• how do i learn to love myself when i place my self worth on what others think of me

    i isolate myself and then i feel worthless and unloved

    i try and reach out and feel annoying and trying too hard

    who likes hanging out with someone who doesnt like themself

  • I've definitely felt this before and its a really hard hole to climb out of. It's difficult to see yourself as a separate entity from what others think of you, which can put people in this type of slump. In my experience, I found a really great group of friends that accept me for who I am. If you feel like they are judging you, cut them off as respectfully as possible. It can be really hard opening up to someone your not close with, which is why creating a strong bond with someone is really important.

    Relax and try to do something you like, painting, singing, playing with animals, it always help cheers me up. When I'm really depressed I like to go to a pet store and look at all the animals. I'd suggest finding a therapist to talk to, they are way more professional than me. You can find free therapists online if you don't want to pay for it / are too scared to talk in person.

    I really hope this helps, you shouldn't feel like you need to isolate yourself to be who you are. If you need to rant / talk my pm's are always open ♥



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