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  • Plot:

    Maybe you've wondered why you were told that you act like a certain animal. Maybe you get along with that animal more than others. You've never understood it but then you were told that you... the person who gets along with that certain animal... you represent that animal. Nobody else represents that animal but you and only you. However, a human representation of an animal is extremely uncommon... almost rare. And people would do anything to get their hands on a human that represents an animal. Not easy representing an animal now is it?

    Basic plot is our characters represent a certain animal and since this is uncommon, some people [scientists or whatever] wanna get their hands on them and see how this is possible so our characters have to deal with this whole living with the fact that they represent an animal.

    Let's lay out some rules first:

    1. One animal per character. No two people can have the same animal.

    2. Semi advanced to advanced please! One paragraph minimum!

    3. Please play as many characters as you can handle. And don't just make a character that you made disappear.

    4. Realistic faceclaims only. No anime faceclaims or drawn faceclaims.

    5. Hate the character... not the rper.

    6. I allow all sexualities. And please ask if your character can be in a relationship with another person's character.

    7. Let us know when you'll be inactive! I'm sure we will all understand!

    Taken Animals:

    Ring-tailed Cat

    Current Characters:

    Harley Mikael


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