A Little Bit Psycho ||BxB||PAFP|| Just A Little Bit Psycho

  • Muse A is a detective. Muse B is a murderer. Are they compatible? Surprisingly yes. They're together but Muse B knows that Muse A is a detective. But Muse A is oblivious to Muse B's secret. Someone messes with Muse A, they're found dead the next morning. Muse A soon starts to sense a pattern and one night, they catch Muse B in the act which both shocks and saddens Muse A. Muse A tries to make sense of this and Muse B tries to calm them down. Muse A can arrest them and have them thrown in jail OR they can keep their lover's secret... a secret so that Muse B doesn't have to be arrested. Maybe perhaps... Muse A can help Muse B change into a better person.

    NO ANIME FACECLAIMS! Please use a realistic faceclaim.

    Muse A:


    Name - Arthur Virgil Jackson

    Age - 24

    Faceclaim - Eddie Redmayne


    Occupation/Career - Detective

    Sexuality - Bisexual with a somewhat heavy male lean

    Birthday - January 21st

    Astrological Sign - Aquarius

    Other - He keeps pepper spray with him whenever he is out late.

    We'll start before Arthur finds out what his lover is up to!

    Arthur's eyes squinted tightly as sunlight poured into the bedroom. Morning already? the young detective thought briefly to himself before rolling over onto his side, feeling his lover right next to him. Arthur snuggled with comfort next to his lover, not really wanting to get up right now. He wanted to spend some more time in bed before having to get up and he felt restless now that it was morning: currently around eight-thirty. Arthur's eyes opened finally and he started to sit up before looking to the side at his lover who always slept on the right side of the bed. Settling back down, Arthur crossed his arms, resting them atop of the male's arm and shoulder, looking bored. "Hey, time to get up, love." The detective murmured softly around fifteen minutes later at eight forty-five in the morning. Arthur didn't want to be up all by himself and have nothing to do. And he was grateful that he didn't have to get up in the middle of the night to respond to a call. Arthur was starting to shift away from the male so he could give him some room and so that Arthur himself could get off of the bed.

    Arthur slid off of the bed, not really waiting for his lover to get up and he shuffled his feet to the bathroom so he could brush his teeth. After brushing his teeth and using mouthwash, Arthur came out of the bedroom, ready to head towards the kitchen to get something to drink and to turn on the TV.

  • Alexander shifted around in bed some as the other male began to shift around. He had been out rather late last night and did not want to wake up. The bed was rather warm and he alway slept well beside Arthur. He managed to keep his eyes shut until he began to speak. A soft groan left his lips at the softness if the words. “Give me another hour.” He mumbled out, shifting again. This time he pressed his face into his pillow. He hadn’t expected for Arthur to move away from him so quickly. “Arthur!” He whined, lifting up his head slowly. “Babe, come back.” A pout was starting to become evident on his lips as he watched him move towards the bathroom. He reached out towards him, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to reach him.

    Mumbling a few curses underneath his breath, he slowly convinced himself to get out of bed. He followed the other’s lead to brush his teeth before he moved to the kitchen as well. “What time is it?” He asked curiously as he walked over to wrap his arms around his waist from behind. He rested his head lightly against the other’s back.

  • Arthur had been at the coffee pot, fingers wrapped around the handle a small coffee mug. "Eight-fifty." The male responded as he somewhat leaned against Alexander as he made iced coffee for himself but he poured cream and sugar into it to where it probably wouldn't taste like coffee at this point. "You should honestly be used to me waking you up by now Alexander. I don't like being up and awake all by myself." Arthur commented as he looked over his shoulder at his lover. "You know you should really stop being out late. That's my job and you know that." Arthur teased him as he nudged Alexander for him to let go of him. "What are you even doing out so late?" Arthur inquired as he used his free hand to pry Alexander's arms off of him.

    After getting Alexander to let go of him, Arthur held his coffee mug in his hand. "Haven't you seen the news? There's been a few murders around here." Arthur informed as he shuffled his feet over to the couch to grab the remote and turn on the television.

  • Alexander shifted to get on his toes so that he was able to kiss Arthur’s cheek from behind. He was still rather exhausted from his night out last night and clearly didn’t want to be up just yet. A sigh left his lips as he heard what time it was. “You have such a knack for getting up early. Why does your body have to be programmed to get up so early? Some of us just want sleep!” He teased him the. He knew when they had mornings like this, things were a lot better for them. He blinked as he heard his comment. “Yeah I know. I just wander around the city. It really is so quiet and peaceful at night. You can actually see some stars too.” He admitted. Of course that wasn’t the full truth, but he was quite a good lier. He carefully let go of the other once he began to try and get his arms off of him. He then poured his own cup off coffee. His biggest worry was that Arthur was going to find out what he was doing one day. He truly never wanted for that to happen.

    “I know that there have been. I have heard a few gunshots as of late. That is why I have been coming home a bit earlier.” He stated. He sipped on his coffee as he moved to be closer to the other again. It was clear that he just wanted to be close and hugging him. He did love Arthur with everything in him. He got to be a bit clingy at times, but he was glad the other didn’t care. “I love you though.” He murmured.

  • “Oh I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m used to getting up so early because of my job of course.” Arthur snickered amusingly with a mere grin on his face. “Don’t worry, the coffee will wake you up.” He laughed at him as he curled up next to Alexander. “You know I love you too.” Arthur pecked Alexander’s cheek before taking a long sip from his coffee mug. “Well, I haven’t been hearing any gunshots lately but I’m sure we have nothing to worry about.” Arthur mumbled after swallowing a sip of his coffee. “I’ll let you stay out late as long as you be careful whenever you’re out.” Arthur spoke as he gave Alexander another kiss on the cheek as he snuggled up next to him wit his comfort.

  • “Well tell you work that they need to let you come in later. It isn’t healthy for someone to wake up so early.” Alexander joked with a large smile. He always did try to keep the mood as light as he could between them. He never liked to see Arthur unhappy. A light hum left his lips as he continued to sip on his drink. He didn’t take too long to finish drinking out of his mug. He placed it off to the side so he could wrap his arms carefully around Arthur. “I hope that we don’t. I don’t want anything happening to either of us. You need to be careful on your job too, by the way. I don’t want to get a call hearing you were stabbed or shot of something.” He admitted. He was clearly concerned for his wellbeing, as he should be. “What time do you have to go in today? I didn’t hear a phone call last night.” He asked curiously.

  • Arthur's nose wrinkled as his eyes squinted a little. "Yeah, you try getting up out of bed at three in the morning feeling sluggishly tired but you gotta drive to a crime scene while trying not to fall asleep behind the wheel." He joked. "But I will definitely tell my workplace that I need my beauty sleep at night and that I would prefer to stay in bed with you." Arthur snickered with a smile. "But hey, don't worry about me, nobody is going to shoot me, stab me, or whatever. Why do you think I carry pepper spray in my pocket? No one wants to get pepper sprayed in the eyes right?" He inquired as he took another small sip of coffee. "Oh me? I have to go in whenever they call me saying that they need me for something." Arthur shrugged his shoulders. "Or unless another dead body pops up." He chuckled. "But... I've noticed that some of the dead bodies are of people who tried to mess with me or something." Arthur said with a stiff tone. "It's weird though..." He shrugged again.

  • “Trust me, you wake me up every time that you have to get out of bed to go to a crime scene. Then you are gone the rest of the day and I have to figure out what all to do while you are.” Alexander commented. He chuckled as he heard the remainder of his words. “You do that. They totally would fire you.” He teased. He pulled the other male closer as they began to talk about him getting injured on the job. “I know, but there are some really bad people out there. I just don’t want for anything to happen to you. I do want to spend the rest of my life with you after all. I really couldn’t live without you.” He admitted. He knew that Arthur did already know that. “Good. I hope that we can just have a relaxing day together. We could go to the park or something.” He suggested. He perked up a little at the idea. “That is weird. I hope you don’t have a stalker or something. I don’t want to have to fight someone off. I would do that for you though.” He added on.

  • "What do you normally do when I'm gone?" Arthur asked as he shifted his posture. He looked up at Alexander with a curious expression on his face. "Alright Alright, I won't tell them that because I would like to keep my job please and thank you." He snickered as he pecked Alexander on the lips. "I would very much like to spend the day relaxing with you. And we could go to the park." He nodded as he finished off his coffee then he gazed up at Alexander. "Me having a stalker? Who would wanna stalk me?" Arthur mumbled softly. "Awww you would fight someone off for me?" He grinned. "You know I love you so much." Arthur spoke as he lightly pecked Alexander's cheek. "But you know I don't want anything bad to happen to you either. I'd like to live you for a very long while." He nodded his head a little in agreement.

  • “I really don’t do a lot. I just shower, eat, clean, and sometimes I will go shopping. If I know you are going to be gone for most of the day, I will nap. I always do try to have a decent dinner ready for when you get home. That usually is part of my plans too. I have to actually figure out what I want to cook and cook it.” Alexander informed. He knew it wasn’t the most exciting, but it was indeed what he did during the day. He wasn’t lying about that part. “I do know you love your job and are amazing at it. I’m surprised they haven’t given you a raise yet.” He mused, tilting his head some while he spoke. A light squeal left his lips when Arthur agreed to go to the park with him. “Yay!” He truly did seem to be acting like an overgrown child. He didn’t mind it one bit. It kept their relationship happy and light. “You are a very attractive man Art. Anyone could want a piece of that cake. And of course I would fight someone off for you! No one will ever take you away from me. You are stuck with me.” He joked on that last part. He seemed to be relaxing more as Arthur pressed the kiss to his cheek. “I love you so much too.” He murmured. He adjusted himself around some to be able to give him a proper kiss.

  • "Well you are a better cook than I am after all." Arthur grinned sheepishly at Alexander. "Mmm, I think I do need a raise in my paycheck. I'm just waiting for my raise for now." He murmured as he looked up at him. "You're so enthusiastic about going to the park today, Alex." His grin disappeared into a small soft smile. "Well, I'm sure you know that I prefer to be with you than anybody else and... you're stuck with me too." Arthur snickered as he briefly returned the kiss, moving around a little bit as he moved a hand to ruffle up Alexander's hair to tease him a bit like he always did almost every morning. Plus Arthur always thought that Alexander's hair was soft to the touch. "You're so protective of me... you know that? I love it though." Arthur smiled cheekily up at Alexander as he ruffled his boyfriend's hair up.

  • “I’m glad that you think so. The only reason that I am is because of how much I have to cook for you. I don’t mind doing it though. I love the look you get when you try the food.” Alexander admitted. He was smiling very brightly down at the other male as he saw the grin. It made him feel even better. “I hope that you get it soon. You are one of the hardest workers that I know. You are also amazing at your job.” He exclaimed. He shrugged his shoulders as he heard his comment about being enthusiastic about going to the park. He just wanted to get out and spend a nice day with Arthur. He felt like they deserved it. Arthur had been very busy with his job as of late and he wanted a change in that. He puffed out his cheeks as the other ruffled his hair. “I don’t mind being stuck with you. I always have said I wanted to marry you someday.” He reminded. He shrugged his shoulders as he heard his words. “I don’t want for anything to happen to you. You are the love of my life and it would kill me if anything happened to you.” He murmured.

  • “Your food is the best.” Arthur said as a compliment as he ran a hand through Alexander’s hair. “Let’s hope I get a paycheck in the mail with a raise.” He chuckled as he fluffed Alex’s hair before

    he finally left his boyfriend’s hair alone. “Oh you know I wanna marry you too.” Arthur sheepishly smiled as he wrapped his arms around Alexander’s neck. “But I guess I’m gonna have to wait until I see you get down on one knee.” Arthur lightly joked with him. “And you know I don’t want anything to happen to you.” Arthur murmured, gently hugging Alexander. “I wish I could take you to crime scenes with me. I don’t know like driving around in the early morning hours. And I honestly need someone to keep me awake.” Arthur shrugged before chuckling.

  • A gentle hum escaped Alexander’s lips while he felt the other male run his fingers through his hair. It always felt wonderful to get his scalp massaged by him. Arthur just knew exactly where to scratch and rub. The two had been together for quite a long time now. He would think that it was bad if he didn’t know by now. “I know I have my fingers crossed for you.” He murmured. He lifted his gaze some to meet Arthur’s when he heard him agree that he wanted for them to get married. He could almost feel his heart skip a beat. He had gotten a ring a long time ago and was very grateful to know that he could propose now. He would have to take him out for a nice dinner to do so. “It is going to be sooner than you think, trust me.” He admitted. He shifted to carefully have both of his arms around the other’s waist. He was smiling softly down at the other male then. He gladly hugged him back, making sure his grip wasn’t too tight. “I wish I could go with you too. I could protect you more that way. I could even see you in that cute suit you have to wear when you go to work.” He murmured as he pressed a kiss lightly to his neck.

  • Arthur splayed his hands on Alexander's back as he sheepishly smiled. "Well, you know I can't wait for you to propose to me." He chuckled with a hint of excitement in his tone as planting a small kiss on his boyfriend's forehead. "You think I look cute in that suit? I think I just look simple in that suit." He asked for confirmation as he shrugged his shoulders. "But I know you aren't very fond of getting up early in the morning." He grinned as he rested his chin on top of Alexander's head. "Besides, you probably wouldn't even wanna go to most of the crime scenes I have to go to in the early morning." Arthur spoke as he had a blank facial expression on his face as he lifted his head up slightly. He moved his hands to grasp Alexander's shoulders, keeping a loose grip on them as he looked at his boyfriend.

  • “Well now you are going to be wondering about it until it happens. It is going to be a mystery.” Alexander teased him once more. He blinked as he felt the kiss to his forehead, his smile growing once again. It was so easy to see just how much he did love the other. That is the reason that he killed people. He only ever wanted to protect him. “Cute and sexy. You just have that intense look to you and I could eat it up.” His tone dropped a little bit and grew to be quite seductive. “I really do hate getting up in the morning. I just want for you to cuddle with me forever and ever. It is too warm and too comfortable in our bed to get up.” He tried to explain. He leaned back a little bit then to just gaze at him. “I’m sure they are terrible. I don’t know how you have the stomach to do all of it.” He mumbled. He was gazing back at him with gentle eyes. “Now come here. I wanna good kiss.” He whispered. He pulled him to be closer once more and connected their lips in a very deep kiss.

  • "Mmm I'm definitely going to be thinking about it... a lot actually." Arthur snickered. "And I may or may not continue to ask when you're going to propose." He joked and teased with him. "That's true. I don't wanna get up early either because you're just so warm to cuddle with." Arthur spoke softly with a shrug. "But you know we always cuddle whenever I get home and whatnot." Arthur reminded him. "Oh, I'm not even that surprised that I have the stomach to look at all that. I say I'm just used to looking at it so much I guess." He explained breezily as a heated blush appeared onto his cheeks. Arthur shifted a little to get more comfortable as he slowly and gradually began to return the kiss, somewhat deepening it as well until he tightened his grip on Alexander's shoulders and he started to break the kiss so he could pull away and breathe. "You love kissing me don't you?"

  • “Oh great. Now I might have to push it off some because you are going to keep asking about it. If you stay quiet, I might do it sooner. But now we will never know. We might not even get married now.” Alexander was clearly just joking about all of this and it was showing. He truly did want to propose the first moment that he got to. He actually planned on doing it when they got to the park. There was a part right by the flowers and the lake that he knew Arthur loved. He figured that would be perfect for them. “We could, but you don’t get home until really late normal. That is the one thing I hate about your job. If the hours weren’t bad, then the job would be better.” He spoke simply. He shrugged some at his next statement. “That’s true. I hadn’t thought about it that way just yet.” He broke off as soon as he kissed the other male. There was something so intoxicating about Arthur’s lips that he couldn’t get over. A soft whine left his own as he pulled back. “Mm, I do. I could kiss you all day if I was allowed to. I almost wish we weren’t going anywhere today just so I could make out with you.” He commented with a sly grin.

  • "I'll keep quiet then." Arthur said as he quickly kissed Alexander's cheek affectionately. "There are some times where I hate my job but I feel much better when I come back home." He explained as he lightly hugged his boyfriend. "And there are also some times where I love my job as well." He added as he hugged Alexander firmly. "However, my job can be very stressful on me sometimes and you know it." He murmured softly. "If I remember correctly, you were the one who suggested that we go to the park today and I agreed with you." Arthur reminded him as he laughed a bit at him. "But I guess we can make out later probably when we get home." Arthur pulled a smile at Alexander. "But that's as long as I don't get a call from work." He shrugged lightly, letting go of Alexander