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  • well, this sure is something, isn’t it? you used to dream of being up here - albeit the setting was a little different, having been when you still lived in the oceanside territory and meetings were held within the caves. now, obviously things aren’t exactly like they’d been in your childhood dreams of grandeur. you’re not the titular leader, obviously - this is just some dope as fuck communism shit. is communism the right term? no, probably not. democracy? socialism? hell if you know, actually. you don’t even understand politics enough to place the exiles rank system within a hierarchy style.

    you hop up onto one of the tables in the cafeteria, taking a moment to settle yourself into a comfortable position (not to mention puffing out your chest a bit and trying to look as cool as you can make yourself) before even considering calling out to the exiles. you want to relish this moment, a chance to drink up the feeling of being here before you have a crowd of, most likely confused, exiles at your feet. deep breath in, long breath out, one last quick once over of your fur to make sure you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed. yeah, now you’re ready.

    ”EXILES! GATHER ROUND FOR A MEETING, BABES,” you call, certainly not as loud as damion tends to be in all his big cat glory, but suitably high volume. it’s loud enough that you’ll be heard by anyone close enough to care about a meeting. you watch as members start to filter in, and god if this isn’t a fabulous antidepressant. you almost - almost - lose yourself in the feeling, like you’re on stage, and then remember this is certainly a confusing and unexpected event to… well, literally everyone except damion, cody, and of course, you. ”before you all get your panties in a twist, no i have not in fact overthrown damion. this is some teamwork shit, you’ll hear from him after you hear from me,” you explain, your mouth twitching upwards into a gentle smirk at the word panties. it’s a funny fucking word, yeah? deal with it.

    ”anyways! let’s get right into this folks,” you begin, your voice quickly falling out of a friendly tone and into a more professional, customer service type voice. that’s right, you can be professional when you want to be - suck on that, haters. ”i’d like to start off with a warm welcome to our latest members - CAUSTIC , AVARICE , giorno g. , DIO , batcavepaw , klara. , aegis. , .ARON , KIYOSHI , maelstrom - , and sevrin,” you list off the newest crop of exiles, and jeez, that was a fucking mouth full. you’re glad, though. the more the merrier. ”welcome to all of you, we’re glad to have you living with us. if you haven’t yet, make sure to sign up for a room assignment!

    ”next up, on the topic of raids and shit: the sanctuary is now an official enemy of the state - that’s us, duh - on account of having walked into our lovely home to fuck shit up,” you say, your voice growing a little darker, angrier. ”that being said, here’s a reminder for you all. anyone who wants to can host a raid, whenever you’d like! if you want to raid a certain target, and no one else is hosting a raid on them? go fuck shit up, kids. focus on our enemies first, though. neutrals are still fair game, but enemies are more important.”

    you do a quick visual sweep, making sure you still have everyone’s attention, because you’re still not done. ”policies! y’all have done a great job at making sure to hit the polls when it comes to our policies, so here’s the verdict: all the policies from the latest discussion are now in effect. i won’t be going too far into details here, but here’s the gist: as far as neutrals, they’re fair game, but for the love of all that is holy please focus on enemies first. they’re the ones attacking us, after all,” you say, narrowing your eyes slightly as you speak. ”as far as the age limit, opinions were fairly evenly divided, so here’s the compromise: unless it is in self defense, i.e our enemies are knowingly sending children to war with us, we’ll have a six moons age limit - anyone younger is off limits for torture aside from the condition i stated before, you're still welcome to capture the kiddos, just don't turn them into scrap, yeah?” you say, taking a longer pause than between previous announcements to let people chew that one over.

    ”alright, here’s my last round of announcements before i pass the torch over,” you start, your tone shifting back to a more relaxed one to match the shift in metaphorical tone. ”cody’s hosting a game of netball, so make sure to go check that out if you’ve got time. barghest is doing checkups, and we all want to be in tip-top shape so go take advantage of that. barghest, man of action aren’t ya, is also holding a raid rally - hit him up on that you bloodthirsty animals,” you pause to take a breath, something you really need to remember more often. ”finally, reminder that we’ve got a room decorating contest going on! can i get a ‘hell yeah’ for making this prison look more like a luxury hotel?” you finish, quickly running over the various things you’ve said to make sure you didn’t forget anything. ”alright, i think that’s it for me. damie, take it away,” you conclude, winking at the lion whilst forcibly assigning him an adorable nickname.




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  • // as a note, damion+co will be checking on who shows up at meetings; only those who show up will receive their promotions, if any! the next part of the meeting will be posted MONDAY so you have until then to post with your character




  • softer than ice —

    for a moment, the little ice princess totally thought that cyrus had taken over. any sort of change — even just little ones — put penny on an edge that she would best avoid. still, that didn’t stop the little seal from finding her place and sitting comfortably. considering she was one of the first ones, there were many places for her to pick. though it once again made her nervous so she stuck to her normal, usual meeting spot near the back. once she heard that cyrus had not overthrown damion made her relax just a bit more.

    whatever cyrus had spout out made penny slightly woozy. there was a lot of information to take in, but at least there were some fun activities she could do in the meantime. the little princess continued to wait patiently until damion would take the stage.






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  • He'd had three leaders in his short tenure within the Exiles. Roman, Trash and Damion. Cody had grown used to the latter cave lion calling the shots now, so even if he was well aware that Cyrus had been asked to host the meeting didn't mean he was prepared to see the cat up there. There was some struggle even paying attention to what his co-worker was saying, the wolf constantly imagining the monochrome figure in Cy's place. Shit, I won't have to do this will I? Public speaking had never been a problem for the Commander, yet he'd never really considered acting like a big ol' policeman or politician because of his rank. He would've been more than happy helping everyone without bossing them about, for it was hassle that didn't seem worth it. Damie, take it away. Shit, all he'd done was blink and Cyrus' part was over. Now he felt bad for not listening better. Raids... contests... his ears perked and he flashed the male a smirk. "Hell yeah!" he'd echo, forcing himself to be more optimistic than he felt out of guilt.

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  • The fuck is this shit? Avarice doesn't have the attention span for this crap. A dull sort of confusion flattens the liger's expression as he listens to Cyrus drone on and on. This isn't what he'd expected from this kind of group. Something more dramatic, maybe. Or definitely at least a little less wordy. Cool green eyes squint quietly as he flattens himself to his stomach at the back of the crowd, long tail lashing against the dirt. Raid rally sounds alright, but that's just about the only part Avarice pays any attention to. A tiny little impulse wants to shout out that nobody has time for this shit, but he knows better. At least there's something good about this group. Everyone else seemed like fucking pushovers. So for now, he doesn't complain or open his mouth at all, staying as attentive as possible.

  • Well, this was an odd change of pace, wasn't it? Seeing Cyrus up there instead of Damion giving the beef of the announcements was something he hadn't been expecting. He didn't particularly care either, just as long as he got his weekly dose of recaps and such. The Anatolian Shepherd sits among the growing crowd, blinking oceanic blue eyes up at the cat as he rolls through his announcements easily. He was fine with paying attention for an indeterminable amount of time unlike a few others - they really didn't look like they wanted to be there or just kept zoning out unintentionally - and merely tapped his paw across the ground to keep his own mind from departing from his body.




  • Ah, this is ... strange. Strange to see the man in charge is not the man who gives the announcements. The lion chuckled at the thought. Coming over to sit beside Penny, an ear twitches as he drinks in the information being relayed. Welcomes, policies, and reminders - an organized set up I suppose. He has no complaints nor qualms about anything that is being said, so the vampire keeps himself silent as he awaits the second part to this "meeting", interested to say the least.

  • The male moved casually, not sure why he even bothered to come to the meeting. Since the raid rally that he had started up he had been ill. He was so hoping for shit to go down but here he was, looking prime and ready as he always did. The brute sat down with a look of boredom on his maw as things kicked off with welcomes for the new folk and then the news of the sanctuary drifted up and he couldn't help but feel even more irritated. "Oh, no not the Sanctuary. We couldn't possibly raid them. They are way too weak for us to lay a paw on them even though they attacked us. We just have to attack someone stronger than them." The man mocked the ones, mirroring their statements from the raid rally with a roll of his eyes as he looked up to the sky. Then like a hyena he cracked up laughing, jaws parting as he giggled to himself before he gave a light grin and looked back to Cyrus. They didn't know that he had their leader. They weren't going to know either because he had decided to act on his own whims currently and see where that road took him. As for the other stuff, discussions and the like he gave a light nod of his skull, not too intrigued with the talk but hell, he liked to give his opinions so he might stop by.



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  • "Im a bastard child"

    "No one will truly notice if Im gone" — Nyria

    Nyria slipped into the clearing, her icy blue gaze looking upon Cyrus calmly in a lame track post

    "Please let me die"

    "Speak" "Thoughts"

    ( *゚+✩ ) ————— Im the bad guy, duh

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  • — Sidling up to the larger lupurca, the pale hued apprentice would snicker at Barghest's jest. "We're too honorable for that, am I right?" Roseus would add onto the older male's joke before settling himself down beside them. His mouth settled into a smirk of amusement as he turned his attention back to Cyrus while the feline finished up the announcements. He liked the change of pace though, it was good of their beloved Warden wanted to test the Commanders with hosting announcements, even if it was only half of it. After all, the position of Deputy Warden was still empty and it was hard to tell who deserved the role more since both the males, Cody and Cyrus, did their jobs well. It all came down to public speaking, didn't it?



  • He arrived not long after the others, settling next to Dio with a miffed expression. A meeting? He blinked and the announcements from Cyrus were over, though he appreciated his welcome. As Barghest spoke up he rolled his eyes- could the wolf not let go of the wounds to his ego? -but he said nothing. He could stir a scene somewhere else if he still desired it. For now, the golden boy sat proudly next to his father.



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    Ugh, her first meeting. Unlike everyone else, she was new and had no idea who the leader was... or Cyrus, for that matter. Apparently some guy named Damion usually did it? Whatever, she didn't really care. Neither did anyone else - they were mostly too busy licking their wounds and trying to make their egos bigger. If the Exiles was so 'lawless', why didn't they just go raid the Sanctuary anyway? What was stopping them? Aegis had no idea. The feline ignored two specific Exilers, keeping her attention on Cyrus. Was there anything else, or could she go now?

  • Huh, this was interesting. Cyrus holding a meeting? The lion walked on over, taking a seat. He’d been not so active recently, but it was just his roleplayer with their busy life.





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  • An other meeting huh?. And it looked like Cytus was the one holding this one which meant they not needed to listen to Damion for a change which was refreshing for once, honestly listening to him all day gave the Wilson headaches. Yawning he would take himself over before seating himself down beside Tytos, the only guy here the assassin actually not minded to hang around. He seemed like a cool dude. Breakout did his best to listen to Cytus but most of the meeting was not really that much interesting for him. He just wanted to get back to his nap, having been up all night drinking.

  • The red fox walked his way through the seated members of the Exiles, hardly listening to the words Cyrus spoke. He had big plans for today and a meeting wasn't one of them, so he didn't even pause to sit and wait for the next part of announcements before pushing his way through the crowd and out the other side, humming a merry tune all the while.

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    "Alright, thanks, Cy," Damion returned with a grin, firing back a nickname of his own towards the Commander. "Icarus is demoted due to his inactivity. There are no warnings this week."

    Now that the bad news was over, here was happier stuff. "Nyria, Dio, Giorno, Avarice, if you would like, you may step up to peacekeeper or hellraiser, your choice. Barghest, I would like for you to step up to commander. In addition, since we are lacking a moonshiner, Barghest will step into that rank as well. I also want to congratulate every Exile on how well we're doing this week and make special mentions to Cyrus, Cody, Tytos, Roseus, Ivory, Penny, Batcavepaw, Aegis, Aldritch, and Klara. Keep up the good work, everyone!"

    "In addition, there will be some titles given out this week--Penny, Cody, Cyrus receive the Host and Hostess titles. Nyria and Barghest, on account of their captures, receive both Slaver and Tormentor. If anyone has suggestions for someone to receive a title, drop a message to me whenever."

    "And this week's champions are Barghest again and Ivory! Barghest has been doing a lot of work in planning raids and keeping the camp exciting with small things. On the other hand, Ivory presents a fine example of an Exile who is quick to enter discussions."

    "And unless someone else has any event to announce, this meeting is dismissed!"

    BARGHEST. + IVORY L. -- lmk how you want your trophies to look!

    // edit : forgot a promo

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  • Oh, a promotion already?

    Giorno had not been expecting it, but he... was excited. A climb in the ranks would allow him to more effectively carry out his own plans, once he got to that point, but it also meant he was being trusted- at least partially -with these peoples' well being. And, while that usually would not have been a concern of his, his thoughts drifted to Ivorybones and Penny and Dio, and he bit the inside of his cheek. The golden boy raised his chin, jewel gaze focused on Damion as he pondered whether he'd go the path of war or peace. It was obvious at first, in his mind, to be a peacekeeper, but... well, which would allow them to trust him more? If he could be a hellraiser, he could have more influence where bad decisions would lead to worse consequences for the clan. But if he got too obvious with it, what would happen?

    His eyes flashed.
    "I'd like to become a hellraiser, please."

    His fate was now sealed.



  • "Damn straight we are too honorable. Maybe we should change our policies and become pro at that. Mix it up a bit." His sarcasm knew no bounds as he looked to Ro with a snicker playing on his maw before he wiggled a little. Then he turned his head to look back as Damion took the field. Huh, welcomings of the people that were newly joined and he licked his maw on a thought. Well, there had been so many of them that he figured they should host some type of get together to get to know everyone. After all he didn't know all the faces so he figured why not. "Welcome new guys, we are happy to have ya." As things progressed he allowed a yawn to pull from his throat and then he lifted his ears at hearing the promotions. Damn, he was a commander and moonshine thing. Well, he could handle that and he got to put another trophy on the wall of Champions. Wasn't that the name? He flicked an ear in thought before shrugging his shoulders. "Thanks, Dammie for the promotions. Also congrates to you guys that get to step on up. I don't have any questions so I'll be heading out to take a good old nap."



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  • "Im a bastard child"

    "No one will truly notice if Im gone" — Nyria

    Nyria flashed a grin as she shifted her tail a bit and lifted her muzzle to look at Damion with a deternined look in her gaze "Hellraiser suits me best" she told their leader. She was sure as hell happy for this promotion and took itnto heart-dipping her head at him she glanced at Barghest with an amused look upon her face before looking at Damion and pausing and relishing in the moment, so this is how.it felt to get an promotion.

    "Please let me die"

    "Speak" "Thoughts"

    ( *゚+✩ ) ————— Im the bad guy, duh

    Nyria Stark/ storage/Wrench/Bastard