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  • The Dark Dynasty had fallen into silence, and for the sake of the current and potential occupants, Glitteringgold was eager to encourage that to change. What he had in mind as a starting point was by no means original, it had been done before by himself and likely many others, but often yielded results; An open discussion. It was simple, yet effective in his experience. He had set one up in the Tribe of Unbounded Sky recently, in which he was currently the deputy of, and had managed to receive a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions in doing so, so had figured it may be worth doing the same for his other home. Positioning himself in the center of one of the rooms of the palace, the pale feline would discreetly clear his throat before calling out.

    "An open discussion is now taking place. Please gather here if you have any constructive feedback you would like to share about the Dark Dynasty or would simply like to listen in." He didn't have the authority to implement anything discussed, but could relay it to Softvelvet for consideration if the leader, understandably due to his illness, did not make an appearance. "What you like about it here, what you don't like, changes you would like to see made, ideas you have and so on. Don't be afraid to speak up, all opinions are valued."

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