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  • It’s been... years, really, since he’d been apart of any lasting civilization. Throughout his life he lingered among thresholds of the living; joined a few cults, sacrificed some virgins, flocked some hippies, the works. He had rather an abhorrence for the crude creatures which slunk around the planet — call it a remnant from his childhood angst.

    But there he was. It was funny, in a way. Ezra pressed his paws into the unforgiving sands of the harshly chilled landscape, feeling a little vulnerable out in the open like he was. The scent border was easy to find, the help of the wind there or not. It rustled around his ears, telling him whispered tales; warnings. Ezra’s mouth twisted into a mischievous smile. Fuck it — he was here to join.

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  • "Greetings," meowed the slate-hued warrior as she approached the solitary tom by the border's edge. The queen had been out for a solo-patrol when she had caught wind of an unfamiliar scent, arriving soon after to investigate it. Her blue irises glinted in the light, a curious and mildly critical edge to her gaze as she examined the stranger. With a flick of her ears, she took interest of his wry smile, and she wondered what his intentions were. Still, her voice was neutral as she said, "You've reached the edge of the Sanguine Ruins' territory. Who are you, and what brings you here?"


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  • — Elian was the next to arrive, unfortunately. Large paws churning up sand with each driven step, the gruff maine coon settled a decent distance away from Amour and her annoyingly passive attitude. Up until this moment, he hadn't realized the old tigresses was still lurking around the Ruins, didn't she belong in the Veil? A single tufted ear would flicker in the tugging winds, his judgmental copper gaze briefly raking over his fellow clanmate. Eh, perhaps they could drop her off at a nursing home or something soon. She seemed like the type to interfere with his vendetta with Billie, and that wasn't acceptable.

    Patience wearing thin, the feline would redirect his attention to the stranger at the border. "We're waiting." He'd grumble flatly, brow furrowed and gaze narrowed. Unfortunately, being power hungry in this sort of group still required basic socialization with potential newcomers. That being said, politeness wasn't technically a rule with that necessity. Sure, at times he would fake having an authentic personality but there was no point in doing so if it didn't positively impact him in one way or another. This, this was not one of those times. Elian's brain worked like a machine, incapable of true emotions but instead a processor that evaluated the situation and told him what he should feel. Yet that computing, calculating, and performing was all so exhausting, not worth the effort, so why bother?

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  • the daughter of nadine was next, practically materializing behind elian as she emerged from the shadows which she blended into. pinkish red eyes fixated on the ragged looking stranger at their border. though she was young, she was wary of strangers, and so her iron colored claws unsheathed as she sat down, large ears swiveling forward. her long tail lashed behind her, expression placid and almost bored, despite her hyperactive mind.

    she watched his every motion, hardly noticing her clanmates around her. it wasn't like they mattered to her anyway - nobody truly did. the tormenta million child had spent her childhood exploring on her own, with little regard to the lives of those around her. not to say she was malicious; simply disinterested.

    finally, arya glanced between amour and elian as his harsh words rang out, a small smirk twitching on her maw. perhaps there would be a fight - it'd be one of the only interesting things going on around here.

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  • He was cloaked with an air of boredom, shielded by a thinly veiled aloofness stretched over his frame. Ezra was... out of his element, in a sense. Exuding an aura of unrefined wildness between his raggedy fur and slouched posture, he was bare to the bones in every sense of the word. He didn’t have any belongings alongside him, besides maybe the stray scraps of leaves or lavender buds in his curled locks. Not even his eyes could provide him a confidence in his surroundings; he had his ears to guide him.

    Paws kneaded gently into the rough sands, his strawberry ears perked at the sound of a beast approaching. Amour’s voice rumbled straight from her chest, royal, refined, graceful. It was a pleasant greeting which rolled over his shoulders; made his eyes crinkle and his smile grow a bit brighter at the edges. Or maybe that was in reaction to Elian and his harsh words, and the way it made Ezra bark out a laugh.

    “Aw. Wouldn’t want to make you wait, gorgeous. How cruel of me,” Ezra snorted at Elian, dull doe eyes trained somewhere near the snappish Ruiner’s shoulder. It felt good — the spitfire back and forth which couldn’t only be accomplished by the living. Sure, Elian was annoying as Hell, but Ezra let it slide for the sake of argumentation.

    Alas, onto business. He turned to where he believed Amour to be standing, ignoring the wordless creature that padded forth to observe. “Well, anyway. My name’s Ezra Harbringer, here to join.”

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  • "Yes, how absolutely cruel." He countered in a lackluster mutter, the words dripping from his stiff maw in a disregarding fashion. With a roll of his dilute honey eyes, the maine coon would lower his haunches to the cold desert floor. He wasn't impressed and this encounter was merely boring him. Sandpaper tongue tracing along his ivory teeth and the inside of his leathery lips, Eli would continue to assess the value of the feline before him. He seemed to have a backbone, not that it mattered too much when it came to manipulation, but had otherwise exposed little information regarding his potential drive. Was he another emotionally driven scumbag like Pirate and Billie? Or was he more logically driven like Garrus? While these details were pretty useless to the normal character, they were quite important for the gruff tom's future experiments. So, rather than speak, he'd merely exhale deeply through his flared nostrils and further push his patience.

    It was only after several more moments of silence and mental calculating that he did speak, not that he was all that thrilled to do so. "Elian. Welcome to the Ruins, don't expect a fucking tour." This newcomer was blind, was he not? He had noticed it before with the slightly misdirected line of sight from the scruffy cat, but simply questioned his intelligence. Whatever, he could still be more useful than Billie. So long as this "Ezra" didn't expect him to come rescue his ass from a prickly cactus, maybe he could be tolerable.

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  • Amour barely pays Elian any heed; though she could vaguely recall him as being one of Always' kids, they had never interacted much, maybe even at all, as far as memory could could serve. Her blue eyes flickered over to the prickly tom, but only for a moment. The clan had its fair share of grumps back in her day, and she thought that maybe he would have fit in better if he had been born in an earlier generation. Fixating her gaze back on Ezra, who would soon speak, she would tip her head and say, "Welcome indeed." Though he seemed as quick-as-a-whip, she was able to pick up on the sightlessness to his gaze. The warrior had met a pawful of blind cats in her lifetime, but it went without saying that they weren't often in Bloodclan. "My name is Amour. If you do need a tour, I'm sure there will be plenty of cats willing to help. You'll spot the prickly ones a mile away." Humor touched her tone as she added this, though she wouldn't be the one to volunteer to help- she still had to familiarize herself with the Harrow Desert.


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  • Shortly afterwards, Jace came to the scene to greet the new member. Of course he felt it was his job to know most if not all of the clanmates. With a smile on his face, he nodded his head to Ezra. It seemed Harbringers were making a return, which was quite surprising. The last time Jace remembered a bunch of Harbringers was when Serpentine still existed. "Welcome to the Ruins. I'm Jace, one of the leaders. Hope you find it absolutely swell." He purred happily.

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  • Another Harbringer, eh? First Enjolras, and now this guy. It was cool to see relatives popping up again after so long. Back in the days when the family was small, he'd always been quick to ask how exactly he was related to any Harbringer he met; more often than not he would recognize at least one of the parents connecting them. Nowadays, however, it wasn't so easy — more people carried the surname than he could count, so many of which were complete strangers to him. It was a bit of a shame, but he'd gotten used to it by now. "What they said. Good to have you, buddy," said the serval by way of greeting. "Name's Dracula Harbringer. Nice to see another one of us around." There was a smile on his face, but no recognition whatsoever; his brief time with Sleeplesscities was a thing of the far past, and he hadn't once visited her after the night they'd shared to even discover she was pregnant — he wouldn't've even been welcome there, given RadicalClan's old beliefs.



  • An influx. Despite being totally unseeing, Ezra had a knack for being well aware of his surroundings. Partly it was due to his remaining senses being so sharp — what he lacked in, whispering spirits filled in for him. Responding to Elian was easy, however. He simply smiled wryly at the tomcat and shrugged his shoulders, indifferent as he spoke. “Thanks for the welcome,” he hummed blandly. So that was that.

    Of course, Amour was much nicer. The tilt of his mouth grew more genuine when she spoke, as well as toward Jace when he had arrived. Murky eyes flickered back and forth to the vague area that the voices stemmed from, though usually just remained forward, listening rather than observing. “I appreciate it, but—“

    The words died on his lips. Faint registry snapped inside his skull when the final greeter spoke his peace; a recital from a world long forgotten. A name sneered through the mud, spoken only to him once when he had begged to know. Dracula. His old man, in the flesh. His father who... had no idea who he was...

    That was rich. Ezra was fairly confident in keeping his reactions on check; his faltering his under the guise of just letting Dracula speak. Now, he had to bite down a laugh, and rethought his statement. “Hey, thanks. And you know, a tour would be nice from anyone that wants to humor me,” he resolved, tilting his head. “Wouldn’t want to wander into any potholes, of course.” Oh, he would have some fun here, no doubt.

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