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  • The girl sniffled as she meandered along, her eyes trailing the horizon in a rather sad, pitiful manner. Tears dripped from her optics, down her cheeks and to the ground as she walked. She felt utterly hopeless. Not only had she been abandoned by her boyfriends, her family was long gone. Her mother, a drunkard, her father, a cheater. Her brother was a drug addict. Nothing in their little family seemed sane. It had been what felt like months without any of them, and Crybaby felt defeated and dismayed. What was she to do without guidance? She needed someone else to help her along. She was just a child - at least in her mind. In actuality, she was about a year old. An adult. Her immaturity and naivety fooled everyone, even herself. She found herself in the worst of positions. Being kidnapped and held hostage.. Cry had managed to get out of that situation, though it costed the world a life. She kept that secret hidden away from anyone she came across, instead acting as the helpless little girl that she was. The petite femme continued on her trek at a trudge, her glossy eyes eventually finding the magical boats that lead up to BlizzardClan's territory. She had been told of this place, and hoped it would be of some use to her. What she needed was a home, a place for her to stay and feel safe, warm.

    As she stepped into one of the wooden boats, she whispered 'up', and soon sat back on her haunches. The boat moved willingly, bringing her upwards toward the island. Her ears flicked back against her skull as she peered at it, as it came into view as a larger landmass. It was huge. Crybaby couldn't help but feel a bit intimidated. With a flick of her tail, she stood as the boat docked, giving her the room to hop out and land on the island. She peered around for a moment, feeling overwhelmed. Her teeth grit behind her closed maw, eyes welling up with tears once again. Perhaps she wasn't ready for this.



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  • The world is distorted, I'll follow the footsteps

    hold back the screaming within me, in silence —

    "Is someone there?" It appeared, unfortunately, that Vale was the first of the welcoming party. Not that she didn't want to greet them, but somebody such as the snake charmer was likely not the best fit for a welcoming committee. Tail flicking, the hybrid came to a stop at the clearing where the boats dropped people off, her companions lifting their heads, tongues flickering as they got an idea of who had arrived, relaying the message to Vale as to where they were.

    She stayed where she was, but her serpentine gaze settled on the blurry form of the girl, a bit unfocused due to her poor vision. "May I ask your name and business?" The deputy asked quietly, awaiting an answer silently.

    Even if it fades

    it will not disappear!

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Out adventuring, Aphrodite could spot Vale in the distance. Of course with her kind demeanor, she had to go over and greet Vale. The cub made her way over, standing behind Vale. "Hello Vale!" She whispered before looking to the joiner. "And hello to you too!" The tiny cub added, beaming a smile.


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  • There were different categories of joiners. There were some so eager to mill around that they skipped out on border rules, there were some that didn't like Clans but begrudgingly joined one because 'what else were they going to do?' And then, there were those like Crybaby, recovering from a sucky life filled with pitfalls and trauma. Persephone arrived from the skies, her wings folding against her body as she didn't feel that Crybaby was any bit of a threat. She remained mostly silent, waiting for the newcomer to speak.