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  • It was funny to be back here, having relinquished his position as a Canon under Algernon's leadership. With Dusk no longer a significant part of the community, Ivy knew he wanted to focus on the Tribe - though he often found his paws straying back towards Mt. Kodiak, to see Jailbreak if nothing else. Thus the ex-leader was content as he stood on the border, his velvet honey-colored ears perked as he awaited someone to notice the strong floral scent drifting off his shining golden fur.

    night will come over you without visions, and darkness without divination

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    Aradia had joined Wind Haven right at the transition of leadership from Englishivy to Duskstar. As it happened, she had never even met Englishivy, and therefore didn't recognize him as she approached the canine waiting at the border. The kitsune walked slowly towards him, her red eyes narrowing a bit as she reached him. The dog appeared the kind and innocent type - the perfect victim, in Aradia's opinion. Not that her murderous ideas were ever revealed too evidently here. "Hello, how can I help you?" the Guardian asked, polite and monotonous as always.




  • With his movements fluid, the Russian blue skated over to the two with a graceful poise, then shaking off the water that dampened his paws after the ice blades melted. Ghiaccio had joined Wind Haven at the transition of Duskstar to Algernon's leadership, and the man was rightfully confused if "confused" was putting it nicely. Pushing red-rimmed glasses further upon his nose, he swished his tail in an idle movement as he waited for the stranger to get speaking.

    WRATH (noun.) — Wrath (Latin, ira) can be defined as uncontrolled feelings of anger, rage, and even hatred. Wrath often reveals itself in the wish to seek vengeance. In its purest form, wrath presents with injury, violence, and hate that may provoke feuds that can go on for centuries. Wrath may persist long after the person who did another a grievous wrong is dead.

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  • There had been quite a few transitions lately, had there not? Washington had assumed that Wind Haven would find solid footing with Duskstar, as a fair and established leader, but he had not known Englishivy well enough to assume that Dusk was better. Just what he was used to, and Washington had never been great with change. When he first began traveling around this world, he'd found himself homesick. That place was destroyed but maybe — maybe it would have been better to fall to rubble with it rather than try and place his roots down anywhere else. Those were the thoughts that had plagued him at the time, but no longer. Now he had Honey and Bee, a little hive in the making, and he would never give it up for the world. If that meant doing what he could to adjust to these changes here, he would give it a try. The lion tilts his head as he joins the other Haveners, curious and faintly warm. "Englishivy, right? I believe we crossed paths once or twice."

  • Algernon was only tangentially aware of the change that had occurred so recently; as far as he was concerned, Duskstar was the one, true, and sole leader of Wind Haven. This was illogical - obviously - but it simply felt right. After all, Duskstar had been there for Algie when he had needed it most; he had trusted him enough to lay the care of this Clan he so adored on his shoulders. That was something he could never forget, and the unexpected, unusual transition was not something his new Clanmates would let him forget, either. He still felt their unease and animosity, but there was naught he could do about it now but try to win them over. It wasn't as if he could return to the past and un-accept the offer; he could step down, of course, but some small determined part of him refused to fulfill everyone's worst expectations of him like that.

    With attentive - though slightly bemused - eyes, the Vicar loped over, staying off to one side and patiently waiting for Englishivy to speak.

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  • "It's nice to see you again, Englishivy," came the voice of the man as he arrived at the scene. It had not been too long ago that Viktor had last seen the hound, but his words were true. There had been quite a few changes as of late, but Viktor hoped they were all for the better. Wind Haven had been up and down with their joiner influx, rendering the group to be rather slow. Despite this, the past few days he begun to speed up thanks to some of the new, fresh faces around here. Now, if only, he could keep track of them all. Viktor was decent at remembering names and faces right off the bat, but he did make mistakes more often than not.

    Hearing that his question as to why the former leader was here had already been presented, the tabby feel silent. He hoped it was good news, despite not knowing the tribe Englishivy came from very well. It was a topic he needed to educate himself on, thus he would throw it into the pile. There was a lot of remember and to study these days, and he always set aside time from his daily tasks to work on them.

  • The young tom noticed a small crowd forming around someone he didn't recognize. The newcomer had a foreign scent, and the others seemed to recognize her, so he figured he'd go over and check it out. His black and white form padded over, two tails trailing behind him. He figured that she had enough to talk about already, so he simply stood there, an expression of curiosity on his face.

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  • "What do you want?" she was curt with her words, coming up to stand beside Aradia and glare daggers at Englishivy. A man she once cherished and hoped the best for, a man who promised to not abandon them and then proceeded to do so - a man who gave Duskstar leadership, perhaps knowing that he wouldn't hold it for long. Cassiopeia was beyond paranoid with the appearance of the former leader, seating herself down and waiting for Ivy to speak.

  • She stood in the back with eyes wide and staring. She didn't have much to say considering everything that could have been said was already done and gone. Her gaze did sweep over those that had arrived and she shuffled her paws before looking down at them. Hmm, her paws were kind of small and she lifted one up to peer at it before suddenly her attention was back on the creatures that all stood like a massive horde at the border before one individual. Was this stranger a threat? It didn't seem like it because no one was angry, no one was upset, and no one was biting. So perhaps they were just kind of important. But needlessly she waited with them in the back of the growing crowd, ever curious about what this was and what was going to be said next.


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