Turns out that old fish REALLY stinks! (introduction)

  • Oh let's just catch a bunch of fish and NOT check to see if there's anything on the fresh kill pile and waste a bunch of food! With a grumble, the young tom of 24 moons scrunched up his nose as he prodded the source of the smell, gagging as he flipped the fish over. I love my clanmates, but i swear some of them are no smarter than the fish we hunt!

    "Which mousebrains went out and caught a bunch of fish without checking to see how old the fresh kill was over here," Ambersplash growled, flicking his yellow tail as he nudged the first bad fish in the pile away from the rest of the pile. "If I find whoever did this I'll claw their ears myself! Couldn't even seperate the new prey from the old..."

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  • —— 🎕 From his pool of sunlight, he watched Ambersplash angrily comb through the fresh-kill pile. His golden eyes rolled in his skull at the wild display. The cinnamon and white warrior really seemed like a grumpy old man, despite him only being a few moons older. So what if I didn't sort out the prey? Swanfeather thought with an internal scoff. There was plenty more in the river. Ambersplash was acting like the world was itself was coming to an end. But at the same time, he felt a twinge of guilt. He'd been becoming... lazier recently. Apprenticeship, and all its strict rules and supervision, had begun to fade into what felt like distant memory, and his own standards for himself had begun to slip.

    Anger, directed both towards himself and the older warrior, carried him up to Ambersplash. "Can you not throw my hard work all over the place? Sorry I forgot to sort out the prey, but you're just ruining it even more." He slightly regretted the words as he spoke them, the confrontational tinge to his voice just a little too strong in the open air.

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  • "Let me put it this way- do you want the smell of rotten fish wafting through the camp all day and seeping into everything, or do you want to NOT live up to the belief that we actually smell like fish and clean up old prey," Ambersplash hissed, as he nudged the rotten fish closer to the camp entrance. "And with how hot it's been? That smell is going to escalate quickly in a few hours and I would rather not deal with it then! Though this wouldn't be such a mess if SOMEONE cleaned out the crowfood BEFORE mixing fresh kill into it!"

    Swanfeather was a good hunter, and he was a young warrior that made Riverclan proud, but his recent lazyness and young additude- and yes I'm aware of how ironic that is coming from me, when we are only a pawful of moons apart- had caused him to get on the bicolored tom's last nerves. It frayed his already short-temper, and so he sent a scathing glare towards the warrior.


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    It was the sound of slightly raised voices that had Juniperpaw peaking her head from the apprentice's den. A concern frowned engulfed her face, and she was quick to find the source of whatever had been going on. Oh, Bickering clanmates was the last thing they needed. It was bad enough that cats across the border could never seem to get along for more than a short amount of time. It pained her even more when it was cats from the same clan. Nervous pale eyes glanced around camp once and then twice. It wouldn't hurt to try to help, would it? Maybe they wouldn't want to hear it from an apprentice. But maybe she could soothe some feelings before anyone get any more upset. "Oh, Ambersplash," She started as she padded up to the pair. She carefully picked her way around the fish strewn across the earth. "I'm sure Swanfeather hadn't meant to leave them in there, you know how busy warriors are." She tried, offering a sheepish smile to the ashen furred tom.

    She nudged at one of the older, more sour smelling bits of prey. "And it's sort of a good thing, isn't it? It just means the river is plenty full and Riverclan won't be going hungry any time soon." Because, well...that was sort of true, wasn't it? Frankly, she didn't care about the state of the fresh-kill pile all that much. She'd just much rather have her clanmates getting along. She nudged the fish further along, "Here, I'll help clear them out." A timid peace-offering for a conflict she hadn't started.


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  • Oh look, an apprentice actually volunteering to help out. That's rare. Biting his tongue, he kicked the bad fish they was moving through the reeds. "Bleh, for a warrior he acts less competent than an apprentice! Just check next time, and at least seperate your new fresh kill if you find something bad in the pile instead of burying it in fresh kill." Fish brain, Ambersplash thought, as he peeked his head through the reeds to look for a place to bury the disgusting fish that reeked.

    "They should be okay to bury outside of camp," the bicolored cat meowed, pulling his head back into the camp. "I think I saw another bad fish in the pile. I'll check, can you start burying this one?"

  • —— 🎕 It certainly was a guilty feeling, to be shown up in maturity by an apprentice. He mumbled an acknowledgement of her tactful deescalation, returning her slight smile before sheepishly joining her in cleaning up the fish. "You're right. Sorry, Ambersplash, I'll be more careful," he offered to the older warrior. But internally he wondered how true the words were. It seemed like these days every sunrise sapped more of his energy, and even the thought of going on a patrol or fulfilling any of his other duties made him want to cringe away. Was there anything more to warriorhood than mindless, repetitive chores? Gingerly carrying a rotten fish out of the camp, trailing meekly in Ambersplash's footsteps, he could feel the weight on his shoulders pressing down a little more heavily than before.

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  • Who was being rude to her little brother? Nightgaze had hauled herself from resting spot beside the river back towards camp where the sounds of bickering echoed through the reeds. Poor Swanfeather, he sure had gotten an earful from-

    She stopped, staring in complete shock for a moment. A stark white pelt decorated with splashes of amber moved near the freshkill pile. “Hey fishbrain, you woke me up!” A grin spread on her maw as she padded towards Ambersplash, the relief of seeing an old friend flooding through her. How long had it been? Longer than Doestar, longer than her and Twistedstar’s leadership. “Ambersplash, I missed you. I haven’t seen you in so long.” She was most likely going to get some sort of sarcastic, biting response, but she didn’t care. Nightgaze was just glad to see him again.

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    Nightst- Nightgaze as she was now, no longer leader of Riverclan. While Ambersplash had kept to himself mostly during her leadership, he had been around- although after Doestar's reigh he had kept himself scarce even from his clanmates. For a time he even slept outside the camp, whenever his temper flared too much. The bicolored warrior had only started to interact with his clanmates again recently, after he had helped save a young cat from drowning and bleeding out in a river.

    "Honestly I don't know how you could miss me, what with the bright pelt and my loud mouth," he joked, a spark of joy coming from his copper eyes. "Its... its good to see you're doing well," he meowed, his voice unusually quite and non hostile. "Though erm, you might want to hold your breath- literally. Rotten fish in the fresh kill pile." Speaking of which, as he padded to said pile, he flipped over the next fish he suspected was foul. And foul it was, as an eyewatering foul smell wafted through the camp, and the lanky warrior gagged. "Dear Starclan how long has this fish been here," he rasped, as he saw that the side now revealed was covered in maggots, and he could even see some fish bones revealed by them.

  • Springhawk had lived in Riverclan since she was born. She knew a lot of the older clan members. She had wondered if she knew Ambersplash or not. She had only came back recently. She came up behind Nightgaze. It was strange to see Nightgaze not being the leader anymore. But she knew Gladefall- no Gladestar would make a wonderful leader. "Well, what's going on over here?"


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  • —— 🎕 "Ugh," he suppressed a gag at the sight of the more rotten fish. He purred at Nightgaze's arrival, happy to see her out and about more often since her confinement to the medicine den. But at the same time, he couldn't help but feel even more embarrassed at the reminder that his adopted sister had made her way up the ranks to become leader, while for now he was being a barely competent warrior at best. It wasn't that he didn't like clan life, but how the days blurred together in his memory was worrying. Maybe this just wasn't where he belonged.

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