roses are red, violets are blue | Flower & Knickknack Shop

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  • Blue's little shop was cute small compared to some - it was just a little brick house long ago abandoned by whomever had owned it or built it. The bottom floor was turned into his little shop - buckets and baskets full of brightly blooming flowers and vibrant plants, shelves of books, neatly folded sweaters laid side by side, and small trinkets like necklaces, small wooden toys, and marbles were strewn about a bit haphazardly among the more organized things. The upper floor of course was home to his little bedroom - it had once been an attic, but he enjoyed the view the single window allowed, and he enjoyed the small space. Outside flowering vines crept up the exterior, wrapping around the simple wooden sign that read Sweaters & More. Humming softly, the boy himself sat nearby, the little white tom comfortably wrapped up in his own pale blue sweater, as he waited for a customer or two.

  • It was more often than not that Ninja would wander away from camp. It was the pure need to explore and get away from the mundane, though he was always good about returning to Wind Haven before sundown. The unicorn had never traveled to the Bridge before. He'd been to other places sure, but never here... that is- until now. And he had to really kick himself for not seeking this place out sooner. It was wonderful! With all it's mossy buildings- some closed or vacant- and others open; his eyes trailed after the figures going in and out of various shops and stands. It got him thinking, that much was sure. He only stopped when he caught eye of a peculiar little name.

    'Sweaters & More'

    It was enough to leave him wondering about the "more". And instantly his mind was decided. Long tail flicking, the mythical equine walked right into the shop. "Hellooo~" he sing-songed softly as he entered. He hadn't noticed Flowercrowns right away- forgive him- eyes taking to the pretty flowers in the buckets. Nsp was rather a sucker for flora and the tall legged man made a beeline for them, being careful to mind the tables and shelves as he moved. "Look at you cuties." he hummed. After a few heartbeats he finally took his attention away to gaze at the area Blue was seated at. Oops. "Uh- sorry kid- this your shop? It's really nice." he spoke, dipping his head apologetically for having ignored the other.





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  • The white furred tom would blink - blue eyes following his guests path. A small smile slipped onto his lips at the words spoken, and then suddenly attention was turned onto him. A black nose would twitch, and his freckled face showed his confusion at the compliment. "yeah... um, thanks." he'd murmur shyly, standing up. The pastel sweater around his slim figure - todays was as blue as always, but had the words flower power on the front in yellow - and his thurd-eye pendant thumped against his chest as he hesitantly approached the unicorn. "Um... wad there anything in particular your looking for? Or that you liked?" he'd ask, not really used to talking to people just yet.

  • "Hey there, kid," I offer as I shoulder forward through the crowds, giving the aspiring merchant a lopsided grin. I'm going for: easygoing but looking an awful more like a try hard. But that's fine, you know? You couldn't always be in your 'scene', and this shopping center definitely isn't mine. "I want something for my brother and sister. Something that says, look, a gift of goodwill, you're indebted to me now. My brother is blind, so probably not glasses. But maybe." That would be funny, but also not funny. I think about this and dismissively flick a paw, "Too on the nose- Ha! What would you recommend?"