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  • The first week of Bianca's life has been a whirlwind. He'd held children before, but never his own, and there's something so wonderful about knowing that he was going to keep this one. It was terrifying too. She was so small, so breakable. There were nights when he couldn't sleep right, restlessly sitting up to watch her breathe. She was adorable. Her eyes were open now, and she was slowly learning to use her legs. Most of her day was spent sleeping or at Honeyguide's side, making these soft noises of contentment that tear his heart open every time. Walking into her nursery and knowing that she knows him, recognizes him — she squirms up to his paws and rests there when the effort gets to be too much, and it's moments like this that he'll remember until he's old and grey.

    For however much he adores her, though, children can still be pains in the ass.

    Wash knows that he's been slacking this last week. For a good reason, certainly — one of the best, really — but it still makes him antsy. Since Honey is out doing his own job as well, between rounds keeping Bee's stomach full, he somehow has to balance his work and the squirmy bundle of fur that's becoming more and more adventurous. He'd set a blanket out in the grass, something from their room to give her a familiar smell outside, and for a while she'd just napped as he sorted through his supplies. A little low on bandages but alright, a little low on poppy seeds, not quite alright — and on and on through his entire satchel as Bee begins to wake up. By the time he glances at her, the sneaky little bugger is at the edge of the blanket. This is what he gets for marrying an assassin. "No don't do that," he whispers, picking her up by her scruff and returning her to the center. "I'll get in trouble."

    She probably knows that. Wash goes back to sorting his herbs and for a moment she seems to listen to him, those bright eyes of her on what he's doing. Then, because of course, she squirms closer. He can't push her away quickly enough to keep her little mouth from chomping down on borage root. At least it's not dangerous, he supposes, but the lion is still quick to pull her away from the rest. "Bee, sweetheart, these aren't toys. Are your teeth troubling you? Is that it?" He cradles her with one large paw and sighs, rough tongue smoothing over the top of her head to her squeaks. "That one's only for bellyaches."

  • Algernon had no experience with children. His siblings had died a long time ago, and there had been no children in BlizzardClan who he had been especially close with - with the notable exception of his apprentice, of course. But he had been left behind as had Gabriel, Kady, Leif, Aleksei, Aurelio...all the people he had loved or admired, gone by a single flick of an assassin's blade. Now he was here , and was experiencing a mistrust and dislike that - while not unexpected nor unwarranted - was nonetheless draining. On careful pawsteps, the chocolate and white canine approached Wash, one of his most vocal critics, watching with uncertain but sparklingly cheerful eyes as he studied the tender way the lion tended to his daughter.

    "Perhaps she'll end up a medic, like you."

    Offered the Resurgam with warmth in his voice, staying well back so that there would be no confusion or suspicion of him attempting to get close to Bianca's life.

    "What's her name?"

    there is no courage in flirting with fear to prove you're alive


    Aradia liked children. There was something so interesting and endearing about them, and the Guardian would even say she had a bit of a soft spot for them, assuming she could have a soft spot for anything.

    Well, she had killed a child before. With a start, the kitsune remembered that the kitten had belonged to this very Clan, or what it had once been before, WindClan. Well, she wouldn't admit that interesting fact to anyone. That was all before their time, anyhow, at least she hoped. And, she couldn't say she regretted that particular murder. It was amusing to hear the child's screams as she fell from the skyscraper and splattered on the ground below.

    But uh, other than that Aradia could say she had a soft spot for children.

    The kitsune approached the endearing scene of Wash speaking to his baby, smiling in a way that still unfortunately looked creepy coming from her. She came to stand beside Algernon, six tails flicking. She had been about to answer the new Vicar General and inform him of the baby's name, but decided that Wash would probably want to speak about his kid himself. Instead, the Guardian watched Bianca silently, following the girl's movements with her blood red eyes.