Cat Genetic Help

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  • So I was wondering what the possible genetics would be for a couple of my characters (labeled Mom and Dad). I put their relatives as well if it helps in any way.


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  • Blue (assuming mackerel) tabby w/ low white (carrying point) x Black (masking ticked, assumed to carry point)

    Brown tabby, blue tabby, black, blue, seal lynx point, blue lynx point, seal point, blue point, or any of those with less than 50% white

    Point kits will have blue eyes. Other kits can have any realistic eye color if they have white markings; any realistic eye color except blue if they have no white markings.

    Tabbies/lynx-points can be mackerel (striped) or ticked (brown or light grey with darker stripe along spine) pattern.

    Want your characters' kids to have realistic fur colors? Check out the Genetics Center!
    Cats, lions, dogs, horses, rats, parrots - whatever the species is, there's probably a geneticist who can do the litter. We can also do genetics for realistic hybrid litters (check the list of realistic pairings linked in the sticky at the top of the board).
    If you want more options for a litter, just let us know!