Bloody Lies (BxB PAFP)

  • PLOT:

    Muse A and Muse B are boyfriends; they share an apartment and have been together for many years. Though Muse A has quite the secret; he is a vampire. He has been for a long time- long before he fell in love with Muse B. He has hidden it from Muse B well, seeing as the other suspected nothing. That is, until a hunter manages to track Muse A down. Having to kill hunters in their own apartment, Muse A and B have to run to survive; if either is caught, they will be killed. Will the muses be able to work through the gore and fear of being hunted? Will Muse B be able to move past all the lies, murders, and deeds his boyfriend has committed? Will the hunters find them?


    1. I will be playing Muse B, Leaving Muse A to you!

    2. This is an advanced roleplayer, meaning no less than two solid paragraphs per post! I will match your length in post!

    3. Please use proper grammar, sentence structure, and proper english! No text talk or abbreviated words please!

    4. Spelling is not a large concern of mine, but please have your spelling as good as it can be!

    5. Do not kiss-and-diss; please let me know if you have grown disinterested!

    6. If you have any suggestions, feel free to shoot them at me! I promise I do not bite!

    7. Post a small form of Muse A; it does not have to be extensive, but the more information, the better!

    MUSE B:


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    Barnaby liked to think he had a pretty good life. He had a cozy apartment, a stable job, and an amazing boyfriend who he wouldn't change for the world. He and Alex have been together for several years now, and his life has never been batter. Since his home life consisted of him battling his siblings for his parent's attention, getting all the affection he could ever dream of from his tall boyfriend helped quell his anger for that house and it's inhabitants. Plus, god everything Alex did got to him. He could speak in several languages (language kink? I think so- don't get him started with pet names in other languages or he will melt), he was strong, muscular, tattooed, and overall far too attractive for his own good. Bunny looked like his polar opposite; small, rather lanky, clean of tattoos, and could only speak one language- half the time he messed up on English. How he managed to score a man like Alex still baffled him, but he decided not to question it- after all, why question the best thing in his life?

    Today was much like any other day; get up, eat breakfast, shower, and go to work. He was half tempted to stay wrapped up in his boyfriend's arms, but he broke free of offered the shower to him as well. He loved showering with Alex- for non-sexual and some more... risque reasons as well. There was just something about having the water run over him whilst in another's arms that Bun found... soothing. Once the shower was over, he dried himself off and pulled on his boxers to go cook breakfast. He made pancakes, eggs, and toast for the both of them, and he had to brag- it was pretty great. Once he downed his portion, he went to their bedroom to pull on his uniform for the vet's office and left with sweet words and a kiss goodbye. His mornings were pretty similar nowadays, but perfect nonetheless. He wouldn't change his routine for the world- not unless forced to, of course.

    The office today was teeming with animals; sick dogs, regular checkups, cats with broken bones, and fussy birds all alike. He loved his job- his apartment complex refused to allow him to get a dog, so he lived vicariously through his work. As a veterinary assistant, he got to help the vet do whatever he needed done. Most of he time is was merely getting shots done or helping him with blood work, but sometimes that required surgeries or euthanasia. Those were the toughest parts of the job- trying to save the animal or put it to sleep. To watch the life fade from the pet's eyes was heartbreaking, and watching the families sob broke his heart. For that reason alone, he didn't think he could own a dog. To lose them would be like losing a family member, because that is exactly what they are; family.

    Today was an extra busy day for some reason, and he didn't get to go on his lunch until around two in the afternoon. He knew what that meant- he wouldn't be home until late tonight. So, he sent a text to Alex to let him know.

    To: Big strong Boyfriend

    From: Barnaby

    Hey love! I am on my lunch now, so you know what that means; I will be home a little later tonight. If you want I can stop and pick up something to eat on the way home! Love you baby~

    He sent the message with a smile on his face, turning back to eat the lunch he packed. He didn't get much down his throat before one of the doctors rushed in, explaining he was needed for an emergency surgery. So, wrapping his food back up properly, he rushed into the surgery area to get himself ready for the procedure.

    The procedure took nearly three hours; the poor Beagle was hit by a car and was in pretty rough shape. Broken bones, torn skin, and one rib punctured the lung, but they managed to stabilize the dog. He was slightly irritable near the end of the surgery, stomach growling and his mind somewhere else. He was covered in blood, the smock and gloves he wore stained crimson. He needed to change his clothes before be smelled like blood for the rest of the day- not that it hasn't happened before. He finally was allowed to go back and finish his break, sitting down with a heavy sigh. He went to turn on his phone to check his messages, but it looks like his phone died. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" He hissed to himself, slamming his forehead onto the table. Well, looks like he was going to pick up some food anyway.

    Finally, at around nine-thirty at night, the clinic closed and those working were allowed to go home. Bunny was tired as hell- his shoulders hurt, he still smelled vaguely of blood, his eyes were drooping, and his body was on fire. It was the days like these that killed him. So he dragged himself to the nearest fast food joint go grab himself and Alex some food, ordering both of their favorite items before trudging back to his car. Their apartment complex was about a fifteen minute drive, and he got there in eleven with speeding. With a loud sigh, he pulled himself out of his car once parked and made his way to his home. He unlocked the door and stepped inside, shutting it with his foot.

    "Baby? I'm home finally- I got us food. Sorry about not responding- my fucking phone died during a three hour long surgery."

    He called out, kicking his shoes off and placing the food down on the table.

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    ic // Aleksandr was starting to wonder just how mundane his life could get.

    Granted, the past century hadn't been exceptionally thrilling, but it was hard to believe that after years of excitement and constant change, he'd settled down into something more... domestic. Intermingling with humans had consequences, after all. Nothing particularly good ever came from them in his experience. Still, Barnaby made for nice company. Calling him 'different' would've been cliché, but that was the first word that came to mind.

    It wasn't like Barnaby was the first human to walk into his existence, and if everything stayed the same, then he probably wouldn't be the last either. Alex was prepared for that. He'd known that from the beginning, and maybe it was cruel, but he still craved companionship. Bunny just happened to get closer than expected. That was the unfortunate part.

    Eventually, Alex would have to cut ties with the other. He'd just continue to age, and the vampire would stay the same, permanently frozen in time like some sort of memento from the past. It was a vicious cycle, but Alex was determined to make his boyfriend as happy as he could-- as happy as he had-- until then. If he was lucky, they still had a few good years left.

    The idea of hurting the sweet boy who woke up in his arms wasn't something he wanted to think about though.

    Their mornings were starting to become routine, and Alex wasn't sure how to feel about it, but he still left the bed when Barnaby did, opting to follow him into the shower and then the kitchen shortly after. Technically, Alex didn't need to wake up at such an ungodly hour, but he'd always liked mornings, and sneaking in lazy kisses helped motivation-wise. Breakfast wasn't a necessity either (he didn't gain anything from eating food, it was just for taste) but he still sat down and ate for Bunny's sake. After that, it was just a matter of waiting.

    Like he said, his life was becoming mundane. He'd traded war and rebellion and tragedy for something less complicated. It wasn't like he needed to work, but he dabbled in teaching to keep himself busy. That was only part-time though, usually three days a week, and he was off until Wednesday. No point in working himself to death when money wasn't an issue.

    Sitting around all day didn't sit well with him either though, so instead Alex spent most of his day running errands and then cleaning up around the apartment. Again, simple, mundane, vanilla even. It was almost nice; he almost wanted to stay like that. Almost.

    Aside from the one text from his boyfriend-- which he replied to with a simple, 'whatever's easiest for you. i'll see you when you get home, ily.'-- Alex didn't hear anything from the other, and he figured that meant he was busy. The fact that he came home late (as expected) only aided in his suspicions, but Alex was still relieved to hear the door open.

    He smiled faintly as the sound of Barnaby's voice filled the apartment, prompting Alex to put his book down and start towards the main room. "Zaika," he hummed warmly when he found the other. Since when was he so codependent? It hadn't even been that long. Either way, his arms still found their way around Bunny's waist, fingers gently pushing at the hem of his shirt as he kissed the nape of his neck. "Long day?"

  • BARNABY L ———


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    From the moment he stepped into the quaint apartment, Barnaby felt exhaustion roll over him much like a bulldozer. His shoulders relaxed, a heavy sigh left his lips, and his head rolled back slightly. He was dead tired after that shift, but seeing Alex always gave him more energy. For him, the love he felt for the taller male was much like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy building. He had been suffocating; trapped in his family household and unable to breathe. Alex saved him from that- he saved him from a lot of things, and Bunny would always be grateful to him for it. He loved the other so much sometimes it did hurt, but in the best ways imaginable. He would never trade his boyfriend for anyone else- he didn't want or need anyone else. In his mind, he had already decided he wanted to marry Aleksandr. He could see himself walking down the isle, the wedding itself, and spending the rest of their lives together. Oh, if he only knew.

    As arms came around his waist and a foreign pet name was murmured beside him, Bun relaxed even further into the tattooed male's arms. As his beloved placed a kiss on the nape of his neck, a small noise fluttered from the smaller male's mouth in appreciation- he always melted at the small things like this. The question of a long day hung in the air, making the vet tech nod his head before turning to face the other. His arms came up to wrap loosely around the other's neck, standing on his toes to press a kiss to Alex's lips. It was slow, soft, and simple- a 'i missed you' kiss, if you will. Once he pulled back, the freckled brunette buried his head into the other's muscular chest. "God you have no idea- everything was going smoothly until someone brought their poor Beagle in who got hit by a car. Her name was Heidi and we had to rush her into emergency surgery. It took nearly three hours to reconstruct everything- poor girl. She is spending the night at the clinic to make sure she recovers, but I think she'll pull through. She was all wags and smiles when they brought her in- even though she just got hit!" He explained, begrudgingly pulling himself from the other's arms. He would stay there all day if he could.

    Walking into their kitchen, Bun washed his hands thoroughly before grabbing some paper plates. "I stopped at the burger joint we both love- I got you your usual!" He called out, walking back into the main area where he placed their food. Their small living room also had their dining room, so he simply walked over to the table and began to unpack the bag of food. Barnaby placed their food on their respective plates, plopping down in one of the chairs with a sigh. "After this I do believe it's bedtime- I'm beat... Unless you have any other plans, baby?" He hummed cheekily, eyes holding a knowing glint. What? It had been a long day! Some intimate time with his boyfriend sounded really good! Freckled cheeks flushed a light red as he looked down at his plate, feeding himself a few of his fries. Little did the human know, tonight would be a night that would be forever engrained in his mind.

    Sometimes I feel like giving up, No medicine is strong enough


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