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    Welcome, weary traveler. How strange, that your paws should bring you to our land. Was this an intentional choice, or was your mind preoccupied? Ah, well, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're here now. We don't appreciate trespassers, so I do hope you're here to join. You are? Now, that...that is excellent news. While our reputation may be fearsome, one thing has never changed: our loyalty to one another takes precedence over everything. No matter what comes our way, we are family, and together we'll march into the future, in pursuit of security, justice, and excellence. We would be delighted to have you aboard. Welcome to Shadow Veil.

  • hierarchy.

    Shadowkeeper: The Shadowkeeper is the highest rank in the hierarchy. They are the leader of Shadow Veil and have a final say in everything. They are expected to be a worthy representative of the clan.

    Ver, roleplayed by Kedamono

    Shaderunner: The Shaderunner acts as the deputy to Shadow Veil. They are a member in whom the Shadowkeeper puts great trust, and are expected to become the next Shadowkeeper. The Shaderunner helps advise the Shadowkeeper on important decisions and enforces the Shadowkeeper's decisions.

    Riptide, roleplayed by limerence

    Midnightbringer: Midnightbringers are the assistant deputies of Shadow Veil who have proven their loyalty and worth over and over. They are seen as role models to Shadow Veil, and are in charge of teaching the clan and keeping watch over lower ranks. The rank is split into two roles, Inter-Clan Relations and Outer-Clan Relations.

    — Inter-Clan relations: Hyperion roleplayed by Dalaran

    — Outer-Clan relations: Adara, roleplayed by Mirror’s Edge

    Darkseeker: Darkseekers are the council of Shadow Veil; they have shown that they are dedicated Veilers and their strength and wisdom are not to be underestimated. They are responsible for overseeing lower ranks and advising higher-ups.

    Junepaw, roleplayed by YAKAN.

    Stringtheory, roleplayed by

    Nightwatcher: Nightwatchers are a step above Duskguards; they are the first full HP in the Veil. Nightwatchers have proven that they have serious potential, and are to support activity and inclusivity in the Clan. Welcoming newcomers and defending the Veil are the Nightwatchers' most important duties.

    Littlepaw, roleplayed by Raebaer

    Calina, roleplayed by

    Duskguard: Duskguards are the core fighting force of the clan who have shown their potential. They are experienced and well-worn into the ways of Shadow Veil. They work directly beneath the Nightwatchers and are mentored by them. This is a semi-high position and a stepping-stone position which indicates that further promotions may be in store, if IC and OOC contributions continue.

    Diarmuid, roleplayed by Wasteland

    Kira, roleplayed by Meghan

    Enjolras, roleplayed by Hybern

    Órfhlaith, roleplayed by KnivesInSpace

    Arvicaena, roleplayed by -

    Spiritcaller: The designated healers of the clan that are also tasked with being advisers. Spiritcaller is a position aside from the hierarchy that allows members with this rank to still climb the ranking tree. Their apprentices are known as Spiritcaller's Students.

    Ver, roleplayed by Kedamono

    - Students: Bellona, roleplayed by Gumi

    Reverend: This is a role reserved for past leaders of Shadow Veil. The Reverend acts as an advisor to the current Shadowkeeper, using their knowledge and experience to offer guidance. They are highly respected members of the clan. This is more of a title than anything else, and Reverends can hold other ranks within the hierarchy.

    Charlotte, roleplayed by Sam.

  • territory.

    The Whispering Pines | x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x

    [ as quoted from the Codex ]

    A large pine forest with a canopy so dense no light can filter through to the undergrowth. Interesting creatures, microbes and fungi live here that glow with their own luminescent light, helping to assist in the growth and sustenance of organisms that otherwise would not be able to survive with no light. There is an eerie feel to this forest, as the wind doesn't break to the undergrowth and constantly sounds like whispering as it blows through the upper reaches of the forest.


    Stony Ruins | x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x

    Situated on the west side of the Whispering Pines is a much more extensive collection of stony ruins. Half fallen houses and overgrown paths create a presence in the Whispering Pines that enhances the ominous feel. It was here that humans not only failed to live, but they also failed to leave. Unfit for the conditions given by the Whispering Pines, those who erected the ruins perished within. Their old bones are buried deep within the soil, but a stony memory remains within the ruin. Some of the small buildings are salvageable as living spaces, enough for a small group to have shelter and perhaps make a living in the strange forest - so long as they can adapt to the darkness only pierced by the glowing organisms and plants that make their home there. This eerie space is used by the Veilers for their camp.

    Meeting-Room | x, x, x, x

    Located near the center of the Stony Ruins, the Meeting-Room is a large, comfortable space where Veilers gather for meetings and other announcements. The Shadowkeeper makes their announcements from a large rock located within the room. In the colder months, a fire usually burns in one corner, sending warmth and light throughout and warding off the chill.

    Spiritcaller's Infirmary | x, x, x, x, x

    The infirmary, used by the Spiritcallers, their Students, and their patients, is a small but orderly room located far from the entrance of camp for security purposes. Comfortable nests dot the floor for sick or injured Veilers' use, and a small, fast-flowing creek which runs in one corner provides water. Herbs are piled along one wall, many stacked on a series of rough stone shelves.

    The Spire | x

    A massive, tower-like stone structure found right in the camp amongst the rest of the ruins. It extends far past the treetops and serves as a good lookout point for members who can fly.

    Crystal Cavern | x, x, x, x

    Its entrance partially obscured by trees and undergrowth, the Crystal Cavern is initially a bit underwhelming: just a plain, dark, empty cave. However, upon closer inspection a tunnel illuminated by a soft light can be seen on the far wall. This tunnel leads to a much more extravagant cavern dotted with brightly glowing mushrooms and glittering crystals fused with the rocky walls. It makes for a very picturesque, mystical sight.

    Wishing Tree | x

    A seemingly average-looking pine tree with a hollow middle, its vulpine-sized entrance a few feet above the ground. A ring of bioluminescent flowers native to Agrelos encircle it, and within that ring is a pool of water. The inside of the trunk is much cooler than the air in the forest, and it contains another pool that's frigid to the touch. It seems to replenish itself despite there being no obvious source. It's commonly used as a wishing well of sorts.

    The Veil Catacombs | x

    A man-made fissure in the ground, somewhat hidden by undergrowth, leads to a narrow tunnel. Swarms of fireflies illuminate the path, which leads to a weathered, stone staircase. Descending it takes one down into a dark cavern, and connected to that is a room lit by oil lamps — a bunker of sorts, untidy and evidently used for research in the past. Chairs, tables, blankets, and cushions are strewn about, as well as books and scrolls. Strange maps and scrawled writing cover the stone walls. Standing by one of the walls is a lupurca skeleton, held together with wire and rope. Lining the walls are shelves chock-full of books that contain all sorts of knowledge. No one knows how or why this library was created.

    Mystic Falls | x

    In a clearing dotted with flowers and full of extra tall grass, there runs a river that feeds into a small double waterfall, which ends in a little pond. The water is clear and full of colorful fish.

    Dancing Forest | x, x, x

    A very odd section of the woods on the outskirts of the territory. Here the trees take an odd shape — they bend at the base to form dramatic curves, almost as though they're dancing. The area is home to many glow worms, which bathe their surroundings in a blue light and make the small pond at the center of the mass of trees look like it's glowing.

    The Sun Spot | x

    A small clearing, unique because it's one of the few places where sunlight is able to filter through the forest canopy and reach the ground. At the edge of the clearing is a particularly large tree, and just before it is a small pond encircled by stones.

    The Castle |

    Located toward the southwest of the territory, in a manmade clearing among the pines. Here a castle of smooth grey tone stands, an old remnant of the humans who once tried to settle here. Despite it's grand architecture, the castle itself is neither huge nor very intricate within. In fact, it appears to be more of a barracks for kings army rather than a home for royalty itself. When entering the castle there is an East Wing and West Wing, both built identically to each other with large, basic rooms that span most of the wing. - Former camp of the Blackheart Rogues


    Beneath the Pines there is an abundance of underground tunnels, the biggest of these leads to a pristine and clear lake in a cave underneath the soil. The water is chill and the atmosphere tranquil and this place is often a hotspot for Rogues to visit and bathe in during the hot days of summer.


    Opposite to the Castle there is a old church made of rotted wood, the architecture is old yet the building does not crumble it's beautiful in a way with with it's altar and stained glass of many colors. The aisles and seats are covered in dust yes but it's clear that this place was once a home, a camp of such and will always be there waiting for the day the Rogues must return in it to live in it once more.



  • titles and badges.

    Devastator Hb6CfFy.png

    This title is given to only the Veil's most elite warriors. They excel in a wide range of violent pursuits, and have shown their willingness to fight on behalf of their Clan. It would be wise not to get on their bad side.

    Duskchaser 2HKNhK4.png

    This title is awarded to Veilers who are showing a great deal of potential at a young age.

    Followthrough XWAvBU5.png

    This title is awarded to Veilers who consistently participate in Clan life and follow through on their duties.

    Trailblazer kFUg20s.png

    This title is awarded to Veilers who present new ideas and innovations to the Clan.

    Patriot 3BXzs0n.png

    This title is awarded to Veilers who have shown extreme loyalty through hard work and perseverance.

    Sociable yWmZ7J4.png

    This title is awarded to Veilers who are friendly and welcoming to Clanmates new and old.

    Black Heart Q1BzGkg.png

    This title is awarded to Veilers who have proven themselves to the highest degree through the completion of a challenging quest, given by the leader. Along with the title, Veilers that complete the quest will also receive a ring (see the tradition section for more information).

  • politics.

    The Penumbra Accord: The Sanguine Ruins, Solaris Kingdom.

    *This is a "super alliance" of sorts; these clans are especially close and have sworn to aid one another above all else. Stronger and more meaningful than the average alliance.

    Allies: Volary Flights, The Blackheart Rogues, Wind Haven

    Neutrals: Anyone not listed

    Enemies: The Exiles, The Painted Brigade, Hyperian Isles


    Ascension Quest

    This is an entirely optional quest. A Veiler wishing to prove themselves or a young Veiler wanting to mark their ascent into adulthood can request a quest from the leader. These quests are challenging and individualized for each member, and there is no guarantee that they'll be capable of completing them. Upon successfully completing this quest (and so their Ascension), they will receive the high-standing title of 'Black Heart' as well as a ring. The more quests they complete, the higher level the ring is. Veilers will be able to acquire a new ring for each quest they complete. Currently, there are three levels of rings: bronze, silver, and gold. Each ring is inscribed with a symbol or design that depends on the type of Ascension quest they take.

    Rune Carving

    Rune carving is a older tradition implemented by Winterdoomsday and modified by Charlotte. Taking inspiration from Standstill's rune carving and past inspirations, rune-carving is a monthly event that brings the members together to carve runes and spend time in one another's company. Runes can vary in shapes and designs. There are three type of runes: those carved on gray, white, and black stones. The general runes that can be used for everyday use as decoration or jewelry, or for any other purpose, are carved on gray stones. The black stones are meant to be used as wishing-stones or aspiration stones: they are meant to be carved as a hope for a future attribute or event, such as good fortune or courage. The third type are white runes, carved on white stones: these are to be used to express love and admiration, either romantic or platonic.

    Shade Hour

    It could happen any day of the month or in any thread put up by any member of Shadow Veil... A sudden darkness occasionally falls over the West Whispering Pines, and like the name of the Clan, the veil between realms becomes incredibly thin. Ghosts and spirits enter the Veil's territory, causing the darkness to seethe with invisible, malevolent energy. Some spirits may be tricksters, some are downright dangerous, and a rare few are benevolent. During a Shade Hour, Veilers will generally paint circles on their doors and stay inside, or else huddle around fires and wait until the darkness lifts.

  • frequently asked questions.

    How/can I join?

    Of course! Anyone can join simply by making a thread with your character requesting to join. Or, if you don't feel like making a joining thread, you can simply begin as if your character has been here the whole time.

    Do I have to roleplay a cat?

    No, any animal is welcome here, within the site allowances for Agrelos.

    What is Shadow Veil's alignment?

    Shadow Veil is a neutral Clan. Acts of hostility towards allies or neutral groups are not permitted: only raids, captures, etc. are permitted when directed at active enemies. Furthermore, tortures are prohibited unless it is for a very specific purpose and with the explicit permission of the Shadowkeeper. Any and all harm of children is forbidden. Any and all sex crimes is forbidden. The punishment for breaking these laws is exile or execution.

    Can I be a high position?

    Not immediately, no. However, if you are active, interact with everyone, and provide ideas and such, you will be noticed and considered for promotion. Your character completing their Ascension (see traditions) may also contribute to their consideration for a promotion- although this is not guaranteed.

    What if I have a a question or suggestion?

    If you're confused about something or have an idea that you want to share, that's great! Feel free to make a labelled private thread tagging the leader and/or high positions to have your character explain their ideas. Alternatively, you can send a Conversation directly to the roleplayer who leads the Clan.

    What are 'shout-outs' at meetings?

    A shout-out is basically saying that your character has been noticed as doing a good job in the Shadow Veil, whether it's coming up with ideas; being friendly to newcomers; or being an overall positive influence. Perhaps they're not going to get a promotion just yet, but if you get a shout-out, you're definitely on the right track!

    Why am I not being promoted?

    There are many things that can factor into why your character is not being promoted despite being active. Before a meeting is put up, the leader and HPs usually discuss who is worthy of promotions and who deserves a demotion that week. Some things that can be a 'make it or break it' for promotions are if you're sporadically active, cliquey or exclusive OOCly, etc. Those who are promoted deserve it for their OOC inclusiveness and helpfulness as well as their IC actions!

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