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  • How many times am I going to need a rescuer?

    First it had been Gabriel and the Clan of BlizzardClan in general. They had saved him from near-certain death and restored purpose and promise to his life. The circumstances that had brought his starving, battered body to the fringe of their land were no longer relevant, but the details were still sharp in his memory, and they served to highlight the importance of his saviors. Things had gone swimmingly for a while thereafter; he had recovered, a few promotions landed him as a Paladin alongside his boyfriend and his dear friend Leifsdottir, and all was right with the world. Though it probably shouldn't've, it came as a surprise when it all fell apart.

    First the assassination; the sudden acquisition of abilities he had not known were trapped within him; the arrival of a new body he barely understood; and then, finally, the Incident. The Incident and the months that came after were not ones he wished to discuss nor even dwell upon in his own head; besides, what was more important was the fact that he had escaped them, and that Duskstar had found him. As handsome a rescuer as Gabe had been, though markedly less mysterious, the Vicar General had rehabilitated his shattered remnants until he stood upon his own two feet again. Algernon Resurgam - emphasis on resurgam, he supposed. Hadn't Irene said it was Latin for "again"?

    How many more times will I need a rescuer?

    The Shepherd's Stone appeared in Algernon's line of sight. Dust-colored eyes took in its edges, studying the jaggedness of where the rock had perhaps tumbled from Mt. Kodiak and the places where wind and weather had created smooth planes and corners. There was a knot in the Border Collie's chest as he approached the stately boulder, fear twisting in his heart like a knot of serpents. Unable to bear the weight, he teleported directly to the top, spinning to face the village and bringing his feathered tail over his paws. He stared steadily out at the rows of cottages, the huts the Haveners claimed as their own. He admired the grayish-blue slate which comprised the roofs, noted bluejays and rooks flitting in the eaves, traced the winding ribbons of ivy that wrote verdant patterns against the stone.

    Suddenly, a groundswell of determination introduced steeliness to his posture, and without hesitation, the chocolate-and-white dog spoke, allowing his boyish voice to unfurl over the quaint town. To accompany his words, he sent up small golden flares, a bit like fireworks, so they sparkled and twinkled above where he sat on the stone.

    May this time be the last.

    "Hey, guys. If you all could lend me your ears for a minute, that'd be great." the former BlizzardClanner waited in tense but resolute silence for the Wind Haveners to gather. When they had, Algie offered a smile, taking in their expressions as they looked up at him. "My name is Algernon Resurgam. I was born a loner and ended up in BlizzardClan a little under a year ago. I lived there for a while and served in their hierarchy, but due to...certain circumstances...I disappeared for many months. I returned a few weeks ago and was found by your leader Duskstar. He helped me...he healed my wounds, he corrected my extreme case of undernourishment and dehydration, he gave me a soft and safe place to sleep..." Algernon paused, remembering the tender way the son of Zerogravity had cared for him, before continuing, "I'm not kidding when I say I owe him my life. And as we spent time together and he - basically - saved me, we got to talking about Wind Haven. This lovely group here."

    Now came the difficult part.

    "Duskstar informed me just a few days ago that we is stepping down as your leader...and he wants me to replace him. I cannot explain his reasons to you all; you'll have to ask him. However, I cannot find it in me to fail to fulfill his wishes, not after what he's done for me; and how could I turn down such an honor anyways, right?" A nervous flick of his soft ears before the Resurgam continued. "I hope you all have sufficient respect for the remarkable man who brought you to this point that you won't fight his choice. I hope you all give me the chance to prove myself a worthy leader. I have some truly enormous shoes to fill." a joking grin came onto his lips as he lifted one white paw, holding it aloft as if to do a handshake. "Uh, in terms of usual leader-meeting stuff...I'm going to let this information sink in before doing any promotions or demotions. But I can announce two things to start. First, I'm not going to be making any drastic changes, so don't worry. The ranks 'n stuff aren't going to be altered. Last, we're doing a party to celebrate Duskstar's service! He's done so much for us. It's only right that we celebrate him as he steps down. Yeah. Okay. That's it for me, and...let's hear it for our courageous leader, right?"

    With intense relief on his face, the new Vicar General of Wind Haven leapt lightly to the ground and gave a loud, jovial woof, his wheat-hued gaze seeking the familiar frame of his savior.

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    there is no courage in flirting with fear to prove you're alive

  • ⌠★⌡ Who the hell was this? No, he didn't mean his name- he already gave that, said he used to live in BlizzardClan, but who the hell was he to stand there and address them all? Honey hadn't been here very long, but he respected Duskstar and his word. He didn't know anything substantial about this Algernon, just that Dusk was nowhere to be seen and the canine was claiming to speak on his behalf as the newly instated leader. He didn't doubt that Dusk would've helped him, but- healed him? Either Dusk had been lying about his medical skills or a different person was selling misinformation. Honey couldn't see Dusk yet, so for all the faith in the feline that this Algernon was relying on to back his position, he wasn't giving any of it.

    Respecting someone -trusting them, even- didn't mean that they had to agree with every single choice. If this was somehow Dusk's decision, why would he have chosen this random stranger he nursed back to health? Why did he choose him, who knew none of the faces here, over anyone else? This didn't sit right with Honey at all, and he knew Wash could feel it where he stood with Bee.

    He gave them both a long glance before returning his gaze to Algernon, expression cast in granite. This wasn't his home. But it could be, and as long as his family was here, he needed to keep it safe. "Everyone makes mistakes."

    surely we must be more than

    L O V E . O N . T H E . R U N

  • Wash knows to be careful with leadership issues. Diplomatic turmoil had never been his style, and back home things had ran rather smoothly. Their leader stayed in charge the entire time they spent there. She handled everything fairly and calmly — he hadn't known her well during the early days of her leadership, so perhaps there had been something like this situation then. He was curious to know what it was like, certainly, but this shift of power was not something that the medic would ever want to live through personally. Though he listens respectfully, the lion's brow knits in a suspicious concern. Duskstar had earned his clan's trust and admiration. This stranger had not.

    Once he's finished his speech and the cheers have died down, Washington finds his feet slowly, doing his best to keep from jostling the sleeping weight heavy at his side. Bee is growing fast, and soon she'll be out wandering on her own, but for now he cherishes every quiet moment he has with her. It's his protectiveness of her that drives him to words, the typically mild-mannered feline speaking with careful precision. Though he glances at Honey to steel himself and ends up with his mouth twitching with a dry smile, it's not long before he's turning back to their leader. "Forgive me," he starts with a tone that says he's not truly asking for it, "but I believe our faith in Duskstar is exactly why I'm questioning your authority. None of us have seen you or what you can do for our home. Why are you more deserving of this position than others that we've grown to trust?"

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  • "I don't know, Wash."

    Algernon's voice was light and there was a mix of caution and amusement in his dust-colored eyes. He nodded in acknowledgement of Honeyguide's words but did not speak to them, choosing instead to address the medic who did more than simply insult him. "But I do know you don't need forgiveness. You ask a good question; I just wish I could answer it. Like I said before, I don't understand Duskstar's decision any better than you do, but I can say that I do not intend to disappoint him." he had nothing else to say to the lion, simply inclined his head in anticipation of a reply, his trim chocolate-and-white frame laughably fragile-looking in comparison to the medic's solidity. Where is he? They need to know this isn't a coup...

    there is no courage in flirting with fear to prove you're alive

  • Despite being new himself, his thoughts were in line with the rest of his fellow clan members. I'm sorry but WHAT? "So hold up," he interjects, voice calm for the moment, though there was a small tremble of anger from deep within. "You're telling me some random ass fresh face can hop on in and become leader for a favor? Well shit! Can I be deputy, too?" A scoff escapes his lips as dark, ebony eyes narrow in discontent. "What a good time to join the clan, am I right?!" With a huff, and ears pinning against his head, he bit his lip in an attempt to quell the rage that boiled inside him. "But okay new leader man, you're in charge I guess." And so he'd leave it at that, trying to move his thoughts to another subject - perhaps something positive - so he wouldn't kill the nearest person.

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    WRATH (noun.) — Wrath (Latin, ira) can be defined as uncontrolled feelings of anger, rage, and even hatred. Wrath often reveals itself in the wish to seek vengeance. In its purest form, wrath presents with injury, violence, and hate that may provoke feuds that can go on for centuries. Wrath may persist long after the person who did another a grievous wrong is dead.

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  • Ninja has no stance on this leadership change. He hasn't known Duskstar for very long, moreseo how he was as a leader to the Havens. He himself had only joined a short while ago. And while he did notice the air of tension between his clanmates and this new dude claiming his place as their new leader, the unicorn couldn't share that bit of disapproval. Though this didn't mean he was fully confident in Algernon's rise. This dude was an absolute stranger to him. And strangers could claim a number of things. So forgive him if he wasn't bursting with joy in this moment. "Better do a good job, stranger." he spoke. He'd get his ass handed to him if he wasn't careful about handling the responsibility. Nin didn't know what it was like to lead, but he knew when he was poking at a hive of angry bees. His stoic mood melted at Ghiaccio's burst. And he couldn't help the soft giggles that bubbles from his throat.

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  • [ welcome back! ]

    This was a rather unexpected turn of events. He could not name each and every emotion and thought that course through him, but suspicion was one of them. "While I do not trust you, I will respect what Duskstar has done," spoke the tabby as he had his way forward, hazel eyes gazing at the hound. Why would Dusk pick someone they were not familiar with? While Viktor wanted to openly question the idea, everything he had to drag up had already been addressed. Apart of him wondered why Dusk stepped down to begin with, but he hoped the former leader would arrive to clear things up before an argument broke out. "However," started the guardian, "If ya have any ill intentions, just know we will not stand for it, no matter who ya are." Viktor would welcome the change, but he remain on his toes about it. No one truly seemed to be in agreement with this, hell, even he did not like it, but he had enough respect for Dusk to give this a try.

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  • "You must at least have an idea," he pushes through the clamor of his clanmates, eyes now unwavering. Bee stirs at his side, unhappy with the commotion surrounding her small, developing ears, and he doesn't blame her. Even as an adult, he's not a fan of this noise. Honey's tension is adding to his own, and knowing that he's not the only one filled with discontent with this change reminds him of the solidarity he had always felt in Wind Haven. People here had been welcoming and kind, for the most part — they were trustworthy. Wash can't say that this stranger doesn't matter to him. Every life does. But this irritates him beyond all else. "I doubt that someone of your standing would simply accept a position you knew you were unable to handle."

    The fact that their new leader even knows his name sends a spark of concern up his spine. They'd never met before. Did Dusk tell him? If he'd had the time for that, why had he not announced this change himself? Ghiaccio (another stranger to his mind) is already in higher standing with his comments, grey eyes sparkling with a bit of bitter amusement. That was what Algernon was doing, after all. And Wash, for one, had no intention of following blindly.

    At Bianca's quiet cry, the doctor pads away from the crowd and into Honey's shoulder, leaning gently on the smaller lion and then nosing at his jaw. The birth of their kid has made him even more paranoid than before and he can feel it swirling around the edges of his own mind through their bond. His own presence in their shared space stays calming despite his anger and irritation, nudging him a little more insistently now. "Come on, let's go back to our house."


    Aradia could never say she particularly cared for politics, even within the Clan she was living in. She simply always had more important things to concern herself with, such as simply staying alive now that she had risen from the dead. It wasn't really her job to worry about politics, she thought, even when she was promoted to a Guardian.

    But something about this situation was off-putting, even to her, who thrived by being off-putting herself. Wasn't the deputy of a Clan normally the one to step up to leadership when the current leader stepped down? That made the most sense, she thought. The advisor was a long-time member of Wind Haven who had proven their loyalty and hard work, bla bla bla. Why would Duskstar replace his position with a stranger who nobody here had ever met? Neither Jailbreak nor Duskstar were even here to speak. Yes, they were supposed to trust Dusk's opinion and all - even Aradia herself could say she did - but nobody here could say they trusted Algernon yet. That was evident by the hostility that sparked between everyone at this meeting. Even Aradia herself, who usually thrived off violence, felt uncomfortable at the tension that filled this normally peaceful Clan. This wasn't normal.

    But despite all of this, Aradia couldn't say she cared too much. She was just a presence here, a product of a demonic ritual that had raised her soul from the dead. What did she have to care about politics? The kitsune sat beside her Clanmates, curling her six tails around her paws and gazing at Algernon with a look of indifference.




  • Ah, what was even going on anymore? The winged Honorguard was on the scene in the rear, observing the scenario unfold while in a track post because Dapvhir was under the weather.

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  • Draco... didn't know how to feel. The feline had been playing in between the cottages, running around with some NPC kids when the announcement was called. He had gone over, he had listened, and he was shocked. Duskstar was the only leader he had ever known, the idea of leaders changing hadn't even occurred to him. So he sat there, silent, waiting to see if one of his family members would say anything.

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  • "You have got to be fucking kidding me."

    The voice of the woman sounded, her hawk abruptly ending her quest in the skies and diving down dramatically into the crowd, landing right on Cassiopeia's left shoulder. Her eye was widened with shock, fear, terror - anger, disgust, confusion. She stared hard at the border collie, her small tail wiggling anxiously as she couldn't find the words to cuss him out with. There weren't enough words in the world for her small tantrum, not for Algernon who thought he was doing good, not for Duskstar who figured he was doing them all a favor - and especially not for Jailbreak who, thus far, refused to show up.

    Her paws allowed her to creep forward, a snarl appearing on her face as she came close to the seemingly aloof canine. There was a clear size difference, as she was small as is and he was a full on dog, but that didn't frighten her. The idea of a new leader did, "You're on so many levels of crazy if you seem to think you can chatter up on a stone and win the hearts of the crowd. You're fucking insane," she griped right to his face, claws sinking into the ground. She stared at him for a few hard moments and, without a change of face or stance, stated, "One fuck up and you're out of here, old man. I'm tired of all these damn leader changes."