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  • Ever since his father had left that day, back when he still had hands and hair and everything that had made him human, Silver had sworn that he would make it on his own. But in the two days since he had woken up, unsure of what had happened to cause him to arrive in this place, he had realised that he didn't want to be alone. As much as he hated that fear of abandonment that settled so vehemently in his gut, it was impossible to ignore. From strangers he'd paid minimum heed to, the male had heard of these Clans- communities of creatures just like himself, where he could be alone and with others all at the same time- and had decided he'd just join the first one that stumbled upon him. He wasn't picky, particularly- it wasn't like it mattered. He wasn't going to be around for long, just until someone contacted him- Krys or Gold or anyone- and pulled him out of this dump. Then he could go back to his old ways of walking around with no goal in particular, enjoying the independent life he shared with people he'd be reluctant to call friends.

    So here he was, in the territory of Wind Haven, red eyes half lidded as he sauntered. The wolf was unaware that he was in a place that belonged to these so-called Clans, and so trudged on, oblivious and with a terribly pissed-off aura emanating from his form.

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  • Declan figured that she really ought to be more aware. Always and forever lost in her own head? Guilty. Not that it was a bad thing, but the girl was aware that she'd stumbled across a whole lot of joiners lately. She - being new herself- was more than happy to oblige in the opportunity to make friends.

    So, this time around, the willowy highlander didn't jump out of her fur quite as pathetically as usual when she practically ran into the newcomer. "Oh hey," she hummed, trailing off as she watched his frustrated features. The girl took a step back, maw tilted reluctantly. "Are you alright? Do you need something?"

    While she genuinely cared, the talking made her uncomfortable. Dec preferred showing up after her clanmates, normally. They were better at this kind of stuff.

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  • Joiners were fun, he'd learned. It was fun to see how they ticked, how they reacted to whatever shit Ninja decided to pull out of their head, see just how far he could take it. He used to be aaalll over doing that when he was younger. Nowadays he was a bit more cautious. But at the least, his name was still enough to grant him odd looks. It was something he'd never get tired of. Yawning, the unicorn would waltz on over beside Declan and offer the- seemingly upset?- stranger a lazy grin. "'sup. I'm Ninjasexparty."





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  • Not out of the ordinary, but Cass remained silent as she approached, her paws landing her right beside Declan as she looked the newcomer up and down. He hadn't said anything yet, but his demeanor was already not her favorite. After all, he was so blatantly trespassing on their land. She was over accepting ignorance as an excuse, considering that there were Clans littering every bit of Agrelos now. Aquila flew overhead, whereas Cass' claws dug into the ground, as per usual.

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  • He knew he wouldn't have to walk far to find someone, and here they were. Though, even with there being three of them they didn't provide much useful information. No, in fact, none of them did anything useful to him except give a generic offer of help. Oh, just wonderful; now he needed to ask questions. "Firstly, I want to know where I am," he replied in response to Declan, nodding his head in greeting to Ninjasexparty and Cassiopeia. "If this is one of these so-called 'Clans', then I'm looking to join," Silver explained, scarlet gaze sweeping over those gathered as they spoke. He noticed the mono-eyed girl look him up and down, and narrowed his eyes in silent response; this was as good as a first impression was going to get, really.

    He could be alone soon. Later, he'd have the time to try to reach out to Krys or Gold or Lyra, to try to find out what happened to him.




    Aradia was the next to arrive, smile already forming at the corners of her snout as she silently crossed the grass towards the gathering group. He seemed a bit fiery, a bit less polite than people usually were when they stood at their doorstep waiting for help. Now, treating her Clanmates with this subtle lack of respect certainly seemed just ungrateful.

    Aradia smiled, for Passerbyboy could possibly be a challenge. And challenges were so, so interesting. For no matter how much of a challenge they could be, most could be driven to horrifying fear by Aradia. And if they weren't - well, they'd eventually learn a sorry lesson.

    But the kitsune stopped beside the nervous Declan, unfurling her crow-like wings and placing one lightly over the girl's back as she gazed at the stranger. Her smile said intrigue, her eyes said murder, but her words were polite and calm - if not with a mischievous undertone that usually laced her voice. Enough to be subtle, but enough for someone to feel uneasy as they wondered what ran through the vampire's mind.

    "Well, you are certainly welcome to join. You are in Wind Haven," Aradia informed him, unsettling smile growing a bit. "We would love to have you join us, of course. If only you'd tell us your name," the Guardian went on. So sickly sweet. One could only wonder what her intentions were, if they dared to.




  • "Yep! Specifically, you're at the base of Mt. Kodiak in South Orcadia." sometimes it was helpful to know where, geographically, you were; that had been one of the first questions he had asked Duskstar upon their first meeting. Or, at least, the first time he had been well enough to speak. The implicit question was How far am I from BlizzardClan? and the deepest, darkest meaning of the question was How far is my assassin? The trouble with having been killed once before, and never having found the killer's identity, was that forevermore you were looking over your shoulder in tense apprehension of an oncoming blade. How often had he woken out of a deep slumber, possessed by a crazed certainty that he would again feel the bubbling of the blood from his own jugular?

    Too often.

    But he was here now, and - allegedly - he was safe. And he was glad to lean on his old patterns and habits, using the knowledge he had acquired during his Paladin days to try and welcome newcomers to the Clan. His Clan, apparently - provided he was not overthrown by one or the other of his outspoken opponents. Thus the chocolate-and-white canine was there, standing at the edge of the group, his dust-colored gaze steady on the red-eyed stranger.

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  • Silver kept cold crimson eyes on Aradia as she sauntered over, an unreadable expression on her face; something between happiness and hatred all between the look in her eyes and the grin on her face. What, was she trying to be mysterious? He almost scoffed at the thought, judgement coming from such a strange, overly-complicated creature with ebony wings and multiple tails. The next person seemed a bit friendlier, and though Silver didn't care for niceties it was slightly more tolerable than a look he could not decipher. And, Aradia had asked him his name; something he didn't really tend toward disclosing. The fact that his father likely did not reside in this world, one where 'people' were creatures not unlike Pokémon (but not human, either), didn't really occur to him- there was no Team Rocket here, no illegal rise of a crime group. Yet, Silver still saw himself labelled as 'the son of Giovanni' if he were to tell them his real name.

    And anyway, he was just passing through. Which brought him to an alias; "Passerbyboy. Call me whatever, I don't care." he hummed, folding his ears back slightly. Eyes of scarlet would then flicker to Algernon, shrugging his shoulders at the words. He didn't't know what this place was, and frankly he didn't really care to find out. "Honestly, none of what you're saying makes any sense to me. But I'd appreciate being lead to a place I could stay."



  • She didn't like his attitude. As much should be clear as her ears drew backwards and Aquila sounded off a warning call, feeling the discomfort within her companion even at the height she drifted, "Your name is too long," she huffed, hardly acknowledging that his name was still shorter than her own, "Does Bitchboy fit you well? I think it does. Welcome to Wind Haven, Bitchboy, I'm Cass," she introduced herself with a slightly tilted tone, however her face didn't betray her and remained still and stoic.

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