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  • He’d escaped.

    A guttural groan crept from the back of his throat, secondhand to the way that his head spun and vision swam. Blood, cast a sickly shade of violet-blue, wept from the tears in his skin. Doe honey eyes glanced up to peer at the canopy overhead, soaking in the stench of pine and lavender, staring for a chance at sunlight peeking through the relentless darkness swamping all edges of his vision. Pain, first and foremost, was a dull presence clawing away at his numbed flesh. Dirt and pine needles wormed their way particularly into the gash lining his shoulder, making his skin hiss with distaste and blood. But his terrorized mind paid no heed to the woes of his injury.

    He’d... escaped.

    Memories mingled together. Flashes of gnashing teeth and flailing limbs pressed against his eyelids as he shoved his eyes shut, willing himself not to puke. The feeling of being trapped suddenly overwhelmed him, bled into his pores, the cracks of his bones, into every sinew. Being attacked, held onto, the threat of his own awareness dangled over him...


    RK800 gasped, wretched, and laid uselessly in the Shadow Veil’s territory.

    // feel free to power play! he doesn’t have life threatening injuries. possible concussion, some bite marks, cracked rib, but a big tear on his front right leg that’s keeping him from walking. right now he’s disoriented and very winded.

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  • Junepaw hadn't expected to come across such a scene on their own territory. After being confined to the infirmary for an indeterminable amount of days, the Aeternum had managed to find his footing as he began to wander more and more throughout their home. It was probably best nowadays to assign someone to the youth since it seemed he was the Exiles' favorite punching bag for the moment but the stubborn male wasn't at all for it. Instead, he stuck it out on his own, determined to prove his worth as something more than just a punching bag or someone who just got beat up all the time. He had the powers in his arsenal and he just as to - ah, wait.

    Jun pauses, sniffing the air, finding something distasteful floating about in it. His fur rises on his back, bristling with alarm, blue eyes briefly flicking back towards the direction of which he had just came from and then forwards again when he hears noises close by. Gasping, scrambling, pain. "Hello?" He calls out and he feels the familiar dread he had felt that day when Shocktherapy had ambushed him settle thickly across his slim shoulders. His heart sped up, thrumming loudly. Ba-dum, ba-dum. He steps forward nonetheless, tentatively, brain on high alert, but then he stumbles across him. A stranger oozing blood that wasn't... blood.

    "The hell...? H-Hey!" All caution thrown to the wind, Junepaw rushed to the German Shepherd's side. His dull blue eyes were wide, his paws hovering over the male's obvious wounds but he didn't know what to do. "Hey, are you awake? Can you speak at all - actually no, don't, save your breath. I'll get someone to help you." However, he wasn't going to leave him alone. That would... that would just be cruel. So he cranes his neck, yelling into the dark pines that surrounded them, "Mercy! Someone, get over here - someone's hurt pretty badly!" And for once, it isn't me.

    [ Mercy Reaver ]



  • Mercy, having been wandering the territory as per usual, was quick to answer Junepaw's call. She burst out of the undergrowth soon after he yelled out, muscles tense as she ran to meet him. The sight she was met with was somewhat... jarring: a dog who seemed to be half made of metal. Blue liquid seeped from his open wounds, and she had to remind herself that blood could come in different colors from time to time; it certainly wasn't the strangest thing out there, even if it was an uncommon mutation. She was silent for a few moments as she raked her shadowy gaze over his limp form, taking in his wounds. "Junepaw, we need to get him back to camp so I can treat him," she said. I really need to start carrying supplies on me all the time, the molly thought grimly. "Go get some moss-soaked water so we can clean his dirty wounds in the meantime. Or hydrate him, if he needs it to walk. Cobwebs too, if you can find any. And grab anyone you can find to help us move him." It was a lot to ask of one person, especially someone so young, but they couldn't leave this man alone to bleed out. And if he couldn't support his own weight, Mercy and Junepaw weren't fit to help him with their small stature.

    Then she crouched down right by the stranger's face, peering anxiously down at him and gently pawing at his cheek to rouse him. "Hello? Are you able to stand? We're here to help you." She only hoped more people would arrive soon to assist.

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    seems kodiak had come to the call of mercy, looking over at junepaw, with a confused gaze. what the hell had happened to this one? the stranger bleeding.. something odd causing for his nose to scrunch up slightly. he stood beside june, just to keep out of mercy's way. she needed room to work, and he sure as hell couldn't do anything. he lashed his long tail ( though he had to admit, not being used to having a tail that long made it feel rather weird ), peering over with eyes of almost worry, more empathetic than anything. he remember being mangled at the border plenty of times, but never unconcious to his knowledge, unless of course he passed out after being greeted.


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  • "Cuz you are a pirate"

    "Pirates Life Fo Meee" — Annalysia

    The calls of Junepaw crying out for Mercy and then Mercy's voice ringing over made the tigeress run over. Her eyes were wide before she looked down at the person who landed onto their border-concern flooding though her gaze before looking at Mercy "I can help carry him" she stated, her eyes on the feline before looking down at the creature that laid before them on the ground. This was odd, very odd and once they were awake or functioning again she would ask what happened but for now they needed to get them to safety instead of doing the duty of healing upon their borders-it wasn't safe and anything could happen out here and they couldn't afford to deal with another injured person. Perhaps it was a blessing that she switched into a tiger perhaps not, but for now she didn't care and this creature needed their help-even if they were an enemy or not. She just hoped they'd accept the pirates offer to help.

    "Capt. Annalysia at your service matie"

    "Speak" "Thoughts"

    Capt. Annalysia Sparrow/18 moons/Female/Shadow Veil

    "Drunken fool"



  • Abbi had seen death before, the rotting corpses of the Ruins made sure of that. He had seen blood poor from open wounds and bones crack beneath pressure. And yet, as he approached the scene, he couldn't help but jolt backwards a bit. It wasn't gruesome by any stretch of the medic's imagination, but it surely wasn't tame, either. The young man dug his claws into the ground, wondering what sort of group or single entity would do this to this, for lack of a better term, cyborg. He had no care or worry for the german shepard other than the fact that he may be bringing his troubles into their shadowy lands. Abbi wouldn't turn him away, no, but he would be cautious of the scents that lingered on RK800's pelt.

    "I can help, too," he offered, his tails swishing low as he waited for Mercy's instruction.

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  • When he heard swift steps approach him, he'd known that help had arrived. Junepaw lifted his head to see Mercy and breathed in a sigh of relief but he had ought to hold that in, since this poor dog wasn't out of the thick of the woods yet. He was still hurt, still bleeding, and Mercy needed assistance. The lanky tom lifted himself to his paws, turning his head towards Mercy as she began describing the things she needed. Wet moss, cobwebs - got it. With an affirmative nod, the Aeternum boy hobbled away as fast as his legs could carry him into the nearby thicket.

    Eyes of robin's egg blue darted around quickly as the boy walked forth at a brisk pace, looking for moss at the bases of trees and cobwebs entangled in the branches of bushes or low-hanging tree limbs. He eventually finds a nice wad of moss that climbed up the side of a withering tree and quickly collected it, using his claws to tear it off the bark. It was pretty damp already but he decided to wet it more by pushing it into the puddle at his paws. Putting the moss in-between his teeth, June then searched for the cobwebs. He could hear the arrival of a couple of others nearby, namely hearing that of Anna's and Abbi's voice and quickly decided that he needed to hurry up.

    After getting a paw full of cobwebs, he'd wrap it around his leg before turning around and coming back. His side was beginning to ache a bit from all the movement but the adrenaline dulled it down to it a slight throb - something he could handle himself until they got this guy back home. "I got the stuff, Mercy," The boy said, carefully handing off the wet moss and cobwebs to the Spiritcaller. He would remain tentatively at her side, ready to listen if she needed anything else, but eventually began backing off to give the woman some room. She'd call him or Abbi if she needed them.

    For now, he settled closer to Kodiak. He breathed out quietly, wincing as he leaned back into a seat. "I hope he'll be okay." He remarked to the other feline with a worried frown, his thick tail lashing behind himself briefly.



  • Awareness. A funny concept. RK800 had always been aware; up and moving and acting just like everything else. Free thought, feeling, were completely separate concepts which flew right over his head. He may have been aware of his existence, but he wouldn’t never be up to par with his mortal counterparts. He was a machine, and they were not. That’s how it was meant to be.

    This awareness was harsh and strangled. He was slumped on the forest floor, time like sand slipping through his fingers. The next time he opened his eyes, the scuffle of feet next to him was an unwelcome sight; honey eyes turn sidelong to stare, wide and almost unseeing, at the mirage of faces which loomed over him. RK800’s spinning mind spat out a depiction of him in a casket, these strangers merely observing his mangled corpse from where it lay six feet in the ground. Faint remnants of adrenaline spiked in his veins, thrumming something akin to panic through his body.

    It couldn’t be panic. That was impossible.

    He was... confused. Nothing in his head was making sense. RK800’s steely gaze was wide with this panic when he attempted to lash out at the strangers standing over him. But in his panicked state, all he managed was a sharp flinch, and a strangled whine.

    His ears opened then. Before all he could hear were the murmurings of strange creatures while his head felt like it was submerged underwater. Now, he was lulled by promises to help. That was rich.

    There was an angle here. He couldn’t possibly trust—



    He flinched again, sucking in a sharp, rattling breath. He pressed the side of his face into the dirt to ground himself, his body afflicted by tremors as electricity surged across his bones. Nonetheless, a clearness shone through his thoughts, and he could look up at these strangers with more lucidity than before. “I-I’m fi-inne,” he said; you know, like a liar. What he really meant was that he will be fine and help was appreciated, but words felt like cotton in his mouth.

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    She flashed Abbi and Annalysia a grateful look at their offers of assistance, although she may not have been able to get the point across with her hollow eyes that more often than not lent to a blank stare. The latter she was especially thankful for — without her, they would have no way of getting this man back to the camp. At least, not until someone else just happened to stumble across them by chance.

    "Thank you," she said to Junepaw, collecting the supplies he'd gathered. Working deftly, she set the cobwebs aside and began preparing the moss. At his hopeful comment, she offered a, "He will be," but she didn't meet the boy's gaze. "I'll make sure of it."

    A sudden movement from the German shepherd caught her off guard, and she jumped a bit in surprise. He was very obviously in pain, given his expression as well as his repeated flinching, and as such she didn't believe a word of what he said. Past experiences had taught her not to argue with patients, however; it always created unnecessary tension or aggression, and ultimately wasted time when she could be working. "I'm going to clean your wounds with water," she warned him, hoping to prepare him for whatever pain it might cause. "They're pretty dirty." Carefully she began wiping away the dirt and pine needles coating the gash on his shoulder, making sure not to press down too hard. When she was finished, she pulled apart the moss bundle, setting aside the dirty, bloodied section she'd used. Then she handed the clean leftovers to Abbi. "Clean his smaller cuts and scratches," she requested, but her tone left no room for refusal. Not that she expected him to say no. Then she grabbed the cobwebs and spread them out over the stranger's gash, pressing down somewhat hard where it was bleeding heavily to stave it off.

    After a couple minutes, she looked over to Annalysia. "Do you think you could carry him back to camp now?" Then to the German shepherd, she said, "We're bringing you back to our infirmary so I can properly treat you."

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