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    Arthur quickly took the pain pills, popping them into his mouth and swallowing them with water. “I know, I can’t wait until I’m fully healed too.” He said softly as he drank from his glass of water until the water was all gone and he set the glass aside. “I’m happy that my ankle is feeling a little better.” He said, blushing rather hotly and he hugged Alexander, still feeling hungry and he could bounce wait to eat. Arthur was content and the pain medication was really helping him.

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    Alexander watched him with soft eyes, unable to help himself. He really was just glad that things were starting to improve for them all. They really did need it. “Then everything can fully get back to normal. You can get back to work too.” He murmured. That would definitely make the other male happy. Arthur absolutely loved his work. That was something that he was aware of. “I’m glad about that too. After all, then we can get fully back to our activities. I enjoyed it very much.” He spoke truthfully. He pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek. “I love you.”

  • Arthur could not wait to get back to work. Sure he loved that he was spending more time with Alexander but he didn’t like that he had to be bedridden most of the time and that he was walking around on crutches. He quickly snuggled up with Alexander, blushing as he felt comfortable. “Me too, I cant wait either.” He said, blushing hotly. “I love you too.” Arthur murmured, giving Alexander a quick kiss on the lips.

  • Alexander could tell that the other male was beginning to get angsty. He knew that it would take quite a long time for him to be fully healed enough to get back to working. He hoped that he might be able to have an office job at the police station until he could actually do and so the field work. He chuckled gently at his words, kissing the top of his head. He was trying to keep the mood as light for them as it could be. He hoped that he was alright with that. “Mm, I’m just glad we aren’t fighting anymore.” He whispered. He had been worried that they might still.

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    Arthur, to say the least, was very comfortable and content. He was enjoying the light atmosphere and he snuggled up closer to Alexander. "Me too." He murmured before continuing. "Fighting isn't good for us at all." He added on, though he was not sure on whether or not they would get into any more fights and arguments. But it would be completely nice if they didn't argue anymore as it would bring out Arthur's anxiety and make his chest hurt and give his throat discomfort. He hugged Alexander, keeping himself awake as he leaned to kiss his husband's cheek gently.

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    Alexander made sure that his grip was light on the other male, not wanting to hurt him more. He was already worried that he might worry him some more. “I know. We always get so upset about it and just ate messes afterwards. I really just want for us to be happy and to not argue anymore,” he spoke softly. He was sure that he felt the same way about it. He was a bit surprised with the tightness that his grip got. He let out a gentle breath and kissed his forehead in return. “I love you so much.” He murmured.

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    Arthur most certainly did not want to let go of Alexander. His husband was so warm and he usually was able to relax better whenever he was next to him. "Mhm." He murmured softly in agreement. "You also know how much arguments usually stress both of us out." He mumbled. Arthur made sure he was going to make up some stuff for Alexander so that his husband would be happy and so that they would not get into another argument. Arthur was quite mindful of his ankle as he was being rather clingy with Alexander, feeling content and almost tired as well. "Mmm, I love you too." He said quite softly as he felt the bed go down a little when the cats climbed up onto the bed with them.

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    Alexander nodded his head slightly in agreement, trying to keep them both reassured. He knew that this was very hard for them. The other male had gotten injured and then they had a huge fight. He just wanted for everything to get back to how it had been before Arthur found out he had killed people. “That they did.” He agreed in a soft tone. He was hoping that the other male would try and improve things more between them. They really needed it. After all, Arthur had been the cause for most of it. He gave him a smile and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek. He then looked to the kittens with happy eyes.

  • Arthur was quiet briefly as he focused mainly on keeping himself awake as he didn't want to go to sleep again just yet. Still, Arthur felt guilty for making Alexander upset at him while they were in Japan just because he didn't surprise Alexander more often but he kept his thoughts to himself right now. He cuddled up comfortably with Alexander, hoping that the mood would stay light and happy between them. Clementine sniffed before slowly getting on Alexander's shoulder and she lazily laid down as she got comfortable. "Mmm, I don't really want to go back to sleep." Arthur mumbled.

  • Alexander leaned over to press a gentle kiss to his cheek once more, just trying to keep his own mind calm and relaxed. He didn’t want to think of anything g worse than he had before. The fight had taken quite a lot out of him and had caused for the other male to get hurt. That guilt was on him. “Then don’t. Stay awake some more. I’m trying to not fall asleep either.” He paused. “Do you want tot all about it all more? Maybe talking about it will help us both understand why we keep fighting and it might prevent it from happening more,” He offered.

  • Arthur slowly nodded his head. He wanted to stay awake some more until it was time to fall asleep once again. "Y-Yeah, I think talking about it some more will help us." Arthur nodded again as he wanted to get it all off of his chest and get that guilt off of his chest as well for he wanted to feel better. And Arthur did not want to worry about him and Alexander getting into anymore fights. He wanted them to never argue and fight again, but he wasn't sure about that really to be honest. Arthur hugged Alexander, relaxing into his arms gently and he kissed Alexander's cheek, hoping tjey could talk this whole thing out.

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    Alexander took a gentle breath and nodded his head some then. “Do you want to start? I know you get to be feeling really guilty about this all. It makes me feel really bad. There are some things that you did cause though.” He pointed out. He was sure that the other male was aware of it though. They had talked about it before. He only just hoped that things weren’t going to get worse between them both. They needed for things to continue to work out between them all.

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    Arthur made sure he was comfortable right next to Alexander and he looked up at his husband. Arthur also made sure that he had a tight yet firm grip on Alexander’s hand as he wanted to make sure he was calm and collected before speaking. “I know.” He began to mumble to Alexander, biting his lower lip. Arthur was still feeling guilty and it weighed heavily on his chest which would make his chest ache from anxiety and he wanted to get it off of his chest. “I still feel really guilty about making you get upset at me.” Arthur mumbled to his husband and he clung to him and he seemed to slightly tense up as he spoke.

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    Alexander could tell that the other male was still so guilty about it all. He really just wanted things to improve for them. He didn’t want their relationship to fall apart. He loved the other male so much. Arthur meant the absolute world to him. It would kill him if he lost him. “I just feel bad that I ruined our honeymoon. I just wanted for everything to be perfect for you. I always want everything to be perfect for you. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and all. I-I just wanted to be treated like I treat you. I want to be showered with gifts and love like I do for you. I-I need that it I might snap again. You never have really done things for my birthday it stuff like that. I even proposed to you.” He reminded. He was just wanting by that point.