Let's Keep Things Casual For Now Okay? (BxB)(PAFP)

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  • General Plot:

    Muse A (you) is a (insert career here). Muse B (me) is a quiet and kind veterinarian who also happens to be a single parent of a child that they adopted around a year ago. One day, Muse A moves into the house next door to Muse B’s house. And Muse B is smitten. But they swore that they would wouldn't date again due to past bad dates. But Muse A is so nice to him and the child that Muse B’s resistance breaks down. They give in and while Muse B’s mother watches over the child, Muse A and Muse B go on a date to see how things would go. In result, things went smoothly but Muse B isn’t sure if they’re ready for a serious relationship and insist they just keep it to casual dating. However, Muse A prefers something more serious between the two of them and the two don’t see eye to eye just yet. So, they try to get Muse B to open up a bit more.

    My Character (Muse B)

    Name: Jay Michael Riliee

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Veterinarian

    FaceClaim: Jordan Woods-Robinson


    • He has this thing called “If you hurt Willow... I will hurt you in many ways.”

    • Has Coulrophobia (fear of clowns), Arachnophobia (fear of Arachnids) and Katsaridaphobia (fear of roaches)

    • Favorite food is sushi

    • Awkard boi

    • Honestly, he just wants to lay his head down in someone’s lap just so he could have his hair and head be stroked.

    • He still sleeps with stuffed animals. Don’t judge him.

    My Post~

    Jay held Willow in his arms as the girl was trying to grip at his hair with her fingers. Willow was around two years old and she still had the habit of yanking on hair. He heard something outside and the dog was starting to bark at the loud noises being emitted from multiple vans. “Esme... be quiet.” Jay scolded the Pomeranian and nudged her back with his foot. Jay unlocked the door and he slipped outside, quickly closing the door before the tiny yapping dog could bolt outside. The male squinted his eyes just for a moment to see some moving trucks. New neighbors huh? He thought before observing the scene. The house next to his own had been vacant for a while now and it was nice to see someone finally moving in.

    Still holding Willow in his arms, he made his way down the pavement and onto the sidewalk to greet the new neighbor... or neighbors. He figured it would be polite to introduce himself. Jay only saw one person and he almost tripped. “Hey, you must be my new neighbor.” Jay finally spoke towards the male in a greeting tone. This guy seemed nice and well... attractive Jay could say but he didn’t voice his thoughts.