genes please

  • the mother of the litter is a SH dilute calico tabby (mackerel) with hazel eyes. if breed matters at all, she is half oriental SH.

    the father is a SH yellow spotted tabby with no white and copper colored eyes. he is a typical domestic SH.

    any help is much appreciated!

    ❣ - i felt the air before the storm hit

    could not escape from her beautiful break down


    i'm back, baby.

  • Cream spotted tabby SH x Dilute mackerel torbie w/ white SH

    Female kits: cream tabby, dilute torbie, dilute tortie, or any of those with white

    Male kits: cream tabby, blue tabby, blue, or any of those with white

    Kits with white can have any realistic eye color. Kits without white can have any realistic eye color except blue.

    Tabbies/torbies can be mackerel or spotted pattern.

    All kits will be shorthaired.

    Kits may show a few Oriental breed traits.

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    Cats, lions, dogs, horses, rats, parrots - whatever the species is, there's probably a geneticist who can do the litter. We can also do genetics for realistic hybrid litters (check the list of realistic pairings linked in the sticky at the top of the board).
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