Bloody Lies (BxB PAFP)

  • PLOT:

    Muse A and Muse B are boyfriends; they share an apartment and have been together for many years. Though Muse A has quite the secret; he is a vampire. He has been for a long time- long before he fell in love with Muse B. He has hidden it from Muse B well, seeing as the other suspected nothing. That is, until a hunter manages to track Muse A down. Having to kill hunters in their own apartment, Muse A and B have to run to survive; if either is caught, they will be killed. Will the muses be able to work through the gore and fear of being hunted? Will Muse B be able to move past all the lies, murders, and deeds his boyfriend has committed? Will the hunters find them?


    1. I will be playing Muse B, Leaving Muse A to you!

    2. This is an advanced roleplayer, meaning no less than two solid paragraphs per post! I will match your length in post!

    3. Please use proper grammar, sentence structure, and proper english! No text talk or abbreviated words please!

    4. Spelling is not a large concern of mine, but please have your spelling as good as it can be!

    5. Do not kiss-and-diss; please let me know if you have grown disinterested!

    6. If you have any suggestions, feel free to shoot them at me! I promise I do not bite!

    7. Post a small form of Muse A; it does not have to be extensive, but the more information, the better!

    MUSE B:


    [URL=][img width=510 height=54][/img][/URL]

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  • // okay wig i'm always a slut for vampires n i'd love to join this ?? i just need a bit of time to make a character if that's cool with you !!

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    wrenn that’s fine! I’m glad you are interested!


    [URL=][img width=510 height=54][/img][/URL]
  • "i just need a bit of time to make a character." --> a whole 24 hours later

    dskjfksfdjf sorry for the wait, love ,,,

    tell me if there's anything you need me to change !!