• oof, she was late - unlike her. of course ver was flanked by both her girlfriends, so saturnstar would take a seat beside mercy, blue eyes skimming over the gathered crowd. her expression was slightly apologetic but she didn't comment on her lateness, hoping nobody else would. "i'm saturnstar, leader of the rogues alongside ver." her voice was calm and collected, dipping her head to those gathered and carefully listening to each who spoke. thankfully, ver spoke on the rogues for them both. it would probably sound better coming from her, as she surely had allies where saturnstar did not.




  • [ introduction ] noun. the action of introducing something.

    i. It seemed, for now, that it was mostly the higher ups that decided to speak among themselves, though he has enough reason to believe the introductions are nothing more than formalities shared as a means to break tensions that would never truly die. He is unaware of personal vendettas, nor of political turmoil and strife, and he seeks the peace and compromise that had been promised to him when such an event had been announced by Ver, and when those who wished to keep it trailed after their leaders to see what would come.

    ii. He is not nervous so much as he is uncertain. Everywhere he turns are those who the Solaris Kingdom have deemed as enemies, and he wants to speak to them but fears repercussions of such actions. It is a silly thought, but it still guides his hand, and he twists uncomfortably in the spot he has chosen for himself as he listens to the murmurs, watches distrustful eyes, and makes sure his own hide is safe from talons that would threaten to rip into it. No one is safe here, and all are rightly concerned, and he shares the same sentiments. Still, if no one breaks the ice then they would all be sitting there like fish out of water, and when the conversation starts, introductions between higher ups passed around likely for newcomers of other clans rather than their counterparts, he finally gathers the courage to speak.

    iii. He wonders if Ver watches him as he approaches Ryad, curiosity getting the better of him. He has not met the Cartelian people, and he holds no grudge against them despite rumors that he has heard passed among the ranks of Solaris. He does not know how much of it is truth, how much of it is lie, and he does not care much in honesty. The story was better told from those who saw it, those who lived it... and history was always written from the eyes of biased victors or those who wished ill will towards their adversaries. He holds no resentment in his heart, nothing but genuine intrigue and an eagerness to hear the true recollection of events from sides the clan has not heard of, unwilling to hear and turning their eyes in scorn.

    iv. "Your highness," he does not know if the same titles apply in the Cartel as they do in Solaris, but he applies them anyways out of courtesy and respect when he approaches the other, an easy smile gracing his features, eyes shining with an open eagerness, hiding nothing within their pliant depths. He hopes the man can sense he wishes him no ill will, but he does not expect to be pleasantly surprised nor is he afraid of it. Everyone guards their secrets, everyone approaches situations with some amount of caution, especially when integrity and life was on the line. He knows he will not take offense should the man turn down a conversation, but he wishes to try nevertheless. "I hope you don't mind if I sit here?" he flicks his wing towards the spot next to him, but he does not take it until permission is given.

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  • Represent the Thunderlands, they said. It'll be fun, you'll make new friends, gain political ties, learn all you need to know about your enemies. Oh how he wished for any of that to be true. Having heard of a gathering upon the Isle, he'd of course been a curious enough fellow to approach it, but the overwhelming stench of so, so many undesirable scents left nothing but regret in his head. He turned one way he saw an Exiler, another... BlizzardClan, keeping a steady gaze he was sure he'd probably just locked eyes with some strange leader he didn't know, it wasn't ideal. A bunch of animals stuck on one Island with the ones who murdered their families, ambushes felt only mandatory as more and more animals grouped up together, a cautious disposition forced Feliks into distancing himself. Tattered ears listening intently at all the words shared and after finding nothing of particular value to him, he'd bite the bullet and speak. "Feliks, vice-leader of the Thunderlands,". Ugh, that felt wrong on his tongue, how did all these other high positions flex their ranks so freely towards the other clans? Were they really so shallow? What did it matter here?



  • Abbi had heard of the mass meeting through Mercy and hesitated to come. Sure, he was a leader, and Shadow Veil only seemed to make friends with the strongest. But that was besides the fact. The Exiles were undeniably there (he would later confirm his suspicious as he left the boat) and the Cartel shouldn't be too far behind. The Cartel was an odd story, whereas he didn't have quarrels with them as a leader, he did as both a Ruiner and an uncle. Maybe it would be unfair to count his Clan into those sorts of affairs - that was besides the point.

    Abbi didn't wish to be seen as another one of Ver's harem. She had a whole lot of them wiggling around her, the display wasn't too great despite Ver not wishing to make a show. He sat off by himself, his tails wrapping around his torso and his hood settled snug on his head. He didn't wish to introduce himself and wouldn't unless prompted. Plus, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for the shadowy Clan to remain secretive about their affairs.

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  • Those blue eyes opened up and he realized after a moment that with this new body he was unrecognizable. That was something he hadn't really thought of and though he had hoped to speak to Mercy during this peaceful gathering it seemed she wanted nothing to do with him. He was left with an aching heart but he didn't press it and instead the winged creature pushed himself up and made his way over to the Thunderlands creature that had spoken up among the throng of animals that was here. To distance himself from the others and converse he supposed. He felt sick here and he didn't like that feeling but he guessed he would get used to it. So he focused on Feliks then, eyes wandering over the guy before he lightly puffed on his cig for a light moment. "Congratulations, I guess that is what I'm supposed to say. Umm, if it is recent. I honestly don't know. Things been sound in the Thunderlands?" He sounded horrible to his own ears even with the velvety tones of this body and he closed his eyes for a moment. Nerves, it had to be nerves and with family stuff going on it was made worse.



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  • Oh, she had started a trend! Her smile becomes far more genuine, bordering almost on a smirk, and the kiss she is given only cements this. Everyone is talking and interacting and it was all thanks to her initial greeting. Never mind that the stranger had suggested that they all discuss the well-being of their clans; hardly anyone is doing that. Practically everyone is handing out names like free samples.

    Mercy ignoring her produces a sharp feeling in her chest and Nadine names it smugness, because that's the least painful option and keeps in line with her stance of hate being as good as love. Abbi electing to sit away from her hurts, though. Why wouldn't he want to sit next to her? She would stand, but she doesn't want to seem indecisive. Well, then.

    "The Ruins aren't flash hot right now, but we aren't bad, either. No major bugs to squish," the horned serval offers up information that isn't terribly vital, deciding to omit certain details so she can be more dramatic on her own terms. Hopefully she's vague enough to spark some interest, though, she wouldn't mind seeking other routes for attention.





  • Frankly, having Zeppelin at his side certainly helped the Dynasty leader relax a bit more. He put a lot of trust into his deputy, moreso than a lot of other people in his life. Between Zeppelin and Breakout, he knew that he could count on both of them in times of need. He offers the other a smile as the tom hovers by his side - it was second nature at this point - and then turned to listen to the rest of the leaders prattle on, introducing themselves and going about how their clans were. His ears slide forward when he is personally addressed by the leader of the Cartel, Ryad, and shifted his attention briefly to the burned man. Have we met? He thinks to himself for a second, his tails curling in the air as he dips his head in acknowledgement to the Godfather.

    "The Dark Dynasty is steady and there hasn't been a shred of trouble recently. We are beginning to make more progress as the days go by. I reckon we'll be able to move about more in the near future should everything remain as it is." The elegant catsune inclines his head faintly to the side, his smile remaining thin and tight-lipped. His expression gives way to nothing, oozing kind intentions among the stress he feels being pressed unto his shoulders at the duly noted presence of the Exiles. "Is business well in the Cartel, Ryad?" He calls with interest, brows raising a tad. The Cartel was a neutral to the Dark Dynasty and, thus, there were no tension to be had between the two groups. Frankly, he considered visiting them on his own since he was vaguely aware they sold various things - wine too, right? He hoped. He was wanting an nice, aged bottle of red wine for a while now.


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  • Two individuals had asked him something, and the burned man looked to Sparrow in surprise. I've never met this individual before, but he bears the Solaris scent. Perhaps he's new? After I left ... He had addressed Ryad as "your highness", which made the man recoil slightly. I would have been if I hadn't ... "I don't mind," he says, his black lips curling into a fragile smile that could be broken at the slightest word. "And please, just call me Ryad. No titles necessary." He tilts his head as he studies the stranger for a moment. "What is your name, if I might ask?" As he would wait for the other to respond, his ears perked upon Softvelvet's response, looking to the aforementioned with his onyx-red eyes. "Ah! That's good to hear. Though the Dynasty is not an associate of ours, I'd be more than pleased to assist you all in your troubles ... for a price, however," he'd chuckle after this, his small smile widening a bit. "I suppose business is well, as well as it can be. I've had to deal with a rather unfortunate situation concerning a member of ours - but it's settled now." He then kept his silence for the remainder of the time, shuffling his paws uncomfortably as he would wait.

  • Kira was late, but if he was ashamed of that fact he didn't show it. The man tilted his chin skyward, face half-covered in cobwebs newly changed, visible eye half-lidded with a tired determination to get through this as quickly as possible. The fact that there were so many here that he despised- the Exiles as a whole were one thing, but then there was Feliks and Ryad, too, and he swore he could feel their stares on his golden pelt. The feline abhorred the idea of these people seeing him as anything less than perfect, and he could feel his skin crawling the longer he sat in the realm of their surveillance.

    Nerves brought his lips into a taut frown, and listening to the progress other clans had made brought jealousy to his aching heart. Of course, the Flights had seen a wonderful amount of growth. It was amazing compared to the clan's size when he had joined so long ago, and he was glad for that fact- it meant he was doing well. And yet, the growth did not come without tragedy. His pale lavender gaze settled on Barghest with hatred and disgust. First Rohan, then killing our birds, and then Inquisition... he counted the Exiles' sins and felt his blood boil. It didn't help that Ryad was there- thoughts of his and Rohan's children tormented his mind's eye and Kira twitched an ear, trying to wave away the anger. If he were to successfully represent his clan in all of its kind light, he would need to be civil at least.

    "That's lovely to hear," he praised as the burned coyote finished, venom under his velvet tone. It was his turn to speak now. I can say my piece and then leave as soon as it's appropriate. The thought gave him comfort and steadied his flaming nerves. He needed to remember that he was representing his clan- and, with as many enemies as he personally had here, there were plenty of allies, too.

    "Unfortunately the Flights has not been faring so well. We've grown in our membership certainly, but lost a number of things in the process," he explained ambiguously, hoping the wound on his face (though covered) was indication enough for those who cared. The Exiles do not need to hear of our weaknesses- we were a target for them not long ago. What would they pull if they knew our territory had burnt to the ground? His attention fell again on Barghest and Nymeria, recognizing the pair from the raid, even if he had only seen flashes of them then. His nose crinkled and then relaxed again. "But we are working on rebuilding. Our resilience is strong."

    He ended it there, tail curling around paws eager to shuffle. That would be enough out of him, unless someone prompted him further. But he hoped that it wouldn't happen- he was already biting his silver tongue, trying not to instigate anything against Ryad or his other personal least-favorites. He feared that if he spoke much longer he would lose himself in his petty rage.

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  • i. There was still palpable tension in the air, but nothing had snapped yet under the pressure, the line of conversation pulled taught enough to constrict breathing but not yet destroyed. There is a fragile sense of peace, one that Sparrow knows can be destroyed in a second, but if it phases him he does not let it show. His gentle smile does not waver when Ryad speaks, though his muscles relax when no claws or sharp words come, and he allows himself to sit when the man responds that he can. He waits until the other is done speaking, ears tilting upwards and eyes glancing towards the direction of the leaders in question, but his attention turns back to Ryad the second the Dynasty is finished with their recollection.

    ii. "Ryad," he tastes the name upon his tongue, a thoughtful expression casting shadows across his wistful expression, and perhaps he is silent for a beat too long before he speaks up again, absorbing the information and grilling it into his memory. "A pleasure to meet you. I have heard... things," a rueful chuckle escapes his lips, but there is no negativity in the action, and he laughs more at the rumors than he does at the man they are directed at. "I don't believe these things, if you are at all concerned. It's actually why I approached you," he continues, eyes trailing off to briefly settle upon Ver to judge her reaction accordingly, then returning to Ryad with a renewed vigor to his grin.

    iii. "Sparrow. I just recently joined Solaris, and I won't try to pretend that I haven't heard of what happened," his voice drops an octave; this information is not something to give out freely, and he is confident that after all the general introductions and greetings, everyone would delve into their own private conversations soon enough to drown out his voice even further. "But truth can be muddled when under the influence of rage, and history is marred with propaganda that blind it's inhabitants. I wish to know your story. The whole story, if you would be gracious enough to share it," he continues, voice softer, gaze warmer. "I want to make my own decisions, form my own opinions. I am not here to hate those who I don't even know."

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  • He had been willing to keep the Thunderland's business under lock and key until more of his clanmates showed up, however once he listened to everyone say that their clan was 'doing well' (Feliks wasn't sure if he could believe them), Feliks was more inclined to continue the politically-motivated chain. He opened his mouth to speak, unable to find the words when an unfamiliar voice interrupted his own. It didn't take long for emerald eyes to find the one who'd distracted his train of thought, his stomach almost did a 180 flip when he realised it was an Exiler. Over a dozen animals to pick and yet they went for him, though he could understand why that might have been the case it didn't mean the lupine was particularly happy about it. Displeasure known through his flicking ears and distinct lack of smile towards the mutt, Feliks gave a nod. "A couple of days ago. Our previous leader retired to tend to her wounds, I took the former rank of our new leader,". A part of him thought it was too much information to share, the other part wanted to watch for an interaction - narrowed eyes did the latter intently. "The Thunderlands are fine, the recent injustices against my clanmates have not weakened us. Given your presence, I'm guessing the Exiles can say the same?". Unfortunately.



  • Filing in behind the others with a grim expression plastered clear as day across his maw. Alejandro was still growing accustomed to this new civilization. In way's it was incredibly similar to some of the one's he had encountered in the past, but in it's own sense it was completely alien to him. This better be quick. Taking a seat by himself the tiger listened for the meeting to start. Thankfully, it didn't take long at all. Rounded ears quirked with each introduction and gradually slumped with indifference. He knew none of these groups, leaders, or individuals.

    It was like everyone was in on some secret code Alej had yet to learn and it was beginning to give him a headache. There is much for me to learn and catch up on. After the long drawls of what was going on in every group an interesting bout of conversations began to split the clearing. Hm. Maybe I can pick up some knowledge while I am here. Alejandro stayed put but kept his eyes and ears alert at every new conversation. It seemed this place was riddled with new things to absorb which would help him significantly. From here he could observe everyone's behaviors and take in what was occurring elsewhere.


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  • you trail behind your roguemates, not looking particularly one way or another. you're simply there - formality, mainly. you'd much rather be sleeping right now, or distracting yourself in some way that didn't involve pretending you didn't hate every non-exiler here. you can just barely remember the last time you attended an event such as this - you were still a child, weren't you? accompanying dystopia to meet with other leaders and their chosen few. it had been much more appealing to you then, giving you a sense of importance. now, it feels almost like a chore.

    in another life, you might have loved events such as these. if you'd been raised somewhere a little less anti-social, you might be more of a social butterfly - not that you aren't within the exiles, but the sentiment certainly doesn't extend outside.

    pretty quickly, you catch a scent that has your ears flush against your head and phantom pains shooting through your face. your eyepatch may as well be a hot iron, pressing into your face with little sense of mercy. your pace quickens, just enough to get you close enough to your companions that they can probably smell the fear rolling off of you, your eye darting back and forth across the crowd, searching for the asshole. god, you probably look like some kind of wimp, curled up like a scared kid behind the other exilers - your eyes land on feliks himself, which certainly doesn't help the situation. add onto that, he's talking to barghest, asking how the exiles are doing. you can't even find the balls to spit insults at the guy, instead just shrinking further in on yourself and staying silent.



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  • king would arrive next, the hound making his way to the edges of the gathering. his clan was not well known here, and thus, he wasn’t sure if they’d even be welcomed. god he hoped they would, it’d be another prime opportunity to throw their name around and gain some recognition. judging by the ruiners present however, he didn’t think he’d be having to worry much about that. they would be sure to remember him and his scent (and thus his clan) without any delight. deciding to keep quiet for the time being, kingpin would listen in on how things were going with the other clans he had yet to interact with.

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