Though while this is happening the serval somehow manages to keep focus on the crystal, letting it heat up and begin to gently glow before letting loose another bolt of white flame at point blank into the face of RADIOACTIVE   nearly blinding himself yet again in the process.

    Then assuming that the exiler still had thrown him he manages to catch himself just barely, raking his claws into the ground to bring him to a skidding halt just at the side of Ver. It takes him a moment to get himself back up onto wobbly paws, the last attack leaving him somewhat disorientated and weak. He could only keep up with the magic for so long, and his serval body wasn't quite attuned to taking such powerful blows. Had he been in the state to he would have grabbed the teeth himself, though he had a hard enough time moving as it was, never mind trying to catch something like that. "We're outnumbered Ver, take and teeth and let's leave." He says to her with winded breath before holding the sword high in the direction of Barghest. They would have to return for Lemon later, though they had what they needed now.. minus the blood. Though that was something they would have to take care of later.

  • She'd once been so good at keeping her cool, it had been one of the few things she'd learned as a mercenary. Don't take things personal just do your job and keep your head down. Those days were easy but held no meaning in the abyss of time, she was just surviving than not living she had no one but herself to live for no real connections outside the outstretched paws of brief lovers and agonizing death cries of the ones who got her the blood money she loved so dearly.

    She was never hotblooded, this trait was acquired forged out of something new out of a woman who had to much to gain and much much more to lose. Ver hadn't cared for anyone in herself in the past, wouldn't admit to having any feelings outside the realm of lust. Companionship love both kinds the types; firstly the one she shared with her lovers and lastly but no less important the bond of friendship and comradery. If she'd died on that battlefield she knew Nine to would fight for her, just as he had done for her in life. And that's what really hurt.

    She's slammed onto her side fur catching the rough ground as she feels fangs dig into her neck shaking her, her eyes clench hoping to keep her equilibrium as if her brain is sloshing in her skull. It hurts like hell but she works through it, pain was surprisingly easy for her to deal with. She'd lost many fights, had the scars to show for it and had fought much much more worthy opponents than Ivory. She doesn't respond to him just surged upright she attempts to roughly string both forepaws over IVORYBONES L. 's neck to bring him closer as she rolls onto her back if she was successful she would use her hindlegs to slam them into his stomach digging in the claws and in the process hopefully flinging him away and over her. She felt the blood trickle through her dark fur but pushed past it as she stood back up (or if the attack didn't work she'd split off from Ivory) as she felt Amatus land beside her. Her maw would part as if to make an argument she'd survived a barrage like this before, she could handle many of them and live to tell the tale even if it left her broken and bruised but she just agreed giving a forelorn nod to where the scent of the Serval was, she couldn't see him well under the dark veil of shadows.

    She would lurch for the teeth collecting them and holding them close in one paw against her chest before making a run for it she would attempt to pick up Amatus Casus in the process by the scruff to take him with her before flying away.

    // Presumably out


  • Ivory felt a sick satisfaction bloom within the confines of his chest as he succeeded in his assault, Ver careening into the ground with his jaws secured tightly on the back of her neck, sinking into skin and flesh and blood spilling over his tongue. The sweet taste of crimson lulled him somewhat but he wasn't to be caught off guard as he was determined to rip and shred skin and flesh on the Solaris Kingdom Queen, a thunderous growl reverberating in the depths of his chest as he feels her paws tighten around his throat. Ivorybones instinctively pulls back against her, but with the awkward position the both of them were in, it proved to be quite difficult and so he gives in, leaning forth and allowing for Ver's course of attack to take place.

    Her hind legs slam into his underside, her claws tearing at his underbelly, causing an frustrated huff of air to be released from his maw as he lands shortly away from her, detached from his opponent. Blue eyes are seeking Ver in half a second, snapping up to her and ready to interlock in combat once more but she's fleeing with her Knight by the time he gets to his paws.

    The Leonidas watches idly, shoulders rolling as he begins to feel blood drip and trail down his stomach and legs, tainting his alabaster fur crimson. With a sharp tch, he turns to Barghest, Shocktherapy, and the little rat that had aided the Solarians. "Maybe you ought to keep him locked up in the basement with a muzzle on next time," He advises Shocktherapy with a smile curled upon the lips as he begins to stride away, seeing as there was no need for him or anyone else to stick together any longer. However, as he passes Barghest, he hums, "I suppose this means we should be expecting an assault soon? I'll get some training sessions going. We should make their retrieval of the prisoner challenging."