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    With his new litter growing up, Rootlegs believed it was time that they and the other kittens were introduced to the medicine cats. After all, they would need to know where to go if they obtained an injury and if they had any questions Rootlegs wanted them to know that they could go to him and he'd happily sit down with them to talk things through. Even though there was emphasis on Rootlegs' job as a healer of problems with physical health, the Tonkinese was adamant on taking care of the clan psychologically too. He had long thought that if he had no one to talk to he could of ended up in a worse place but he was fortunate to have good friends around. With that on his mind, Rootlegs pushed through the vines that hung over the medic's den entrance and turned around to work on pinning them to either side.

    Once that was complete he would then turn to face the camp. One nervous breathe and three paws taps on the ground later and Rootlegs called out to the clan, "Today we are having an open day! All cats are welcome so please drop by with any questions and bring your kits" he called before excitedly sitting outside waiting for anyone to approach.

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  • it was a tour of the den, a meet-and-greet, a casual showing of... everything. well, everything that she was. it was an offering to view and judge as she lied herself out for the clan to see. but she was excited. excited and hopeful. finchpaw was never one to shy away from being herself, so this total openness and honesty was nothing but good.

    she sat patiently at the entrance to her own den. she wondered if rootlegs would allow the clan to tour the little cubbyhole where she and shorepaw slept. maybe she'd get the opportunity to recount the stories behind the various presents she'd received over the moons. most brought good memories. some brought... not so good. ah, well, that's just how it goes, she supposed. as she peered past the entrance of the den and the large man standing in it, she wondered if there would be many questions. what kind of questions? what would be asked? would she have the answers?

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  • Nervous energy jittered against Shorepaw's chest, resonating in her bones beneath her pelt. She was significantly more okay with the prospect of a meet-and-greet than she had been moons ago, but she couldn't help but hope she'd pass whatever social test this had to be. Well, she knew it wasn't as she thought, but still - she hoped she'd meet her clanmates' expectations. It meant, well, everything to her! With a hum, she resettled herself next to Finchpaw, readjusting her position every few moments, hoping to present herself nicely.

    She wasn't sure what this would entail, but she knew she was at least eager to see the kits - the molly loved them. Shorepaw's eyes lingered on Finchpaw's form for a moment, remembering when Finch was the kit eager to interact with the apprentice she hardly knew cleaning the nursery. Starclan, she shouldn't feel so old, they were hardly that many moons apart! With a laugh, Shorepaw shook her head and felt some of her nervousness drain from her muscles.

    Turning to her friend, she spoke. "Are you excited?"  


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  • —— 🎕 An uncertain golden gaze cast left and right at the beckoning call of the medicine cats. He had been wondering lately, about his purpose, and the life of warrior had begun to seem less and less like something he was any good at. Certainly, he hadn't felt very useful for some time now. But medicine cats... they were different. They had skills and knowledge no other cat did, so specialized and vital that he assumed they never had reason to question their own importance to the clan. Recently, he had come to wish that he had their lives, fantasizing that one day perhaps he too could become a healer. Of course, underneath all that dreaming there was the cold realization of the truth that it would never come to pass. But it was a reality he didn't want to admit, not quite yet.

    Other curiosities drew him closer still to the healer's den. He wanted to learn about herbs. A small, timid part of him even wanted to ask about strange, hopeless thoughts that had been swirling through his mind lately, if he had come under a curse of some kind from StarClan. Then there was Finchpaw, who he was always more than happy to visit. And Rootlegs, the older tom whose gaze he couldn't quite work up the courage to meet. It wasn't his fault that tall, lanky toms -- especially this one, his dark face in such contrast with those frosty green eyes - set his pulse racing.

    All these things brought him padding quietly up to the gathered medicine cats, feeling awkward and obtrusive. "Um, h-hi," he stuttered, grinning slightly. "What's going on here?"

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  • Small smile played over the deep velvet of his face, svelte figure appearing beside Swanfeather, conjured by Rootlegs' curious call. Long limbs drew him forward, footfalls as light as the flutter of a butterfly's wingbeats, delicate whiskers bounced and quivered apace with an immature, big-eyed expression. A tour? He suppressed a passing laugh at the thought he should arrive at the den's entrance without injury. The coppery sanguine of his own blood passed over his memories as sharp vision delved into the sage-hued shadows inside. The inside of that place wasn't unfamiliar to him... some moons he found himself residing in the herb-scented den more than the warriors den. And as a bright-eyed child he had cut and scraped and bruised his fragile body more times than he could count. Such are the ways of childhood, ripe with a naivety he hadn't ever quite lost...

    Eyes the complexion of the moon feathered against the familiar faces before him, Shorepaw, plush coat awash with soft greys and creams, Rootlegs charcoal face bleeding into a deep sienna across the length of his elongated body. The plumes of smoke that was Swanfeather's thick fur, and of course, Finchpaw. Accents far more saturated than his own, kissed with the gold of the sunlight, sapphire eyes, though blue, were warm. Warmer than his sterling silver could ever be. His attention shifted to one out-of-place Swanfeather, open ears pivoting ever-so-slightly in the wake of his question, "I think it's a tour..?" Gaze flickered back to his healers, curious eyes searching for signs of affirmation along their bright expressions.

  • Padding over in a slightly-clumsy manner - he tended to trip over his paws when he was worn out - Con would join those gathered around the den. the apprentice had always had a keen interest in healing, but he disliked the clan's medicine cat code and rules. He wanted a mate and a family some day, and he really did enjoy hunting and fighting even if he wasn't the best at it. So instead, he kept his knowledge to himself for the most part, although he'd recently used it to help save myrpaw's life. The former loner would watch with curious brown eyes as swanfeather and gladestar spoke, and then he'd turn his attentions to rootlegs and finchpaw, giving a kind smile to the apprentice who he was already fond of. "Any questions at all? because I do have quite a few." There was a sharp glint in his eye that spoke of calculation, of focus. Studying was his favorite pastime, and he'd basically just been given a free pass to pester the medicine cats about the clan's healing style. The ancestors must have blessed him that day!

  • gaze bright in their excitement would come to rest on shorepaw when the pretty girl had come to join her. was she excited? "yes, very! i hope everyone shows up." though, they wouldn't all fit, would they? the main room of the den was large enough to house many, but not everyone -- no, that was silly. still, she did want a large turnout. wanted the attention. she hoped there wouldn't be too many questions about herbs and boring things. her entire life was herbs and boring things. maybe they'd ask about something cool like... like... h-herbs... oh, dear.

    the first question was... underwhelming to say the least, but she couldn't help but to smile at the sight of a friend. his question wouldn't remain unanswered long enough for her to chime in as the leader himself would come to the rescue. she left her post to greet gladestar, reaching up to touch her nose to his chin. "yes! a tour, a way to meet all of us, ask questions about medicine and stuff," she'd confirm, stepping away from glade to look back at swanfeather.

    her attention would quickly be stolen by a freckled boy, and she beamed at the seriousness in his expression. "well, almost any question. we ought to keep a couple secrets, don't you think?" spoke with a playful gleam in her eye. there weren't any secrets to be kept. at least, she didn't know about them. it was more an excuse to disguise what she hadn't yet learned or mastered despite nearing warrior age. she had no doubts that rootlegs would answer anything thrown at him, however. but he was smart. smart cats could do things like that.


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  • Tulip for once remained on the sidelines - while she hadnt been the most active, when she was around she was usually bubbly and cheerful. Today however, she felt a but... out of it, and so instead if bouncing over she'd just wave a paw at her dad before watching silently.

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  • —— 🎕 "Oh, right," he said, voice trailing off as he spoke. Well, great, now he just looked like an idiot. His gaze flickered up to Gladestar's sharp steel eyes for just a moment before returning to the ground at his paws. He found the leader, like most older warriors, intensely intimidating. He was happier to see the approach of Con, the studious boy with stars in his fur. He and Finchpaw were a sort of calming presence to the flighty warrior, keeping him feeling comfortable enough to stay and see what the medicine cats had in store. He had his own questions, but he didn't think they were quite ready to touch the air quite yet, especially not in front of his clanmates. But he would keep his ears perked for what everyone else had to say.

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  • Feathersong would appear beside Finchpaw, gazing upon the girl fondly. "A secret here or there never clouded the skies before, so I suppose yes, we must keep a few." She'd smile playfully, happy to see that the girl was starting to recover from her many wounds. It was still surprising to her that Rootlegs would allow anyone into the den but she was pleased with this small allowance into their lives. It was good for him to be a bit more open and in all honesty she was glad to be able to answer any questions her clan might have.

    "Don't be shy with your questions, it's good that you are curious."


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  • A curious gaze flickered over to Tulipkiss, he had no idea what she was like usually but she did seem.. under the weather as of late. He contemplated the possibility of approaching her on the matter but was immediately torn from his thoughts by a light kiss on his chin by one young Finchpaw. He smiled to her, silently taking note of her enthusiastic attitude, delighted in her willingness to let her clanmates into her den. Cautiously, he slipped through the cloak of shadows, an aroma flooded in the back of his mouth, his throat cleansed by an overwhelming medicinal odor, stripped of any scents that lingered on his tongue. He was sensitive to smells, and this one never failed to slap him in the face with his embarrassing memories of ending up here after some failed, reckless stunt. He recalled their quick paws, pressing cobwebs and chewing poultices, but he was blissfully clueless when it came to herbs and what they all did. "Questions, hm?" He echoed Feathersong with an impish smile. He pointed to a cluster of burdock roots, being careful not to accidentally graze his paw over them (unsure if the dirt clinging to his pawpads would contaminate them or something). "What does that one do?" He queried with an oblivious, innocent grin, turning to face his medics.

  • Feathersong smiled at her leader and allowed her gaze to trail over to the herb. "That is burdock root, it's good for infected paws, nest sores, and perplexing leaders." She mewed playfully to her friend, coming to stand beside the leader. Even if he hadn't helped her as he'd promised, Feather was still quite fond of Gladestar. There was something about him that was sturdy and reliable. Gladestar was a cat that you could lean on.

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  • Ambersplash was happy with his life as a warrior- as a fighter, he was ferocious in battle, and few could match his passion in battle. And despite his more slender frame when compared to his more bulky clanmates, the lithe tom still had a good amount of might, and was pretty speedy to boot. Despite this, as an apprentice quite a few season ago he had taken up the mantle of being a medicine cat apprentice, and while he eventually discovered that it wasn't the life for him and switched to becoming a warrior, the bicolored tom still helped around at times, whenether it was as an extra pair of paws after a tough battle, or tracking down herbs whenether the medicine cats ran out of a particular herb and were having trouble locating more of it.

    Which was why he was carrying a bundle of catnip, which the illtemptered warrior knew was rare in the wild, and even rarer in Riverclan warrior. He had stumbled aross a patch hidden in a deep bank lining the river, and so Ambersplash had gathered some for the medicine cats since, while there was no current illness raging against his clan, would be extremely useful come leafbare. Dropping the bay leaf that he had used to transfer the catnip in once he entered the den, his amber ears layed flat against his head as he saw how crowded the medicine cat den was. Great, the tour was today?! Ugh and I thought I'd help out a bit today.

    "Feathersong," he meowed, his tone low but lacking the annoyance it usually had. "Stumbled into a catnip patch while hunting. Grabbed what I could while I was out there, but there's still a good bit there. Lemmie know if you want me to show you where it is sometime." With that Ambersplash made a move to hightail it out of the medicine cat den, already feeling unnerved by how many cats were there. He rolled his eyes as Gladestar took great care not to dirty burdock root- it was underground, in the dirt before it was dug up you mousebrain!

    Still, he had to admit. It's good that our medicine cats are teaching our clanmates about basic herbology. Its incredibly useful, and it'll be good if they can tell the difference between chamomile and daisy for once! And... it would be nice to not be the only warrior who knows about this kind of stuff. Even though he wasn't a medicine cat- far from it, as his training had only gone on for three moons, and he was hardly qualified to do anything but identify herbs and dress wound- it was useful knowledge, to be able to keep a clanmats alive long enough for the medicine cats to arrive and take over. And to know what herbs to keep an eye out for while hunting.