over the sea and under the sky

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    wip: i made the thread and form. head hurts too much to do much more. i also know you hate forms, so i made them short.

    history of bristol cove: clickie and clickie

    all about sirens: sirens speak in mostly their own version of sign language, and have symbols that portray different words and meanings. though they can speak a few words, such as their names. they live at the bottom of the ocean, fearsome predators that even great white sharks fear. they reside in caves, mostly hunting and fighting and raising young. they are very territorial creatures, and will kill any other siren that comes in their territory. though often times it may be a lone male, and they will mate with them before chasing them off. they are extremely intelligent, more so than humans, and adapt quickly to their environment. they can sing a song of love to humans or they can sing it to lead men/women to their death. either way, they become addicted to the sound, though everyone deals with it differently. they are a matriarchy, and so the females are stronger and more dominant. they eat first, and the dominant female has first mating/eating rights, as well as giving orders. another female may challenge her for her position, though it is often a fight to the death, even if the other surrenders. that way, they won't come back and fight them again. sirens can grow human legs/change forms, but is extremely painful to switch forms. they can stay out of the water longer and longer each time, but they must always return, or they will grow ill and a nasty rash will form on their skin. their organs will shut down and they will die unless they are back in the water. their diet consists of fish, though sometimes they will kill a shark or another large predator. they use spears as weapons, and the females can use their song. they are very protective over their family, but also aggressive creatures that should not be crossed. they have been told tales of how evil humans are, passed down for generations, and how it is forbidden to go on land. for more clickie

    the colony:

    joss - matriarch

    astrid - healer

    lyssa - main

    alaia - y/c

    peitho - female

    solveig - female

    apate - female

    katla - female

    aelous - male

    sirius - male

    frey - male

    hakon - male

    + young


    julian seymour - main

    indie brown - main

    james kennedy - side

    jon smith - side

    nathan stone - side


    maria doyle - main [sorta]


    [realistic gifs here]

    full name:






    rank: [if siren: matriarch/healer/soldier/hunter, etc. our sirens were hunters.]

    occupation: [if human]

    short history: [why is your siren on land?]


    love interest[s]:


    may add to this later



    「 if i drink enough ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝ i swear that i will wake up next to you!

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  • wip

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    full name: lyssa [tudor]

    nickname[s]: lys

    age: 29

    gender: cis female

    sexuality: heterosexual

    race: siren

    rank: hunter

    short history: lyssa grew up with alaia as her younger sister. she taught her how to fight and hunt - how to survive. her mother, ingrid, was the previous matriarch. she was killed a few years ago when joss fought her for dominance. her father had been a passing male, and she never knew him. for a long time, it was always lyssa and alaia. they did everything together, and were extremely bonded. lyssa protected her from everything and always passed down the tales of evil humans. when lyssa was very young, she mated with a male named aelous. she had her daughter katla who she cared much for. while out hunting with her sister, closer to the surface than allowed as her sister suggested, she was trapped by a net. humans took her away in a helicopter and she was taken to a military base. there, she is in a tank and being tested on.


    mother - ingrid [deceased]

    adoptive little sister - alaia

    mated with - aelous

    daughter - katla

    love interest[s]: n/a

    faceclaim: shay mitchell

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    full name: julian wolf seymour

    nickname[s]: lee/jj

    age: 23

    gender: cis male

    sexuality: heterosexual

    occupation: works at marine life rescue center

    short history: was always the troublemaker while his brother was the golden boy. he didn't want to inherit the family business, but instead do something to make a difference in the world and their environment. when he was young, his parents were in a car accident and his mother was paralyzed from the waist down. he is still looking for a cure while managing a marine life rescue center with his girlfriend.


    mother - anne seymour

    father - max seymour

    younger brother - sam seymour

    love interest[s]: indie & alaia

    faceclaim: liam hemsworth

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    full name: indie june brown

    nickname[s]: n/a

    age: 21

    gender: cis female

    sexuality: bisexual

    occupation: works at marine life rescue center

    short history: indie never knew her father, and so she grew up with her drug addict mom and being bullied in school. until her mom found eddie and they got married. eddie has always been a father to indie and helped keep her mom clean... for a while. as she reached high school, her mother started using again and would leave for days to go on binders. her mom has been gone for about ten months - a month before she started dating julian. now they manage the marine life rescue center together. she has taken her step-father's last name, whereas she used to be indie holman.


    mother - katherine "kat" brown

    bio father - unknown

    step father - edward "eddie" brown

    love interest[s]: julian & alaia

    faceclaim: natalie dormer


    「 if i drink enough ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝ i swear that i will wake up next to you!

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    full name: alaia [tudor]

    nickname[s]: lai, laia

    age: 20

    gender: cisgender female

    sexuality: bisexual

    race: siren

    rank: hunter

    short history: alaia does not know who her biological parents are. she never met her father, she assumed he died during the mating process like most males do, and her mother died when she was a baby. She was adopted and raised by Ingrid. A few years ago Ingrid died and Lyssa practically became her new leader in life. She’s on land now because she and Lyssa were out hunting when Lyssa accidentally got captured in a fishing net and taking ashore. Now she’s trying to find her and bring her home.


    biological mother [deceased]

    biological father [deceased]

    adoptive mother - ingrid [deceased]

    adoptive sister - lyssa

    adoptive niece - katla

    love interest[s]: indie and julian

    faceclaim: barbara palvin

  • i think you should start with her leaving the water and almost getting hit by julian's car


    「 if i drink enough ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝ i swear that i will wake up next to you!

  • THIS IS MY SONG —— 🧜🏻‍♀️

    Growing up she had always been told about the dangers of the humans. Her sister Lyssa always made sure to instill that into her. Ever since those humans killed so many of them it was practically forbidden to go on to land. Mermaids were scared. Afraid that what happened would happen again. She and her sister were hunters, always going together. It was not allowed to swim near the shore but she didn’t listen. She convinced her sister to go there for food but bad thing happened. Humans. They came and took her sister away from her. She has not seen her since. This was all her fault. She had to find her and bring her sister back to the water.

    Screams was all that could be heard when she forced herself on to the shore. The transition from siren to human was pure torture. So painful that some sirens even died trying. The young woman cried out in pain as the effects took toll on her body. She hissed and squirmed as her teeth went from sharp and deadly to that of a normal humans. Her fins started to suck their way into her body and her fins turned from clawed and webbed to lithe and thin. She gasped in air, her tail ripping apart to take the place of long legs. Her legs rubbed against each other, blooding covering them. Flesh fell from her legs as her tail fin fell off. Laying still for a moment she looked up, her bright blue eyes taking in the area around her. She placed her hands against the cool sand. She pushed herself up wobbly. Her feet stood up and for a moment she stumbled, grabbing on to a pilar to keep from falling back down. Hissing she shook her head, long tangled brown hair moving with the motion. Once she regained her footing she set off walking.

    As she walked she glanced around, looking for any signs of where her sister could be. She sort of looked like when a baby was learning how to walk. She simply did not know the correct way to place her feet. They kept twisting and turning around uncoordinated. She walked through this strange unnatural place. There were things on the ground that kept poking at the bottom of her feet. It caused her to hiss out as she walked. Before long she walked out into an opening, her feet stepping on to cold, smooth, dark rock. She heard a loud noise coming her way, her human form not taking away the heightened senses of that of the siren’s. She looked up, her body crouched over. A bright light appeared in her eyes and she blinked quickly, lifting a hand up. A human appeared in front of her and she simply stared at him for a moment. He kept using his mouth to voice these strange noises. She did not know what they meant. Completely ignoring him she turned away and continued with her walking. She paid no mind that he was following after her, continuing on with his weird noises. But she was weak and tired from her transformation. She tried to push herself to keep going, telling herself that she needed to find her sister and that humans were bad. But a few steps later her body gave out. She collapsed to the ground, her body curled up as if she were protecting herself. Her breathing was harsh and heavy as she laid there, completely succumbed to sleep.

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    julian wolf seymour//twenty three//human

    Julian messed with the radio as she drove down Highway 182. The road was empty, stretching out beyond the darkness, the only light coming from the moon, shrouded by thin wisps of clouds, and his headlights. Trees blurred past, showing he was far from either town, the only person out on the road in the middle of the night. Or so he thought.

    His finger pressed at the buttons, trying to pick a station. Mostly 80's and slow R&B were playing, but he wasn't really in the mood for either. Though those seemed to be his only options. So he finally pushed the first button, sending him back to the classics, twisting the knob and turning up the volume.

    He wasn't paying much attention to the road. Mostly because he figured no one else was out this late on a week night, and he didn't have to worry much about deer crossing. But because he was spaced out, mumbling along to some old song, bobbing his head to the repetitive beat, he almost didn't notice the naked person step out onto the road in front of them.

    With a gasp of realization, Julian hit the breaks hard, his tires squealing against the asphalt. It stopped just a foot short of where the girl stood. They both seemed frozen, their chests heaving, their wide eyes meeting as their hearts thundered. They both stayed like that, as if frozen in time. Then reasoning came back to Julian, and he quickly unbuckled his seatbelt. Just as he did, the strange girl started moving away from him.

    Exiting the car, Julian hurried up to her, almost grabbing at her but thinking better of it. She was dirty, and nude, with wet and tangled hair. Her eyes were a bright blue that he didn't know existed on a person. She reminded him of a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within.

    "Hey, are you okay?"

    She looked like she needed help. She was scared and confused, he could see it in her eyes. Being the type of person Julian was, he couldn't fight the inner impulse that told him to help her.

    Though the young woman started to walk away, stumbling over her feet, as if it were her first time to use them. She completely ignored him, just kept walking down the road, the soles of her feet torn up and faint streaks of blood on her inner thighs.

    "Do you need help?" Julian called out, trailing behind her. He made sure to keep his distance, unsure of what sort of person she was. He started to wonder if she had taken something.

    The woman just kept walking, or rather staggering, until she finally collapsed. Julian reached her as she did. She seemed to be unconscious, her eyes shut and her breathing slowed. Julian looked her over, thinking to himself, then deciding he had to help her.

    With a quick sigh, Julian unzipped his jacket and and placed it around her. That way, as he picked her up, he wouldn't touch anywhere he wasn't supposed to.

    As soon as he got the woman into his passenger seat, he called Dr. Philips. He was the town doctor, more of a pediatrician - a family doctor. Still, he wasn't sure who else to call at this hour and the hospital was far out of the way.

    Dr. Philips asked about her breathing, which was even, if not a bit heavy. He told him he was on his way to Port Angeles to bring her, but the doctor said no need, that he would meet him at his place.

    After hanging up, Julian thought about calling Indie. He wasn't sure if he should, though. She was probably asleep, and he could always fill her in tomorrow. Then again, she would probably be upset if he didn't tell her right away.

    His thoughts grew distracted as he glanced toward the girl. She was curled up in the seat, covered by his jacket. She smelled strongly of the ocean, as if she wore it on her like a perfume. Her damp hair fell over her face as she shifted, and he had to remind himself to watch the road.

    Before long, they reached his house. After parking the car, he carefully carried her inside, placing her on the couch. He then searched around his room until he found a t-shirt and sweatpants that Indie had left over. He dressed her, making sure not to look where he wasn't supposed to, using gentle hands. Then he sighed again, rubbing at his tired eyes.

    After a while of her still not waking, just resting on the couch, twisting and turning from time to time, Julian decided to make come coffee. It seemed it was going to be a long night.


    「 if i drink enough ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝ i swear that i will wake up next to you!

  • THIS IS MY SONG —— 🧜🏻‍♀️

    The sound of something hitting a hard surface instantly woke Alaia out of her deep slumber. Her bright, unnatural, blue eyes shot open in a snap. Instantly the young woman sat up, her big eyes bright with confusing. She did not look scared, or worried about being in an unfamiliar place. Rather she seemed curious despite not knowing where exactly she was. In fact the way she expected the human’s territory would equate itself to the way a wild animal expected their new home. She glanced around for a second, sitting up somewhat straight. Curiously she glanced down and noticed something covering her skin. Her dark brows furrowed and her eyes narrowed slightly, creating the look of a confused pout on her face. She lifted part of the weird item to her nose and sniffed at it. Strange noises entered her ears and she looked up, her hands dropping from where they had been inspecting the new discovery covering her skin. She wondered if this was a common human practice. The male human in front of her also had his skin covered as well. Her head tilted slightly to the right, pieces of her long brown hair falling over her face. The human kept making weird sounds with his mouth, noises she did not understand so she decided to pay him no mind. Instead she continued to look around. This territory was much different from her home. Her gaze suddenly landed on a bowl filled with sea shells and like a lion pouncing on its pray her hand snakes out to grab one. Immediately she lifted the item to her nose and started to aggressively sniff at it, all the while staring at the human male. She twirled the sea shell around, feeling at the grooves and rought texture it possessed.

    As the human continued making noises she placed the sea shell down and stared at him. It was as if he was trying to communicate to her but she did not know his language. It sounded funny and unnatural. Before long he stopped with his weird noises. She wanted to communicate. To tell him to help her find her sister but she did not know how. So she used the only way of communication she could think of. Her song.

    Her lips parted softly and she began to sing. Every siren’s song was different, special to them and them alone. Her sister’s song was deep and powerful whereas her own was soft and angelic. Light airy notes fell out of her mouth and she watched as the human turned to stare at her. Her song was interrupted by a loud noise. She turned to stare at it in confusion and panic, glancing over to the human and back toward where the sound was coming from. Her body leaned forward some towards the noise, listening to it carefully. The human got up and went towards the noise, leaving her alone. Glancing around the area once more she looked for a chance to escape. She did not feel safe here. She had to find her sister and go home.

    Quickly standing to her feet she looked around. Her gaze landed on an open window and she walked towards it. Glancing back in the direction the human went the girl snorted softly. She gripped the window’s entrance and pulled herself out. However considering how inexperienced she was with climbing through windows she tripped and fell onto her side. Letting out a hiss she pushed herself off the ground and back to her feet. She focused herself on to one direction and began to walk with the intent of finding shelter for the night.

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    julian wolf seymour//twenty three//human

    Julian poured a cup of coffee for himself, and then poured one for the girl, in case she wanted one. He wasn't sure how she liked it, so he left it black, just like his.

    Coming back into his living room, Julian sat back in his recliner with a sigh, holding the handles to both coffee mugs. He placed one in front of her on the coffee table, and one he kept in his hand. As he sipped at the scalding hot liquid, he glanced around his house.

    There was a hollowed out guitar case on the wall that held all of his favorite albums, as well as one he recorded himself when he was really into music. There were a few pictures of him and Indie sitting above the fireplace, on the mantel, all smiles and frozen laughter. And next to the couch was a saltwater fish tank that was Spongebob themed. Inside was was a young boxfish named Bob that Indie liked to call their son.

    Speaking of Indie, she was currently at her dad's house, either making or eating dinner with her dad, or she may have fallen asleep. If she was still awake, she was supposed to come over to his place after, and he wasn't sure how he was going to explain having this girl on his couch. Indie was beautiful, and smart, and funny, and a great kisser. They had been together for about nine months now, and they were already deeply in love. He didn't want her to feel insecure about some girl he picked up off the road he was trying to help.

    Setting his coffee mug down on the table, he sighed and glanced toward the girl. She had woken up, sitting up and touching the clothes she had on her with what seemed like curiosity.

    "Sorry, that's all I had." He said, half-laughing to himself, hoping there was no discontent.

    The strange girl ignored him, picking up a decorative clam, to which he named for her, and sniffed it. The way she acted was almost animalistic, though not in a savage sort of way.

    "Are you gonna say something?" He asked, leaning toward her, raising an eyebrow.

    The girl turned to look at him, but she only stared - she did not speak. It was almost as if she didn't understand him. Or maybe she was afraid.

    "Look, I can help you." He said carefully, slowly. "Do you need to get back somewhere?"

    She continued to stare, watching him, tilting her head from side to side like a dog not understanding a command. It frustrated him, but he understood she must have been in some sort of shock, and he didn't want to push her or make her uncomfortable.

    Reaching for his coffee, he held the warm mug in his hands and looked down at it. "We don't have to talk."

    Then he heard her sing, causing him to turn toward her. He had never heard anything like it, or even close. It put him in some sort of trance, where he couldn't move or speak. An odd sense of calm seemed to wash over him, and he was tempted to sit next to her, as he wanted nothing more than to be close with her. His stomach kept flipping over, like when you got butterflies talking to a crush or when you hit a bump in the road. His mind seemed to clear of any thoughts that didn't have to do with her, and he was leaning closer and closer. His lips curled almost into a small smile, but stopped just short. And even though he didn't know this girl, and she was sitting right in front of him, he felt this odd sensation - like he already missed her. He wanted to say something, but he couldn't make his mouth shape correctly to make the words, and so instead he just stared at her.

    Then a knock on the door interrupted them, which caused him to snap back to reality. Julian blinked a few times and shook his head, trying to clear the fogginess he felt.

    "That... Must be the doctor." He said, sounding confused with himself. He stood and headed for the door. Then he stepped outside to talk to him, warning him that she was a bit weird, then opened the door for him to come in. Though when they were back inside, the girl was nowhere in sight.

    "She was right here." He said, pointing toward the couch.

    He noticed the back window was open, and decided she must have slipped through it and left.

    "Slippery one, huh." The doctor said with a smile, but Julian just stared at the window, hoping that somehow she would find her way back.


    「 if i drink enough ———— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝ i swear that i will wake up next to you!

  • THIS IS MY SONG —— 🧜🏻‍♀️

    The siren woke the next morning on a empty boat. Blinking her eyes open she glanced around for a moment before sitting up. She stretched her legs out, staring down at her toes in fascination. The brunette began to wiggle them slightly, the movement intriguing her. A rat moving in front of her caught her attention away from her new feet though. She stared at it like a predator would, bending down and snatching it up in her hands. Her unique eyes stared at it for a moment, twisting it harshly and causing it to die. A few minutes later she peaked her head out of the boat, swallowing down the last of her tiny meal. Her hand lifting to wipe away the blood on her mouth. Glancing around her eyes landed on something. Items much like the human male had put on her last night. Climbing out of the boat she walked towards the items. Her hand grabbed a large gray jacket, snatching it off of the clothing line. She shrugged it on, pulling up the zipper. Random noise caught her attention and she looked in the direction it was coming from. Walking towards the noise she bent down. She saw a little one watching something on a strange device. It looked like an animal that she had seen back home. The animal said something that sounded like a name and she had the urge to copy it. “I am, Alaia.” The little one heard her and turned to look in her direction and she quickly bent down out of sight and the little boy simply giggled and said something to her that she did not understand.

    After that the siren, now called Alaia, continued on her way. Everything around her drew her attention. Couples walking beside her, kids riding on skateboards and bikes, cars flying down the street. She did not know what any of them are and yet they intrigued her immensely. She stopped for a moment and looked up, her eyes landing on a drawing of a mermaid. Her eyes squinted slightly in confusion. The image made her think of her home and of herself but it did not look right at all. Letting out a unimpressed snort she turned her direction instead towards a shouting woman. Walking towards her Alaia stopped in front of the old woman. The lady stopped her yelling and instead started to stare at her as Alaia did the same. Something about her felt familiar inside of Alaia but she did not know what. Finding her a waste of time the siren turned away from her and continued on walking.

    She walked for a while until she felt a sharp pain in her foot. Letting out a hiss and stumbling slightly she glanced down, lifting her foot to see blood and a cut left behind from something on the ground. Looking up she spotted a pair of rain boots. Perhaps this is why humans wore those strange things on their feet. Snatching the pair of boots up she quickly pulled them on to her feet. Something caught her attention once she stood. A small black toy that had been left out by a child no doubt. Grabbing it she expected it, pain filling her chest. It was the same thing she had seen take her sister away that night.

    Alaia held on to the toy as she walked, soon finding herself in front of a man working on his car. Once he noticed her he started making noises with his mouth like the human from last night. She held out the black helicopter, trying to tell him that she wanted him to take her to it. She saw humans traveling in one of those metal things so she was going to use him for his. Ignoring him she went and climbed into the vehicle, closing the door behind her.

    During the car ride he kept making noises with his mouth and she simply stared at him, not knowing how to respond. Before long the thing they were in stopped and he pulled out some sort of liquid trapped in glass and began to drink at it. The next thing she knew the human was climbing over her, forcing his mouth on hers and began to grip at her body. It hurt and the her instincts to protect herself immediately kicked in and she killed the human, blood ending up on the jacket. She threw him through the window and quickly climbed out of the car, breathing heavily as her eyes looked panicked. She made quick work of removing the blood covered jacket, tossing it on to the ground. She glanced down at her arm, seeing a gray area begin to appear. She would need to get back into the water soon.

    Alaia began walking again, and before long she came across the marine life center, recognizing it from the shirt the human had put on her. Making her way down she ended up inside the building along with a group of little ones that were having a school field trip. She saw a female human speaking to them all and watched her curiously. The little ones all seemed to be asking her questions and Alaia was trying to figure out what they were saying. She licked her lips hungrily when the female human showed off a fish blended smoothie. The little ones may not want it but she surely did. While everyone else went to outside Alaia grabbed the large cup and lifted it to her lips, quickly eating everything that was inside of it before putting it back down. After wards she followed the direction the others had gone. Standing out the doorway. Her nose caught whiff of a seal and the seals noticed her as well, immediately sensing her as a predator. They started to roar and bark, acting completely out of the ordinary to their usual behavior. The littles started being ushered away from the animals and one of them pointed at her. Alaia looked up from her and saw the human from last night. Hissing out a breath she quickly disappeared back into the building.

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    julian wolf seymour//twenty three//human

    That night, Julian's dreams were filled with images of her face, with her wild hair and bright eyes, and her song replayed over and over in his head. Even when he woke, it was still there, a constant hum in the back of his head.

    He did everything as normal that morning. He made himself coffee and scrambled eggs, watched whatever was on tv while he ate, dressed himself in his regular plain t-shirt and jeans. Though when he got into his car to drive down to the marine life center, he found himself driving into town instead - combing the streets for the source of the song. He had been driving for a while before he finally saw her.

    She was turned away from him, facing Maria Doyle, who was sweeping outside of her gift shop. She was an older lady, known to most as the town kook, though she had been nothing but kind to him. The two of them didn't seem to be talking - more or less just staring at each other.

    Parking his car on the side of the road, Julian raced across the street, running straight in front of a car. The car hit the brakes as Julian held out his hand and apologized, but he kept moving toward Maria. The girl was gone now, and Maria was staring after her.

    "Miss Doyle?" he said, moving closer. "There was a girl here just now. Do you know her?"

    Maria turned to look at him, and she seemed shaken. "You saw her?"

    Furrowing his brow, Julian nodded his head, "Yeah, it looked like you guys were talking."

    "I didn't see anyone." Maria told him, shaking her head and hurrying back into her store. She closed the door rather roughly, indicating she no longer wished to speak.

    Julian just stared after her in confusion, unsure of why she was unwilling to speak to him about the girl. Exhaling loudly in frustration, Julian started walking down the sidewalk in the same direction the girl had gone. He must have walked around town for over an hour before he finally gave up.

    When he finally showed up to work, he was late, which he knew Indie would get onto him for. Some kids from the nearby school were supposed to be there for a field trip and he was meant to be there to help.

    As he walked down the dock, he thought about what he would tell Indie. He debated lying, saying he had car trouble or he slept in, but he didn't want to lie to the woman he loved. But if he told her the truth, that he was out in search of some strange girl he had only met the night before, he wasn't sure how she would react.

    Indie was walking by with the kids and their teacher, guiding them to the next destination, smiling briefly toward Julian. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and her work shirt was a bit too big, so she had a small knot tied at the bottom. She was gorgeous, even when she smelled like fish and had been sweating from working hard.

    Julian smiled back, feeling relieved that she wasn't upset with him. And he went to go inside of the building, only to see the girl he had been searching for standing in the doorway. When she saw him, she bolted back inside, which made him have to hurry to catch up to her. She backed away from him, clearly afraid, which wasn't what he wanted.

    "So we meet again." he said, taking a few steps toward her. He lifted his hands up in the air to show he wasn't going to hurt her.

    "I'm not going to hurt you." He told her, speaking slowly. "I can help you."

    Julian started to crouch down, and the girl did the same, until she was sitting down in one of the office chairs. She seemed frightened, and he tried to think of a way to calm her down.

    "My name is Julian." He told her, placing a hand on his chest. "Friend."

    He figured she didn't speak his language, and that she had nowhere to go, as she was dirty and and her hair was tangled. They both held eye contact for a moment, both just watching the other. Then she told him her name was Alaia.

    "Alaia." He said, deciding the name suited her. "Nice to meet you."

    Sitting down onto the floor, Julian held his hand out to her, and said, "Where are you from?"

    Before he could finish his sentence, she started to cough, and alarm shot through him. He sat up more, reaching out to her, wanting to help her. "You're sick."

    His hand reached for her arm as he said, "Can I see?"

    The girl, Alaia, held her arm out to him. It was covered in some sort of scaly rash, her skin peeling and turning a sickly gray color. His finger brushed over it, and it was dry and tough.

    "We have medication here." He assured her, meeting her gaze. "We can help you."

    Bringing his attention back to the rash, he eyed it, trying to figure out what it was. He couldn't figure it out, as he hadn't ever seen anything like it. It was then he remembered the song, the one stuck in his brain.

    "The night we met you sang a song..." He said, lowly, as if unsure of himself. "And I can't get it out of my head."

    He brought his eyes back up to hers - his gray ones, like the ocean during a storm, and her blue ones, so blue he could drown in them. He was stuck there for a moment, just staring, his lips parted.

    "Everywhere I go, I hear it." His voice was barely a whisper now, as he realized how close the two of them were. He had this odd sensation like he had to protect her, and that he couldn't let her out of his sight. Never again. Or else he might just go crazy.

    "Hey, there you are."

    Indie stood in the doorway, her hands on her hips. She had raised an eyebrow at the two of them, clearly wondering what was going on. Then she dismissed it, showing how much she trusted her partner. She gestured toward outside and said, "Everything is back to normal out there. I'm not sure what all of that was about. Something must have spooked them."

    Julian stood and took a step back just as Alaia coughed again. Deciding he should introduce them, he hooked his thumb back toward the girl and said, "This is Alaia. I don't think she speaks english."

    "Is she okay?" Indie asked, stepping closer to them, worry etching her features she listened to Alaia cough.

    "Not sure." Julian said, shaking his head, frustrated that he didn't know how to help her. "I was gonna call Dr. Philips."

    "Yeah. Yeah, you should." Indie bit at her bottom lip, now also worried for this girl. She stood closer to Julian now, placing a hand on his bicep. "Are you okay?"

    "Yeah. Yeah, I just-" Julian licked his lips and finally broke eye contact with Alaia. He didn't know how to tell his girlfriend that he couldn't get this girl out of his mind, so instead he lowered his voice and said, "She is just a little strange."

    "Do you want me to stay?" Indie frowned, tightening her grip on him. She could sense that something was off, and it was clearly making her anxious.

    "No, no. You have your class."

    "Oh, its okay-"
    "No, I don't want you to miss it."

    The way he said it seemed final, so Indie let go of him and agreed. "Well, its getting dark. I'm gonna lock up the pens."
    Indie smiled up at him, that lovely smile of hers, and leaned forward to press her lips against his. It was a quick kiss, one that left him wanting more, but they were both too busy to even consider it.

    "I love you."

    "I love you too." Indie said, a lilt to her voice. She then smiled politely toward Alaia before leaving.

    Turning back toward Alaia, Julian bent down on her level, and spoke loud and clear. "I'm gonna call the doctor for you, okay?"

    She didn't respond, as he figured she wouldn't, and so he went into the next room to call Dr. Philips. He was hoping the town doctor could explain what her rash was about. Otherwise, he wouldn't know who else to call.


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  • THIS IS MY SONG —— 🧜🏻‍♀️

    When Alaia realized that the human was following her she turned around to face him. Her body crouched slightly in a defensive position. She glared at the male her eyes narrowed and wild. Most importantly she was afraid. She didn’t want this human to hurt her and send her away from her home like they did with her sister. She just wanted to find her sister and go home. The human started to crouch down, almost as if he was trying to show that he wasn’t a threat to her. Alaia followed his movement until she was sitting against something hard. The entire time she kept her cold gaze on the human. Her breathing was labored and she felt her body starting to reject her human form, instead longing for that of her siren’s. He introduced him to her, at least that’s what she assumed he was doing. Like what she did early to that little one by accident. “I am..Alaia.” She spoke, her voice sounding unused and shaky. The beauty sounded like a foreigner who had been left in a strange country by herself with no knowledge of the language which in a way was true. The male continued to talk but before he could completely finished Alaia let out a cough. Panic filled her at the strange noise leaving her involuntarily. She had never made such a noise before and her hand gripped to grab her arm were the scaly flesh was appearing. She looked to the human and her eyes seemed worried. He seemed to want her to hold out her arm and so she did, cautiously moving it towards him. He ran his fingers over where the scales were appearing. He spoke more words and she tried her best to understand what he was saying to her. Something about ‘help’ and ‘medication’. She didn’t know what either of those words meant. Their gazes meant again and for a moment she felt something she did not recognize flutter inside her. The way he looked at her caused her heart to beat somewhat faster but she did not know why. He spoke of a ‘song’. Perhaps he was speaking of the song she had sang to him last night. It was the siren’s song. She did not truly know the full affect of her song, just that humans were attracted to it. He moved closer to her, closer than she had anticipated. Before he could get truly close to her another human’s voice appeared and Alaia’s bright blue eyes shot up, her lips nearly moving into a snarl. The female seemed to know Julian and Alaia moved back into her seat. Alaia watched with a careful gaze as the two of them seemed to communicate with one another. The only thing that was different about this was that the male seemed to be in charge here. A noticeable difference than her home where the females were in charge and the males were the lower class. Before long the female left and it was just her and Julian again.

    Time passed and it was night time again. Alaia’s condition was only getting worse. She was left alone, Julian somewhere else in the large place. The scales were starting to appear in more areas of her body. The coughing came more and her body started to shake. She needed to get to the water, it was no longer an option but an absolute need if she were to live. While Julian was away Alaia took the opportunity to get back to the water. Breathing heavily she pushed away from the metal contraption she had been placed in, falling onto the cold floor. Sucking in a breath she started to pull herself towards the exit of the building and before long ended up on the dock. She continued to crawl, edging closer and closer to the water. Once she finally reached the edge she sucked in a deep breath before throwing herself into the water. Almost immediately her transformation started to happen. Alaia let out a blood curling screams, the seals above land hearing and letting out their own screams. The siren immediately started pulling at the clothes that she had on. Within seconds her scales started to force its way through her skin, her teeth sharpened, her fins tore through her back, her hands and nails sharpened and webbed, and her feet were sewn back together to recreate her tail. Almost instantly her predator instincts kicked back in and she started swimming.

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    julian wolf seymour//twenty three//human

    Julian started sorting through the different medications they had in their pantry, using his shoulder to hold his phone up to his ear. Dr. Philips was on the other line, telling him what sort of medications he was supposed to be looking for.

    "Yeah, I think we got that. Thanks, doc."

    After hanging up, Julian grabbed a pill bottle that seemed to have the same ridiculously long name that the doc had told him. Opening it, he found there were still plenty of pills left. They were meant to treat sever allergies, which was what he had assumed had been happening to Alaia.

    It was then that Julian heard the sea lions begin to roar and splash around in the water, clearly afraid of something. Without a second thought, Julian sprang into action. He ran back into the other room, only to find Alaia was no longer in her chair, and that her boots were on the floor.

    Glancing toward the monitors, he watched the night cams, only to find the sea lions swimming around in fear. Moving closer, Julian tried to get a closer look to see what was frightening them so much. He saw a webbed hand, he saw dark hair...

    Julian started as a face came up close to the cam, the same face that belonged to Alaia. Then alarm shot through him as he realized she may be in danger. She could be drowning for all he knew.

    Grabbing his flashlight, Julian tore through the building, pushing against the walls from sheer force of impact, before finally making it outside. There was no hesitation as he took a deep breath and dived right into the water after her.

    The cool water rushed up around him as he sank down into its depths. The silence was deafening - no splashing of a drowning girl could be heard. Using his flashlight, Julian moved the light around, searching for her. Maybe she was already unconscious? If that was the case, he didn't have much time to save her.

    Then he saw it, an outline in the darkness. It was a girl, her dark hair flowing in the water... Alaia. Though her bottom half was of... A tail? That couldn't be right. How was this possible?

    Then Alaia turned, baring her razor sharp teeth and swimming at full speed toward him. Fear crashed over Julian like waves, and he quickly pushed himself backwards, trying to find a means of escape and failing. Alaia, or whatever that thing was, rammed straight into him, knocking the breath out of him and causing him to drop his flashlight. He only had a moment to regain himself when she attacked from behind, her long claws raking across his neck, causing a searing pain.

    Julian let out a silent scream as she grabbed him, shaking him violently. And in that moment, he decided this was how he would die. He was going to die a violent, watery death. He was either going to drown or be murdered by this creature, whichever came first. His body would float out to sea, or worse, be torn to shreds. This creature, whatever it was, was going to drag him down to his death. And as everything began to fade, he thought of her song, and how he wanted to hear it one last time.

    Then Julian's eyes blinked back open, growing wide, as he realized he couldn't die. He still had Indie to think about, the love of his life. He couldn't just leave her behind like this.

    So Julian wrestled and kicked until finally she let go of him, and he swam as fast as he could back to the surface. As his head popped above water, he inhaled deeply, his lungs now no longer burning. Though it was a temporary relief, as he felt a hand grab his leg and begin to drag him around.

    Thinking fast, Julian grabbed a metal pole that was set on the dock, and he stuck it into the water over and over until he hit something solid and the hand let go. Taking this opportunity, Julian crawled back onto the dock and slipped into unconsciousness.

    He woke later to find Dr. Philips shaking him, trying to wake him. "Whoa there. Easy, easy."

    Julian sat up and looked around, soaking wet and shivering, but there was no Alaia. It was just him and the doctor. "What happened?"

    As he tried to stand, Dr. Philips cautioned him, "Don't try to stand."
    Julian didn't listen, though, and staggered to his feet. He walked down the dock to the end, staring out into the sea. "Where is she?"

    "Julian, I have known you and your family for a long time." His tone of voice showed how concerned he was. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

    His chest heaving, gasping for breath, his eyes wandering over the waters in hopes of spotting her, he just shook his head.

    Pushing past Dr. Philips, Julian made his way down the dock and back to his car, the sky rumbling above him. As he entered his car, he didn't start it for a long time. Instead he sat, staring at his windshield and watching the rain trickle down, growing in momentum, trying to piece together what he had just gone through.

    When he did finally start his car, he found himself driving toward Miss Doyle's. Before long, he was standing in the onslaught of rain, banging on her shop door and calling out her name. Maria noticed him, but she didn't move to open the door.

    "That girl you saw yesterday. I know you saw her." He said, his voice pleading. "You said you didn't, but I know you did. You know something about her."

    Maria stood on the opposite side of the door, glaring through the glass, before visibly sighing and pulling open the door. "Come in."

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  • THIS IS MY SONG —— 🧜🏻‍♀️

    The next day Alaia woke up in the woods. She still had one goal on her mind. To find her sister and return back home. She walked back into town, completely unaware of how it would look for people to see a random naked girl roaming around the streets. She came across a female human and her little ones, hissing at them as she passed. She came across more clothing hanging and quickly grabbed a large shirt, pulling it on. Just as she was about to reach for some pants to wear another human showed up. The siren turned and hissed at her, her body tensing up into a defensive position as she glared at the female. Her blue eyes tore away from her for a moment and she saw a pole. It reminded her of the spears her people would use for weapons. Picking it up she continued to glare dangerously at the woman, her eyes wild. The same way a wild animal confronted danger. Just as the woman went to speak Alaia hissed and threw the pole. It flew towards the woman and lodged itself deep into the wood of her house a few inches away from her face. While the woman was busy seemingly terrified by the near death experience Alaia left the scene. First she went to the place Julian had taken her the night they met in search of him but he wasn’t there. Then she went to the marine center but instead only found that female from yesterday but left before she could be spotted by her. Before long she ended up inside the shop of Maria Doyle. The two communicated for a while, Alaia trying her best to explain that she was looking for someone. Maria took her upstairs into her home, gave her a fresh pair of clothes to wear before going out to get Alaia some food. When the woman came back Alaia showed her a book from the movie frozen about sisters. Maria finally understood that Alaia was looking for her sister, not just another random mermaid. Once again Alaia was left alone while Maria was downstairs. She decided to explore. She walked around the house, touching anything and everything that sparked her curiosity. After a while of looking she ended up in the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror for a moment, tilting her head curiously at the reflection. She lifted her hand out, watching as the reflection did the same. Her fingers touched the cool glass for a moment, leaning forward slightly and expecting it. She snatched her hand away after a few more seconds, reaching for a makeup bag that had been left in the room. She opened it up, spilling the contents of it into the sink. Her hand reached down and picked up one of the bottles. She twisted open the cap and took a whiff of what was inside. The smell caused her to huff out a breath, noticeably displeased with that she had just smelt. She tossed it back into the sink and exited the bathroom. The brunette got a few steps in before a sound reached her that caused her heart to break. It was the sound of her sister’s screams of pain.

    The sounds caused Alaia to scream in agony. The more the screams continued to more restless she got. She grabbed ahold of a wooden table, throwing it across the room with enough strength to rival that of ten men. Almost immediately she started to make her way down stairs. Her hand gripped on to the door that led into the shop but it was locked. Breathing heavily she frantically shook at the door knob, her free hand pounding against the door. Finally she managed to break free and stormed into the room with Julian, Maria, and Indie. She hissed out, her eyes glaring at all three of them. Her cold gaze landed on the device Julian was holding. Baring her teeth the same way a canine would she snatched it away from her and placed it on to a table. Her hands gripped at the device, moving around it as if she thought her sister was somehow magically inside of it and she was trying to find a way to get her out.

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