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  • He had unrolled his map, finally.

    After a month of dilly dallying, he'd had a wave of realization. If he wanted to get anywhere in this search for the Red God's corpse, he'd probably have to actually start looking for it. After all, he and Gryo had settled in after a week of living in this damn desert. There was no excuse. He was hungry to find this deity; if it meant he could walk again, he would do damn near anything to get his paws on it. He might even step over Gyro for it at this point- the wolf was his friend (he thought), but Johnny wondered if he lacked the true drive for their mission.

    But they were still working towards the same goal, whether they liked it or not, and so he sat in the comfort of the icy pyramids, poring over the map.

    "Oi, Gyro..." he started, before realizing the wolf was not immediately at his side. Oh, right. Johnny shut his jaws and went back to the paper. Now that we're here... where could the corpse be? Where do we have to start our search?

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  • "HM?!" The mexican wolf had bolted over at top speed upon seeing his friend sitting alone, picking up and flopping the smaller feline up upon his back. I am like horse nyo ho oh, and then in tune with the thought he made some rather absurd sounds with his mouth. "What d'ya want, what did'ja call me fer?" Oh yeah. He looked down upon the map with squinted eyes, wrinkling his nose as he scanned each area intently. Their search for the Red God's corpse hadn't ended, no not at all, but it had definitely stagnated for a while since their arrival. Maybe we're getting too comfortable here. But it was just a probability, he wouldn't put anything past it. "So, following logic, wouldn't it be in the most mystical place around here? Like one of these fuckin' pyramids or some shit? Maybe it's just beneath the sand l-o-l, fuck ... s'pose we should ask th' people here?"

  • As Gyro barrelled towards him, he was mostly neutral, until the wolf looked like he wasn't going to stop. "Oi... oi! Gyro, stop!" came his shout, panicked before his friend effortlessly picked him up and scooped him onto his back. As the savannah scrambled to hook his paws (and claws, but accidentally of course) into Gyro's coat and keep him anchored on, he grimaced. Does he have fleas? I better not get any fucking fleas from this.

    But, as angry as he presented himself, Johnny didn't really mind his new seat. He pulled himself forward a bit for a better view of the map, planting his paws on the top of Gyro's head. The wolf finished speaking, and he pursed his lips.

    "Y' think they know?" he asked, a cheeky grin stealing over his face. "I dunno that they've got much room in there." He tapped a paw to his temple, but soon it was back to business; after all, he had been the one to get the map out earlier. "But, yeah, I think that makes sense- but... if it was in th' pyramids, don'tcha think someone woulda gotten their paws on it by now?"

    He tilted his head, peering down to look Gyro in the eyes. Even if someone had just tossed it in a spring cleaning sort of deal, he had to imagine that the Ruiners would have found something odd in their dwelling place by now. BUt then. maybe it wasn't there. Maybe it was somewhere else.

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  • Jace had been out on a patrol looking for something to eat. He'd fallen into quite the depressive pit lately and found it a chore to actually eat food. Perhaps the hunt would make him feel better and bring some excitement into his life, he'd feel more obligated to eat it if he caught it.

    He'd been wandering around for some time when he could hear chattering in the distance. As it was his job to check, he went to go find out who's voices he was hearing. They didn't sound familiar to him in the slightest. He quickened his pace, only to find Johnny and Gyro. "Uh. . you guys looking for something?" The panther rumbled, coming to a halt some distance away from the two. He wasn't sure why they were here or what they seemed so curious about, but he would like to know. After a moment, he curled his tail. "I'm Jace. Regent."

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  • The cripple and the loudmouth who pissed on the border - not exactly the most flattering of first impressions but Nami wasn't really bothered. Watching Gyro be... well, himself, was perhaps the most entertaining that she could think of in recent memory including the times when she got laid by a hot chick who was the leader of two clans and have a real live dragon that was bonded to her soul.

    She doesn't bother to introduce herself again, Nidhogg does a quiet chirp and hum as he gets into a better position around the panther's neck and shoulders to take a look at the strangers. That was a map of the surrounding area right? Nami wasn't aware that cartographers even made maps of places like this - she would have thought that perhaps there was a little too well ingrained in the common sense of the locals to know what places they should and shouldn't go.

    "You make that yourself? Didn't know this goddess forsaken land had cartographers."

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  • Abbi wasn't born in these sands, but much rather the shadowy pines they were bordered with. It was a long, complicated story spanning from the Exiles to hidden identities, but he eventually became the man he was today. Still fairly skittish, still struggling with some form of PTSD. Still, most definitely, holding grudges he had no means to. One of those grudges had to do with the two newcomers in question, generally for their typical act and general colorful distaste in everyone who surrounded them. Oh, and the first few comments on Nadine had drifted around and it was terribly obvious that Abbi would put his life on the life for the serval and therefore didn't take too well to her, for lack of a better term, haters.

    "I haven't seen a map before," he commented. He had memorized both of his territories fairly well, he thought, but not enough to be able to scrawl a whole map.

  • "Oh shuddup Johnny, you know you like ridin' me ~ " but he was cut off as others soon arrived, and a disgustingly wide smile appeared instantly upon his face. "'Ello everyone! Nice t'see y'all here. We're lookin' for the Red God! This fucker ain't dead is he? Y'all know where he's buried or some shit, if he is? Just out of curiosity, eh hee hee." To be completely honest, he was shocked people were more curious about the map. This map ain't shit, I dunno what these fuckers are starin' fer. What a buncha weirdos. "Eee-yuh, it's a map alright. It's not, exactly interesting, at least t'me I s'pose, I've seen enough scrawly things in m'life. Anyways, uh, ya'll know where to start lookin'? We got places t' be and things t' get done, y'know. Gotta find the good ol Red Goddy soon."

  • It seemed that they'd attracted a few interested onlookers. Not that Johnny really minded, but damn, they were nosy, huh? He supposed it only made sense. After all, if they knew about this corpse and what it could do, who wouldn't be?

    Gyro's comment earned him a swift cuff of the ear. "Shut up, twink," he hissed, but there was little weight behind it. The feline then turned his attention back to the crowd and the sea of questions, ears twitching. He interjected between Gyro's answers, greeting Jace with a simple "Nice t' meetcha" before moving on. He had some sense of manners; he couldn't let a greeting go unanswered. At least, not if he wasn't mad. When he was angry things were different. His blue gaze settled boredly on Nami's dragon, waiting for Gyro's spiel to be over. Yadda yadda, maps this, wow that shit's cool, Red God that, yadda yadda... should he be gauging the crowd reaction? It would certainly tell them whether or not the Red God was here, after all. Or whether anyone actually sympathized with their plight.

    "It's kinda important that we find this thing," he added, to emphasize. "The snappier the better." After all, if we can get our paws on it, I'll be able to walk again. The feline's tone was earnest; he knew he hadn't made the best of impressions here, considering Abbi's skittishness, Nadine's disdain for the pair, and Ver's outright bullying. He still had to get that race together. Fuck that horned bitch. I'll kill her for that task.

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