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    As the world comes to terms with the idea of superhuman people walking among them, standout cities take the lead in seeking a balance between equality and control. Milwaukee, San Diego, Phoenix, and several other major cities are the most progressive in achieving this balance. Other cities, still reluctant to allow such powerful beings in their midst, struggle to look beyond the past incidents. Namely, Seattle, Boston, and Illinois have the highest crime rate for human-against-superhuman and superhuman-against-human incidents. Protests in these unwelcoming cities turn to riots, threats turn into reality, and chaos becomes inevitable.

    Within Chicago, superhumans live in hiding, only revealing their powers in costume. Good guys in costume run rampant, fighting both borderline terrorist civilians and villains alike. Should a person be revealed to the public to have powers, whether they are a hero or not, it can be guaranteed that they will be hunted down. In present day, tensions are especially high following the very public murder of a well-known superhuman. This man, known for his charming equality speeches and unmatched strength, was found early morning on the busy city streets, in civilian clothes, littered with bullets. Humans blame villains, superhumans blame anti-superhuman groups.

    Political ploys become evermore present with each superhuman death. There is no telling who is truly behind the disarray within the city, as everyone will point a finger at someone different. Corrupt leaders are a given, but so are the wicked villains looking for civilian demise. Superhumans must choose their part, as the bad guy or the underground savior. Perhaps most will remain as human as they can.

    plotting thread

    roleplay thread



    FULL NAME: Sebastian Wade

    ALIAS: The Ram

    NICKNAMES: Seb, Bastian

    AGE: 26

    GENDER: Male

    BIRTHPLACE: Chicago, Illinois

    AFFILIATION: Villains

    POWERS: Telekinesis, enhanced hearing

    HEIGHT: 6'0"



    PHYSICAL DISABILITIES: Nystagmus, the involuntary shaking of his eyes. He is legally blind and can only make out some colors and basic shapes.


    STREET CLOTHING: Sebastian tends to dress business casual. He wears tan-brown dress shoes and dark blue or grey chinos with a simple button-up shirt. In cold weather, he wears a V-necked sweater over his button-up and in snow he will wear a heavy black winter coat. He has a pole to guide him when without his dog.

    COSTUMING: Sebastian's outfit consists of an under-layer of mildly fitted black pants, black short boots, and a pale brown long-sleeved shirt. Over his shirt is a long, heavy black leather vest decorated with symbolic goat heads colored gold. Brass is attached to the collar of the vest and covers his ribcage and back. A grey ram's skull mask is fitted to conceal his face. ram mask

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Intuitive, cunning, assertive, valiant, persistent, tranquil, bold, assertive.

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Apathetic, unpredictable, blunt, bullheaded, unreliable, manipulative.

    STRENGTHS: His telekinesis can toss a car down several blocks, and anything within two blocks can be used. He is extremely apathetic, thus leaving him no real concern for damage caused.

    WEAKNESSES: He is blind; he depends on telekinesis like a force field to keep from running into things or people. Using telekinesis on frequently on heavy objects like cars can drain his strength quickly.

    MAJOR WEAKNESS: High-pitched sounds, like dog whistles, and low-pitched sounds, like fog horns, disable him.

    BRIEF HISTORY: Sebastian was born in Chicago to a middle-class family. His was blind at birth. He grew up in a quiet suburb, where the city's unrest didn't seem to have an affect. His parents were powerful superhumans, but underground and controlling of their childrens' powers as well. They always remained neutral throughout his childhood and never showed any affiliation with one side or the other. As far as he knew, they were as normal as their neighbors. Though he relied on telekinesis to guide him and bounce him away from anything, his parents got him a guide dog to blend in better. When he moved out to study teaching downtown, he began to learn about the anti-superhuman groups and their reckless actions against anyone with powers. This bothered him, but not enough to turn him villainous. His turning point was more of an opportunity than a tragedy when he had learned about anti-superhuman riots taking place downtown. He acted against them, wearing what would become his outfit, along with other villains looking to disrupt the riot. history can be fleshed out among siblings.

    SEXUAL/ROMANTIC ORIENTATION: Asexual, biromantic


    RELATIONS: (open)

    Victor Wade, twin brother, partner in crime

    Perla Wade, younger sister, villain (partner in crime^2? depending on lilbug's finished app)

    NEMESIS: (open)

    HOME: He has a small townhouse with four bedrooms. He claimed the master, Perla claimed the second largest room.(open for two more roommates)

    OCCUPATION: Aside from wreaking havoc, Sebastian is a teacher for the blind.

    PETS: He has a black labrador named Millie for a guide dog.


    He or Malik will die. Depends on character arc.

    Could use a partner in crime, maybe one of his siblings?

    For a starting plot, a riot could be taking place, villains and heroes alike add to the fighting.


    FULL NAME: Malik Tamir

    ALIAS: N/A


    AGE: 23

    GENDER: Male

    BIRTHPLACE: Boston, Massachusetts

    AFFILIATION: Underground

    POWERS: Pain inducement and distribution; he can cause pains to otherwise unharmed persons, can draw actual pain/injury from a person to himself or others. Mimicry; he can sound and act exactly like a person he's interacted with. Honesty manipulation; he can draw the truth out of someone or change what they believe to be the truth.

    HEIGHT: 5'8"



    PHYSICAL DISABILITIES: Severe migraines.


    STREET CLOTHING: Malik keeps it simple with the usual pair of black jeans, a loose sweatshirt, and Converse sneakers. He only layers a coat on if he deems it cold enough for one. At home, or grocery shopping, he goes for a comfortable jogger sweats and hoodie look. He survives off of sunglasses, and will wear these indoors or out. On duty, he wears black tennis shoes with his EMT uniform.


    POSITIVE TRAITS: Thoughtful, open-minded, welcoming, talkative, spontaneous, persuasive, congenial

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Brash, stubborn, fearless, dubious, enigmatic, brazen, devious

    STRENGTHS: He is not afraid of pain or death, and will transfer injuries momentarily onto himself to determine how to save a person. His mimicry is best used against people in traumatic instances, and he can easily persuade people into spilling the truth, or what he deems to be the truth.

    WEAKNESSES: Can be crippled with migraines, making him unable to mimic people, control pain, or even walk. Taking pain subjects him to falling unconscious and temporarily inoperable, depending on the injury at hand.

    MAJOR WEAKNESS: Temperatures. Anything too cold (freezing temperatures, ice cold water) or too hot (fire, temperatures over 90) renders his main powers of pain inducement/distribution and mimicry useless.


    SEXUAL/ROMANTIC ORIENTATION: Bisexual, biromantic, male leaning.


    RELATIONS: N/A (open)


    HOME: He owns a small studio apartment.

    OCCUPATION: Paramedic/EMT, typically night shifts.

    PETS: He has a handful of fish that he treats like children.

    PLOT IDEAS: (if he's gonna die) he could be distributing a dying person's pain onto him, and when they can't be saved in time, he dies too. Or trades his life for theirs accidentally.

    If he started off in a relationship or close to one that would be cool and keep his character mused probs

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  • Tracking

    adamance I would be interested in having her be one of Sebastian's siblings if you would be open to that??

    I won't be active June 14th as I am graduating!

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  • Turns out i cant study when i have ideas for this character distracting me. Whhoopz. So heres another addition to the wade family~ decided on a twin. I think i got the important stuff down. I'll be fixing typos + adding stuff once my school stuff is done //


    My only friend was the man on the moon





    FULL NAME: Victor Wane

    ALIAS: opinions are divided over the shadow's existence. With little evidence, we are left with many speculations but little information to go by. Some believe it's nothing but fuel for conspiracy theorists, others think it's another villain . Grainy footage from a security camera has shown a lone silhouette following the Ram's path of destruction moments after the villain passes. Is it a recording glitch or something worth pursuing? Reports from eyewitnesses have also revealed...

    [click to read more]

    NICKNAMES: vic

    AGE: 26

    GENDER: Male

    BIRTHPLACE: Chicago, Illinois

    AFFILIATION: Villain


    its this:

    As quoted from Victor himself, " It's the opposite of stealing the limelight. the more i give, the less im seen".

    Victor is able to amplify other superhumans' abilities. contrary to what most people might assume, Invisibility isn't his main power; it's a side affect. Whenever he uses his power, he simply vanishes clothes and all. Poof, gone. It should be noted that though he can increase someone's abilities, he can't make them immune to their own weaknesses.

    HEIGHT: 5'11


    BODY MARKINGS: Victor has a few tattoos, one on his



    STREET CLOTHING: Simple and casual, Victor will often be spotted wearing a plain t-shirt topped by a leather jacket.

    COSTUMING:he's invisible for most of this. But he does wear a costume just in case. Clothing(?), and leather gloves in an attempt to leave as little evidence as possible. The mask he wears is similar to what this person is wearing. crow mask

    POSITIVE TRAITS: curious, observant, loyal, protective.

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: brash, evasive, snappy, immoral , skeptical, irritable.


    +Invisibility occurs when he actively channels his power to bolster another person's.

    +Physical contact is not needed to unleash his ability but he does have to stay close. Hes able to go as far as a length of a football field before his power loses its hold. So he has to stay aware of the distance between him and whoever he's assisting.

    +fighting (woah how long was this called self dense )


    -When invisible he still has a shadow, so that's a bit of a flaw.

    - Not long after he became seb's partner in crime, he begun to experience temporary disappearance of body parts the longer he uses his power. In one occasion his arm- though he could feel it was still there- failed to reappear with the rest of his body when he ceased using his power.

    -Invisibility doesn't equal invulnerability.

    -Even if he isn't actively using it, His power is constantly radiating out, boosting any superhuman near him. But its a largely diluted version of active amplification. This includes boosting an opponent's power if they get close enough to him. People with good control of their powers probably wont even notice it. Honestly, how this passive ability effects people varies.

    These are more indirect weaknesses that have a greater consequence for other people. Starting with:

    -Amplifying someone who cant control the superpower is a disaster in the making.

    -Could potentially make someone addicted to the rush of power.

    MAJOR WEAKNESS: Here is a vital fact victor is unaware of: if he continues channeling his energy out, He'll become permanently invisible .

    BRIEF HISTORY: (wip will update to correlate with siblings history)

    Victor was oblivious of his powers until he was sixteen, unknowing of the constant power boost he gave to his siblings. Up until then his parents had thought he was an anomaly within the family. A mundane bless; a child they didn't have to worry about being discovered. However it wouldn't be until years later, that the invisibility started to kick in.

    Victor admitted that, though he cared for them, his ten year old self secretly (or not so secretly given his sister's power) begrudged his super-powered siblings. But his power going undetected for so many years was beneficial to him. His parents were less controlling- or perhaps less interested in the comings and goings of a powerless child - letting him visit friends and even sleeping over at their place. In some occasions Victor had also attempted to persuade his parents to let Seb' come along to his outings rather than spend another weekend working on their powers. Such an effort was never needed for P, who appeared to be their parent's favourite.

    Skip forward to adulthood and you would find him working as a- well.. he didn't have an official job. He didn't really seem to have much interest in doing anything, finding a new job as soon as he got bored. He spent a lot of time just travelling from city to city. Explored the country; tried to find something that caught his interest He returned to this place after hearing about the rise in human against superhuman violence, becoming concerned over his siblings whereabouts and well-being.

    While he wholeheartedly accepted the role as a villain, He didn't mean to make a career out of thievery. it just turned out he quite enjoyed the challenge of it. Initially just pickpocketing and looting the odd house, when Perla came into the picture he was able to turn invisible and take on more risky places. Admittedly not as challenging when he was invisible but with Perla's powers, the two of them were able to get a bigger haul of cash / information they could sell off to interested parties.

    SEXUAL/ROMANTIC ORIENTATION: bisexual biromantic



    (open, maybe a childhood friend? or someone he met during his travels?)

    Perla Wade, his younger sister

    Sebastian Wade, twin brother

    NEMESIS: if applicable.

    HOME: Although he rents a small apartment elsewhere, he frequently visits seb so they can plan. (?)





    PLOT IDEAS: victor flips allegiances ? Since he's loyal to his brother, he'll just try to go back underground.

    Vic becomes permanently invisible.

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  • me: gr8 job guys love all the detail

    also me: *rewrites my entire apps to keep up with the talent*

    y'all gotta slow down n not have such developed characters, i fuckin run this thread knock it off !

    i'm gonna make a plot thread hella soon bc i just wanna start lmao these characters are so good

    edit. when did swearing become legal again on ff? yeet

  • Your forms are good too though but i guess u could say you see everyones forms as




    sorry i saw an opportunity and had to lolol

    A plotty thread sounds good!

  • tracking ~ wip

    ♡ Lɪғᴇ ʙᴇɢɪɴs ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴄᴏᴍғᴏʀᴛ ᴢᴏɴᴇ ᴇɴᴅs ♡



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    Message me if you want to plot or collab! I don't bite!

  • Done!


    ✘ Benjamin Amadeus Wilde


    PRESENT NAME Benjamin Amadeus Wilde

    ALIAS NAME Tsunami

    NICKNAMES Ben, Benny, Benji, Ama (by his sister)

    GENDER Male

    ACCEPTED PRONOUNS Masculine pronouns

    SEXUALITY Heterosexual, heteroromantic

    AGE 22 years old

    AFFILIATION Super hero

    BIRTHDAY August 8th

    BIRTHPLACE New York City

    POWERS His main power is control over water/ice. He can control the temperature of water as well, manipulating ice in a fraction of a second to create a shield or restraints for a villain as needed. If he wants to get wet, he can or he can stay dry in the rain. Water does not heal his injuries instantly, but it speeds up the process. His powers are similar to Spiderman's in a lot of ways except with ice/water instead of webs.



    HEIGHT Ben has always been easy to spot in a crowd, standing nearly a head taller than everyone he's ever met at about 6'4. He is thin and lean, but first glances as the young man are often deceiving. Despite being tall and kind of lanky, Benjamin has spent years building up muscle and can easily hold his own in a fight. With his curly dark brown hair and his brooding dark brown eyes, he gives off a mysterious aura that drives people crazy. Though he doesn't smile often, the simple gesture is quite stunning when it actually makes an appearance., His smile also tends to make people uneasy, wondering what kind of trouble he's been getting into or what he might have planned. There's a scar through the edge of his left eyebrow and a dark scar that stretches from the middle knuckle on the back of his right hand down to his wrist that add to the mystery.

    WEIGHT Though he's tall and thin, he's decently toned up and often has no problem defending himself. He weighs in at about 150 pounds, though most of it is attributed to his height and muscle weight.

    HAIR Curly dark brown hair that hangs over his forehead and occasionally over his eyes when he doesn't have time to get it cut. His face is clean shaven and he rarely has to shave it.

    SKIN Caucasian skin, light but slightly tanned from years spent working or playing outside. Occasional freckles or spots are apparent on his skin, but other than that his skin is untouched by anything that might be considered a flaw.

    EYES Dark brown, brooding eyes that stare right through you and seem to be able to read every thought in your head despite that not being part of his power. Can change to bright and mirthful in a second but always radiate mischief and a child-like playfulness.

    SCARS There's a scar through the edge of his left eyebrow and a dark scar that stretches from the middle knuckle on the back of his right hand down to his wrist that add to the mystery. Scars almost no one ever sees include two on his torso, one over his liver and another over one of his kidneys from a surgery he had when he was a kid. Of course various scars litter his body from years of fighting crime.

    MODIFICATIONS None yet but he definitely wants some ink

    STREET STYLE Most of the time Ben can be found in a black pair of jeans and an oversized t-shirt or sweater. When he can get out of wearing jeans, he wears joggers or sweatpants instead with simple old tennis shoes. If he has to dress up, he does the bare minimum with a button up and a tie if he absolutely has to. He wore skinny jeans once but will adamantly deny that if anyone asks.

    SUPER SUIT STYLE Light fabric sewed into what basically functions as a skin-tight onesie, his super suit is white and light blue with the ability to turn darker in stealth situations. His mask is blue and covers most of his face, save his mouth and chin and his eyes (simiolar to the Flash). Gloves cover his hands, hiding his scar that would make him easier to identify without the get-up.

    PHYSICAL HEALTH Years of being a hero have allowed him to get himself into pique physical condition, toned and healthy despite occasional broken bones and bullet or knife wounds.


    POSITIVE TRAITS Kind, selfless, brave, loyal, charismatic, funny, clever, light, helpful, compassionate, good

    NEUTRAL TRAITS Observative, intelligent, personal, involved

    NEGATIVE TRAITS Reckless, secretive, scared, loner, self-loathing, guilty, self-blaming, bad at opening up to people

    STRENGTHS Selfless and brave, funny and quick, wants to save others, good at going unseen

    WEAKNESSES Reckless and damaged, scared to feel or share, can't ask for help when he needs it, expressing feelings

    BIG WEAKNESS Overdoing it makes his powers disappear for a few days depending on how overboard he goes. An easy night of crime fighting won't really take too much out of him, but blowing all the sewer lines for two blocks will not only knock him out but make his powers useless and him vulnerable for hours and maybe even days. Over using his powers also leaves him completely freezing cold, complete with ice crystals coating his skin in patches over his body. In theory, this could ultimately kill him, encapsulating him completely in ice.

    MENTAL DISORDERS Anxiety, depression, self-loathing

    MBTI CODE ESFJ - The Provider


    Claustrophobia- Fear of confined spaces.

    Achluophobia- Fear of total darkness.

    Arsonphobia- Fear of fire.

    Ecophobia- Fear of home.

    Monophobia- Fear of solitude

    Pnigophobia or Pnigerophobia- Fear of choking of being smothered.

    Nosocomephobia- Fear of hospitals.



    CRUSH None Yet

    PAST RELATIONSHIPS It's complicated

    TURN-ONS Pain, being told what to do, a good personality, compatible

    TURN-OFFS Screaming or being too loud in general, being clingy, talking too much, drinking/smoking



    Father - Joshua Taylor Wilde. Died when Ben was six years old when he was hit by a car on a bridge and sent over the edge and into the water. He died on impact and it took the police three days to find his body. The funeral was closed casket.

    Mother - Bernice "Bernie" Danielle Love. Wasn't a good single mother. Afraid of being alone. Drank a lot and neglected her kids. When she was paying attention to them it was to berate them and criticize everything they did. Dated a bunch of trashy guys who not only used and abused her, but were terrible to the children as well. Tried to kill herself on multiple occasions and finally succeeded when Benjamin was sixteen.

    Step Dad #? - Gabriel Antonio Rossi. Grade A jerkwad. Very mean, constantly drunk, no regard for personal hygiene. Liked to beat on the kids - mostly Ben as he defended his sister. Disappeared after Ben lost it on him one night and broke his hand. They never heard from him again.

    Step Dad #? - Sebastian Don LaCruz. Grade A+ douche-canoe. Abusive for the sake of being abusive. Always picking fights. Stayed with them for a couple years before stealing a lot of their money, valuables, and Bernie's alcohol before leaving them alone again. They got one post card from him from Vegas and then never heard from him again.

    The Martins - A kind foster family that took in the twins after their mother died. Joe and Tina Martin. Never able to have kids. Kept the twins until they were 18 and then let them go. Still keep in touch on occasion, but they live in New York so they don't communicate much. Still fostering other children in need of homes. Genuinely good people.

    Twin Sister - Bethany Alread Wilde. Goes by Beth and worked in a bar in the good part of town. Beautiful but skittish, always wary of everything around her. Was paralyzed after someone set fire to the bar and part of the ceiling fell on her. Died of skin cancer a year later.

    PETS A albino goldfish named Sabrina and a three-legged cat named Samson. They're best friends.


    HISTORY Growing up in New York could have been really great for Benjamin and his family, but losing their father at such a young age really set the tone for the rest of their childhood. With their mom unstable and crazy, jumping from one unsatisfying relationship to another, the kids had to fend for themselves. Ben spent the better part of his childhood picking fights and standing up for the little guy, often taking a beating in the process. He learned to take a punch and how to stand up to bullies. Despite his best efforts to make something of himself, life continued to punch him in the face and gut until he almost couldn't take it. Finally Ben thought he'd found some relief when he and Bethany were old enough to fend for themselves. When she died, everything fell apart again and after a year of wallowing in self-pity, not doing his job as a superhero, Ben packed up and moved to Chicago where he could make a difference without the haunting shadow of his past looming over his every move.

    When Benjamin's father was in the car accident that killed him, Ben was in the backseat, playing with some superhero action figures he'd gotten for his birthday. They never saw the car coming and his father was killed the moment they were hit. Ben, however, remained conscious until the car hit the water. The impact was like hitting concrete and should've killed him, but it didn't. As the car filled with water and the half-conscious six year old weakly fought against the restraints of his car seat, something pulsed through the water as if an explosion miles away were emanating some sort of energy through the water. Ben held his breath until he couldn't anymore but when he gasped in water into his lungs, he was surprised to find himself still breathing. After a lot of effort, he managed to break free of the seat belt. When his dad didn't wake up, he managed to get himself out of the car before floating to the top. By the time he reached the shore, the kid was dead exhausted and passed out immediately. He woke up days later in a hospital, with all kinds of machines around him and bandages on his body. A nice doctor lady explained what they thought had happened and the police questioned him, but there was nothing he said that made sense to them. Eventually they chalked it up to a miracle and left the family to grieve.

    Ben's powers laid dormant for a few years after that, coming back sometime into his mother's first marriage after the accident. He got mad when he saw the guy hit his mom and burst the pipes in the apartment, flooding it so bad that the guy was washed out and over the railing. He landed on top of his ugly yellow sports car but was ultimately fine. He called Ben the devil and left them, causing their mother to blame Ben. The following years consisted of Ben trying to figure out how to use his powers and determining when it was appropriate to use them. He started superheroing when he turned 16, after his mother ODed on pain killers.

    HABITS When he's afraid or anxious, his right hand starts twitching uncontrollably. It's barely noticeable unless you're looking, but he can't stop it until he calms down. When he's trying not to blow up or cry, his mouth and nose twitch as well.

    HOBBIES Can play guitar. He's a bit of an artist: painting, drawing, etc. Singing, but only when he's alone. He likes to write in order to escape the thoughts that bombard his brain throughout the day. He's an avid photographer with an incredible eye.


    OCCUPATION The head photographer for a media outlet in town. Sells his photos to multiple different outlets for pretty decent pay.

    HOME Since his parents death, Ben moved into a nice, affordable apartment in the middle of the city, a few stories above a photography agency he works with. The apartment has a good view of the city and a fire escape for quick escapes and super hero stuff. It's a simple apartment on the top floor with windows on the ceiling, giving him an incredible view of the sky. There is one bedroom and one bathroom as well as a small loft area that Benjamin transformed into a reading nook/art studio that he constantly escapes to as needed.


    ACTIVITY LEVEL Depends ^_^" 6-10 depending on the day and the activity of others

    PREFERRED NAME Call me Sam

    WRITING LEVEL Moderate to Advanced

    FACECLAIM Shawn Mendes

    ♡ Lɪғᴇ ʙᴇɢɪɴs ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴄᴏᴍғᴏʀᴛ ᴢᴏɴᴇ ᴇɴᴅs ♡



    Photography Insta: @behind.the.l3ns

    Message me if you want to plot or collab! I don't bite!

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  • see what i mean, this weird talent y'all got for going above and beyond. hate it. even if you're alL brEAtHtaKiNg

    plot thread will probs be up later tonight, half hour or so. tomorrow the latest! i'm seeing that this isn't a booming thread in popularity, but that's fine. some box office bombs are still well received.

  • Benjamin is done!

    ♡ Lɪғᴇ ʙᴇɢɪɴs ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴄᴏᴍғᴏʀᴛ ᴢᴏɴᴇ ᴇɴᴅs ♡



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  • I believe Perla is finished, please let me know if you would like me to expand on anything! (I've been kind of trying to make her more redeemable, but she's kinda just an evil hoe)

    I won't be active June 14th as I am graduating!

  • Bumper cars :) Really excited for this thread!

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  • Finally done!


    ✘ Circe Calliope Jackson


    PRESENT NAME Circe Calliope Jackson

    ALIAS NAME The Night

    NICKNAMES CC, Callie, Nyx

    GENDER Female

    ACCEPTED PRONOUNS Feminine pronouns

    SEXUALITY Heterosexual, heteroromantic

    AGE 20 years old

    AFFILIATION Super hero

    BIRTHDAY January 2nd

    BIRTHPLACE Cleveland, OH

    POWERS CC's powers include the ability to teleport or shadow travel through shadows and darkness. Can channel bursts of invisible energy to throw people away from her or destroy something in her path. Slight bit of telekinesis. Camouflage in dark settings.



    HEIGHT Since she was a little girl, Circe has always stood at least a head taller than most of the other girls her age. Standing at 5'10, she's always been easy to spot in a crowd, but not so much so that she'd be identifiable out of her super suit.

    WEIGHT As tall as she is, she's also pretty thin, like her brother. Working out and training her body to be in the best physical condition possible, CC was always good about keeping a healthy diet and exercising, weighing in at 130 lbs consistently.

    HAIR Crazy, unruly dark brown curls that fall down in a lion's mane around her face. The uncontrollable look only adds to her wild personality, making her appear even more carefree and fun-loving.

    SKIN Caucasian with light, fair skin that appears very white against the darkness of her hair and eyes. Lightly speckled with freckles over her nose. Very few blemishes other than the occasional scar.

    EYES Dark and stormy most of the time. Much like her hair, there's something in her eyes that suggests she might be just a little bit crazy and wild and leaves people slightly distrusting her.

    SCARS From years of being a super hero, Circe has many scars spread all over her body. On her right forearm, there's a long, jagged cut that is often hidden by her tattoos and requires a closer look to even notice it. A scar on her top lip that is thin and white and just noticeable as it's a shade lighter than her skin tone. An ugly y-shaped scar on her left shoulder from an old street fight in her early super heroing days. On the back of her head there's a scar, lost deep in the folds of her hair. You'll likely never know this scar exists unless you're lucky enough to have your hands in her hair. Other various scars on her back, arms, and thighs but nothing else worth mentioning.

    MODIFICATIONS Behind her ear is a small moon dedicated to her father who always called her Moonshine before he died. On her right forearm, covering her jagged scar is a half sleeve of flowers and leaves. On her left wrist is a small sunflower with a vine circling the whole wrist. This tattoo is dedicated to her mother who works so hard and gives her so much. Another small moon on her ankle. A couple stalks of lavender on her side under her left arm. A full sleeve tattooed down the entirety of her left arm. And finally, three small dog footprints tracing up the side of her right thumb.

    STREET STYLE Tight, dark-colored skinny jeans paired with oversized shirts and sweatshirts with converse or combat boots are the norm. She is effortlessly beautiful, even when she couldn't care less. More often than not, her hair is untouched, leaving it crazy and untamed.

    SUPER SUIT STYLE Drawing form her powers, a thick coat of shadows covers most of her skin in what appears as a dark grey and black dry suit, covering her tattoos and any identifying mark that might be used against her. Her mask is kind of like that of Captain Marvel, having her dark curly hair come out the top as a shortened mohawk

    PHYSICAL HEALTH Years of being a hero have allowed her to get herself into pique physical condition, toned and healthy despite occasional broken bones and bullet or knife wounds.



    POSITIVE TRAITS Funny, kind, loving, fun-loving, compassionate, brave, loyal, selfless, tough, clever, quick

    NEUTRAL TRAITS Sexy, observant, intelligent, wild, spontaneous, unpredictable, protective

    NEGATIVE TRAITS Defensive, lonely, self-loathing, self-destructive, reckless, crazy, irresponsible

    STRENGTHS High-energy and funny, selfless, loyal and protective, determined and strong-willed

    WEAKNESSES Exhausted and spread too thin, rash and reckless, overly trusting and gullible, too involved personally

    BIG WEAKNESS The longer she uses her powers, the higher the risk of her disappearing completely. She doesn't just turn invisible, body parts literally fade out of existence and can only be brought back by rest. Every time she goes overboard with her powers, she runs the risk of fading away completely. It's worse when she uses her powers in the daylight since there are less shadows to draw from. The more darkness there is, the stronger her powers become.

    MENTAL DISORDERS Anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia

    MBTI CODE ESFP - The Performer


    Claustrophobia- Fear of confined spaces.

    Achluophobia- Fear of total darkness.

    Arsonphobia- Fear of fire.

    Ecophobia- Fear of home.

    Monophobia- Fear of solitude

    Nosocomephobia- Fear of hospitals.

    Atychiphobia - Fear of failure




    CRUSH None Yet

    PAST RELATIONSHIPS Short string of abusive boyfriends before she finally broke the pattern and started taking care of herself. Now she mostly just has flings with guys, protecting herself from getting hurt again.

    TURN-ONS Running hands through her hair, being rough, when the other person takes control, neck kisses, ear kisses, taller than her, good kisser

    TURN-OFFS Bullies, drinks too much, trashy personality, loud, boring, being too worried about what others think



    Father - Spencer Baldacci. Left the family when CC was 6 years old and never came back.

    Mother - Ava Theodora Jackson. A strong, single mother. Works two jobs, one at the diner downtown and the other as a midnight shift ER nurse in the hospital nearest their apartment.

    Brother 1 - Samaje Cornelius Jackson. Goes by Sam or Sammy if you can get away with it. 17 years old and the second oldest Jackson child. The only living human who knows CC's secret. Big supporter and often bandages her up after fights and covers for her so their mom never finds out. Has messy brown hair and freckles on his nose like CC.

    Brother 2 - Casey Diego Jackson. 15 years old. The last kid Ava had before Spencer left them. A typical teenage boy except for the fact that he's deaf. Beats himself up over their dad leaving because he believes it's because of his disability that the deadbeat decided he couldn't handle the family. His guilt is made worse by the fact that he looks like his dad with straight black hair and sharp blue eyes.

    Brother 3 - Finn Chance Jackson. 10 years old. The oldest of the triplets. Has a gap between his front teeth and gorgeous brown eyes.

    Brother 4 - Stanley George Jackson. 10 years old. The middle child of the triplets. Looks exactly like his brother minus the gap in his teeth. He has freckles over his nose like his mom and sister.

    Brother 5 - Ford Michael Jackson. 10 years old. The youngest of the triplets and the youngest of the Jackson. Looks exactly like Stan but wears glasses.

    PETS The triplets had hamsters but their welcome was short lived when they escaped one night and were found in their mother's underwear drawer.



    HISTORY Though she was born in Cleveland, her parents quickly moved to Chicago before continuing to grow their family. Growing up in the bad part of Chicago taught CC very quickly what the world was like. She got into fights for a while, especially as she got older and had to cope with the fact that her father left them. After a while, that got exhausting and she decided to start playing the class clown instead. Focusing her energy on becoming the center of attention kept the bullies away from her brothers. She did give up fighting all together, putting boys in their place when they thought they could take advantage of her in any way, but for the most part she decided to stick to pacifism.

    Her powers started to show up when she was 14 years old. At first they were subtle, just being able to teleport small objects across the room. As they got stronger, she started trying to figure out how she could use her powers to help her family. The first few years of being a superhuman involved Circe disguising herself as best she could and entering herself into street fights where she could win some money to help pay bills. She did well for a while before overdoing it one night. Claiming her winnings, she barely managed to make it home before collapsing in the room she shared with Samaje. After that, she thought about quitting but ended up deciding that abandoning people who needed her was worse than getting herself hurt.

    HABITS Her nose twitches when she's angry, her eyes squint when she's lost in thought and she bites her tongue on the right side of her mouth.

    HOBBIES Circe is very much musically talented, having taught herself piano and guitar at a young age. She often plays and sings at local bars for extra cash, but more for just the fun of being in the spotlight. Besides that, it's a much safer hobby than street fighting.

    OCCUPATION A sandwich shop that doubles as a bar at night. She usually works during the day, but will come in at night if she's needed.

    HOME Whether the apartment is small or just crowded is an argument the Jackson family will take to their graves. With seven people sharing any space it's bound to get small and cramped, especially when five of them are preteen to teenage boys. It's nice, but there are only two bedrooms and someone is consistently on the couch. The triplets share a room with Casey, managing space by bunking in bunk beds. CC and Sammy share a room as well though CC is rarely home at night anyway. Their mom usually takes the couch when there's not an open bed, but she will crash in whichever bed is open if that's an option.


    ACTIVITY LEVEL Depends ^_^" 6-10 depending on the day and the activity of others

    PREFERRED NAME Call me Sam

    WRITING LEVEL Moderate to Advanced

    FACECLAIM Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor - Lorde

    ♡ Lɪғᴇ ʙᴇɢɪɴs ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴄᴏᴍғᴏʀᴛ ᴢᴏɴᴇ ᴇɴᴅs ♡



    Photography Insta: @behind.the.l3ns

    Message me if you want to plot or collab! I don't bite!

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