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  • —— 🎕 Training was eating up his days. Dreampaw, Nightfall, and now Stormpaw. It would be good, at least, to be spending a little more time around cats his own age. Apprentices were all too often loud and practically vibrating with their energy for life. Maybe that was something he could usually appreciate, but recently he had just found it tiring.

    Cool morning mist hung heavy in the air. When the sun rose, it would be burned away and the air would be hot and dry. For now, the cool slick of dew underfoot lifted the exhaustion from his shoulders. Even with how... empty he'd been feeling recently, the world's natural beauty still brought some glimmer of happiness to his heart. But approaching his destination, thinking of the day the laid ahead, some other feeling was also worming its way up from his guts. He'd been anxious on his first day with Dreampaw, but this was entirely different. It was something like fear, a fluttering like he'd swallowed a thousand tiny birds.

    He pushed the feeling aside. This was just another day of mentoring his clanmates, not more intimidating than any other. Stormpaw was just a friend. A strange, mysterious, fascinating, handsome... friend.

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  • Stormpaw padded out of the apprentices den with a wide yawn, stretching his long tan body out in a patch of the rising sun. Oh how he missed the sun-scorched plains of his home, and such thoughts filled his ragged head as the apprentice lounged lazily in the warm spot before his green eyes fell upon Swanfeather, his new mentor. A slight trill ran up the foreign cats spine and throat as he gazed at the toms soft coat and warm face, and he padded over to the warrior with a gentle smirk, his short brown fur rippling in the sunlight - where it wasn't broken up by scars. "Aye, g'day mate!" Stormpaw purred loudly in that peculiar slur of his.

    The lanky tom was incredibly unusual in the clans, hailing from a foreign and alien land wildly different from the forest territories - and it showed. His limbs were long and spindly, his fur short and thin, and his tail - while held high - was stiff and missing half its length. Truth be told, the new apprentice was much more suited to WindClan physically, but the pride and adaptability that flowed in his blood was all RiverClan.

  • —— 🎕 "Uh, hi!" He chirped quickly in his naturally soft voice, a little startled by how loudly Stormpaw's voice rang out. Did he just call me his mate...? It was probably just some more Outback slang, but he couldn't deny that for a moment his heart had skipped a beat. Hesitantly returning the tom's smile, he managed to meet the forest-green gaze before him with a little difficulty. He wanted to match the apprentice's confidence and energy, feeling excitement for the day ahead beginning to buzz in his chest, but his awkwardness around new cats was still getting the better of him for now. Just act casual. "Well, I guess it's time for your indoctrination into RiverClan," he shrugged, grinning conspiratorially. "We could start off with a tour of the territory, unless you've already seen most of it. Or maybe fishing, if you want?" He didn't feel quite the same need to act as an authority as he would with his younger apprentices, and was hoping his teachings could be more laid-back and collaborative with Stormpaw.

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    25 moons | riverclan warrior | played by midsummer

  • Stormpaw's eyes faltered and glanced to the side for a split second at the mention of fishing, betraying ever so slightly his fear of water, before the wiry apprentice once more perked up. "I'm reckonin' we have a gander aroun' the territory, I still ain't seen much of it yet!" he replied, glancing up at the rising sun that promised a warm day to come. The newcomer had spent much of his time cooped up in camp, and still had a rather poor understanding of clan boundaries. "Maybe pick up some grub 'long the way, iffin' we can anywho I ain't too familiar with this uh... warrior code stuff."