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  • Of course, of COURSE! Of all the godDAMNED ways I come in here through it's through the fucking! FUCKING! Forest! Serves me right for trying to find a home, huh? Huh?! When I finally find him and get my fucking claws around his neck I swear I'll - deep breaths Ghia, deep breaths. This is friendly territory here! The light-furred Russian blue, with his pitiful attempt at a smile, had his paws delicately enclosed in a casing of ice, blade-like icicles beneath his paws acting as skates that took him gliding over bumps in twigs and rocks as the ice beneath him followed his every move.

    I'm here! I'm here dammit FINALLY! Fuck trying to find this place! Who the hell lives surrounded by all these fucking mountains? And they WONDER why no one visits them? I think going to have a goddamn stroke if I fuckin' - IF I FUCKIN'! But through a sudden, incessant bout of the sweats, his deep brown eyes flickered to-and-fro around the territory, ceasing his ice elemental to allow himself to push up his red-rimmed glasses. Ooh they're here alright, I sense them for sure. Wonder how much longer it'll take me to be standing here on their border before one comes to say hello. He tapped a paw rhythmically against the ground, humming for the briefest of moments before squeezing his mouth and spastically shivering, inhaling sharply before letting out an enraged yell, "HEY IS SOMEONE GOING TO COME FUCKING GREET ME OR WHAT? I'M GOING TO LOSE IT JUST WAITING HERE!" Oh dammit, dammit! Nice going you moron!


                "Well, aren't you polite?" Aradia replied quietly, voice level and uneasily calm compared to the stranger's shouting. The kitsune made her way slowly towards the border, six black tails flicking back and forth as the tiniest smile of amusement pricked at the sides of her mouth, revealing stained red fangs. Her walk was agonizingly slow, as if teasing the newcomer with his impatience - she moved at the pace of a snake, slowly inching forward, waiting, watching its prey. Ready to strike at any time. And she certainly looked ready to strike, for the Guardian took out a knife, holding the stained metal weapon between her front claws, keeping her red gaze fixed on Ghiaccio as she fiddled nonchalantly with the blade. "Are you in a hurry to be somewhere?" the canine asked after a moment, her voice teasing, tilting her head. Sinisterly sweet. Hopefully this boy knew better than to yell at her once more.

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  • Declan cringed, bright brown luminaries narrowing in suprise as the foriegn voice pierced her ears. The girl's lips twisted in concern as she considered his anger stricken tone. Confrontation? Hm. it didn't seem like the best idea with her particularly futile set of claws - not that she would resort to aggression anyhow. It made her uncomfortable to think about.

    Declan managed a cautious smile as she approached, lingering a few paces away. Well... despite his temper, he'd respected the border. "Sorry," she murmured gently, sitting back on on her haunches. "My name is Declan! Welcome to Wind Haven."

    The the fem sighed in relief as she noticed Aradia. Thank God. With a polite blink at the newcomer, she edged toward the Guardian.

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  • The shouting had nearly scared to him death, ripping his attention away from the mouse that fiddled about just ahead. Even the mouse ran away in fright at the shouting, causing the guardian to snort in disdain. It did not sound like someone got hurt or a fight had broke out, but he was still not completely sure. With haste did the tabby make his way over to the scene, hazel eyes looking towards the stranger. What was his problem?

    "Where's the fire?" asked the tom, not quite sure what all this yelling was about. The guardian cast a glance at the two girls who had arrived before him, only to have his attention return to the stranger. "Sadly, you're not entitled to anything here, so I'd watch it, buddy."

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    Oh good, okay people are here. He let his haunches fall in relaxation, the fur along his spine sinking back from its previous spike. "I want to join Wind Haven," he says, precisely to the point. What's the point of bothering with these people's insults? They're not worth a moment of my time. Okay, okay, people started introducing themselves - oh no, so only one introduced themselves, shit! "My name is Ghiaccio, and it's pronounced Gee-at-cho, not "Jye-ah-chee-o", not "Gee-eye-see-oh", okay? Okay, cool! It's nice to meet you uh ... Declan!" I almost forgot her name for a minute oh fuck me.

    Then, as the third person who'd arrived relayed his little statement, the corner of one of Ghia's dark eyes twitched nervously. The feline bit his lip harshly in an attempt to quell the anger that arose from within his throat like bile, his limbs trembling slightly yet uncontrollably. "Ha ~ Ha, ha, never said I was buddy!" There was a forced happiness and enthusiasm drawn from his voice, ice slipping briefly over his paws before thawing as quickly as it'd come. "What's your guys' names? Miss Declan here was quite polite to give me hers first."

  • A sign escaped him as Ghiaccio went on before Viktor took a seat. He supposed they would be here for a bit. None the less, he was curious to see how this individual would pan out in the long run. Most of the haveners here were mellow and polite, give or take a few exceptions. Viktor knew they would hammer this one out like a coin, and he was interested in seeing the whole process. The man allowed a small smile to crawl across his face. While he found the other to be rather rude, he would simply do that his mother as always said: Kill them with kindness.

    "It's nice to meet you then, Ghi." How the Ghiaccio would take the nickname was a mystery to him, but he was willing to entertain the idea. Ah, he had forgotten to introduce himself. More times than most did the guardian remember to announce his identity, but there were a few times it slipped his mind. "Sorry 'bout that. My name is Viktor, one of the higher ups around here. If ya got any questions, I'd be happy to help," the feline meowed before adding a wink of an eye at the end.

  • Declan glanced at Victor hopefully. She sensed he was trying to defuse the situation, so the fem nodded warmly alongside his words to Ghia. The last thing she wanted was anymore tension in the air, especially since the new guy buzzed with discontent. The highlander wiped a nervous expression off her face, willowy frame swaying slightly as she waited for a reply.

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  • Ghi? Ghi, Ghi, GHI?! His muscles tensed as his forced smile grew wider, trying to the best of his ability to calm down. "It's fine," he manages to get out, his voice now suddenly much more smoother than beforehand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Viktor. I ah - apologize for the outburst, y'know, ah ... bad day." It's an excuse at least! Despite various lengths in measures he'd taken for therapy with his anger, it only seemed to make it worse, and every attempt to pressure him into being polite was another crack in his already thinly worn outer shell. "It's a pretty place, I'll give it that ... HELL of a climb though, seriously! Who decides to live up here?!" Well, he did, apparently.

  • ”We all have those days, not to worry.” Thankfully, Viktor had more good days compared to the bad, and he was happy with that. While he was not sure if Ghi was being completely honest, the tabby would take it either way. Viktor nodded in Declan’s direction in greeting at the girl’s arrival before looking back to Ghiaccio. “It is a bit difficult, but at least we don’t live at the very top of the mountain.” He could not image living up their for he would have find himself a pair of wings if that was the case. “Would you like a tour?”


  • "Fuckin' hell, aren't you quite the character?" Cassiopeia didn't take well to this shouting from the cat. If she could hear him clearly through the rolling hills and above her hawk causing a ruckus of her own, then this man was clearly too loud. Or, maybe that was her powers malfunctioning. Either way, it was quickly evident that she didn't like him. He didn't need her approval, nobody did, but that didn't mean that she would give it anyways, "Quit the flip flopping and the yelling. We have babies on the territory, and no one wants to hear you scream," she huffed, standing beside Declan despite not really liking the baby-faced girl. Bad day or not, Cass never yelled. She used choice words and went on tangents, but never yelling.

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