I Can't Fix You - Headache

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  • Today had started on somewhat normal; normal as in she woke up before the rest of her family did. But what caused her to wake up was a throbbing pain in her head, something the kitten had yet to experience. She had headaches before but nothing was compared to the pain that seemed to just be stuck in her head. Instead of crying Nebby stood up from her makeshift bed, quickly leaving the cottage she shared with her mother and brother. The sun had just hardly peeked from where it rested during the night; but that didn't help her anyway.

    If anyone was up early they'd notice the small kitten dashing from her home. To make things worse Nebula managed to harm herself during the night. There was a small wound between her ears, blood slowly making its way through her thick fur. It wasn't possibly as bad as it could be, as the wound wasn't as deep as it seemed. Still there wasn't anyway she'd stop moving until the pain began to drift away. Despite all of this going on Neb didn't appear to be crying, instead she looked more on the angry side. Possibly blaming someone or something else for causing her to go through this obvious discomfort.


    Burn The House Down —— tags.

    // Decided it was time for Nebby to begin having her horns grow in. They won't be noticeable but she'll have two small nobs between her ears. She also managed to injure herself so there's a small wound on her head. If there's a medic or someone is trained they'll need to work with her to fix the problem.


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    Aradia smelled blood. The vampire could pick up on the metallic scent of it from miles away. Immediately she was drawn to it, but unfortunately if the blood ran from one of her Clanmates, she wasn't allowed to feed. That would just be unacceptable, it seemed.

    The kitsune was never one to get out of bed so early in the morning, as she was usually a night owl, but nothing kept her away from the scent of blood. She began to seek it out, tasting it in the air before she finally came across a kitten. The woman let out a sigh when she realized it was a Clanmate. So much for ripping the child open and savoring her delicious blood. It was downright annoying to restrain herself sometimes, but she had an allegiance to the Haven now. She wasn't about to blow it by kiling her Clanmates, at least not yet. For some reason, they trusted her, and Aradia truly didn't intend on killing them for the moment. After all, this was a place she could call home now.

    "You smell injured, my dear," the large canine commented, beginning to grin. But she couldn't let her glee become too obvious. "Is everything alright?" the Guardian went on to ask, slowly leaning down so she was not towering over the child.




  • If the child was injured, he supposed it was a good thing he had been in the area. Having not slept much that night, the feline was up and about, dusting his house and putting things back into their place. He had failed to really do a deep clean, but he figured he might as well start on it. Viktor, too, noticed the scent of blood and he ceased his current activities. Quickly did he grab his bag of herbs and such and was quick to follow the child.

    It had not taken long for him to catch up with her and to find Aradia in the process. The male nodded his head in greeting to her before he looked to the child, noting the injury upon her head. "Would you like Dr. Viktor to patch ya up?" inquired the man before flashing the girl a smile. He had not been able to exercise his canon position in awhile, and now was a good time. The injury did not seem severe, thus the cat was confident he could take care of it with ease.

  • Draco was a pretty light sleeper, so activity in the cottage would stir him. Nebula was quiet, so it wasn't enough to truly grab his attention. The two-tailed feline would shift in his bed, eyes remaining closed for the moment. The door make a small sound as it closed, but that didn't register as anything in his mind. The kitten rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

    Some soft voices, sounding far away, would disturb the kitten once again. This time, Draco lifted his head up, blinking his dark purple eyes open. A small mew escaped his lips, but he quickly shut up in fear of angering mother. She would not be happy if he woke her up at this hour. The tom pushed his legs out, stretching briefly to wake up, before softly getting onto his paws and heading out in the direction of his sister's voice.

    White paws made next to no noise on the ground as he came to a halt, face scrunched with confusion. What was Nebula doing up? What was all the fuss? "Wh- wait are you ok?" Draco asked, spotting the dried blood partway through his statement. "Nebby, what happened?" the kitten added, concern and confusion lacing his words. The sheer amount of blood was concerning to him, but then again any amount of blood would put him out of ease. Surely everything would work out, right?

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  • It was rather an abnormal thing for Nebula to be given attention over what she saw as a small scratch. Sure her other guardian had kept her in line; but she still managed to keep any small wounds from getting worse. A split second she'd thought it was her mother approaching her, ready to start firing words at her despite this horrid headache. The sight of Aradia did cause Nebby to begin panicking; never having a true introduction from most of the group.

    Once Viktor appeared she did calm down, remembering their brief meeting when she'd came in look of her mother. A familiar face was better then an unfamiliar one in this circumstance. "I'm fine.....really.... My head has just been pounding since early this morning." She replied before sitting down, still unsure what had caused her head to begin bleeding. It was odd placement for any sort of wound, being right between the kitten's ears.

    "I want the pain to stop...please" The pain seemed to be getting worse the longer they went back and forth. Even then Nebby kept enough together to resist the urge to cry like most kittens would. The one thing that skipped over the kid's head was how her mother had horns. She didn't understand that this may very well be where she began growing her own.


    Burn The House Down —— tags.


    How bad did we want it and good did it feel

    ( Driving fast until we crashed into each other's hearts )

    Wind Haven ☆ 6 Moons ☆ Plotting ☆ PENNED BY DarkenedMemories

  • Despite the silence that either of her children tried to accomplish, the woman awoke shortly after her son left their small home, shredded ears drawn back in distaste. She had half the mind to roll over and let whatever happened, happen. They were apprentice age, they were free to do what they wished. However, the disgusting feeling in the pit of her stomach, the maternal instincts that she was cursed with, forced her to roll out of bed. Aquila was way ahead of her, landing down beside Nebula and giving Cass sights as to what the commotion was about. Cass arrived soon after.

    She sat herself down, claws dipping into the soft dirt, "Can't you just give her some seeds?" she muttered, looking towards Viktor.

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  • "Of course," he responded before he began to dig around within the plastic bag. Despite the plastic being cheap, it appeared to hold up rather well. While it was no leather satchel like Jericho's own bag, it did the job. Finally locating a few poppy seeds, the tabby presented them. "These are just poppy seeds, but they'll help with any pain ya got," Viktor meowed, his voice warm. He knew what headaches were like, and while his had only been minor, they were painful all the same. When it came to migraines, he had heard quite a few horror stories, but had yet to experience one. "Make sure to stay hydrated as that will also help with any headaches." A lack of water intake was a common cause for a headache, so staying hydrated was very important.

    He cast a glance at Cassiopeia before his eyes narrowed. Viktor failed to respond to her and rotated his attention back onto Nebula. Digging up some cobwebs from the bag, he attempted to press them against her head in a firm yet gentle manner. This wound did not appeared to be serious, but the bleeding did need to be stopped. "Those seeds should kick in after a few moments. If your headaches continue, I'll need to see you again so we can try something else."