I'm A Mess (BxB)(PAFP) For Your Loving, It Ain't New

  • Muse A has dating issues. They've always gotten hooked up with a weirdo or some creep that is a little bit too "touchy touchy" for his liking. Could it possibly get worse for Muse A? Well, not really actually. At least... Muse A doesn't think everything will go well. Muse A's friend is uber obsessed with helping them find the perfect match. And Muse A's friend, who happens to know Muse B from work, pairs Muse A and Muse B up for a blind date. Muse A is unfazed but he thinks it's just gonna be the same thing: Akward Date, Guy Acts Weird, And Isn't Very Gentleman Like. Muse A and Muse B meet up at a candy restaurant that Muse A's friend had chosen for them and... wouldn't you know it? Muse B is everything that Muse A had been wanting: Humorous, Gentleman Like, Charming... you get the gist. But even though the date was an utter success, Muse A is unsure about committing to dating again. Maybe Muse B can help Muse A open up more.

    Hmm what a long plot... how well. Yeesh.

    Okay So Here Are A List Of Things That This Thread Will Include:


    Mentions of Intimacy (but we don't Role play it. We just time skip that :3)



    Arguments (eventually)

    Alright so you gotta be okay with that stuff alright? Okay.

    Anyways here's my baby boy ^^

    Name : Jayce Vernon

    Age : 23

    Gender : Male (of course)

    Date of Birth : June 30th

    Zodiac : Cancer

    Faceclaim: Jordan Woods-Robinson


    - He's a cat person :3

    - Seriously he sees a cat, he gonna pet it and feed it.

    - A bookworm

    - He likes dogs a little bit but he doesn't like having a dog jump on it and get slobber on him

    - Most likely will keep anybody's warm jacket to himself on a cold night

    - His favorite food is sushi

    - His least favorite food is steak

    - He. Will. Use. Anyone. As. A. Giant. Teddy. Bear. Be. Careful.