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    She couldn't believe she was here, at the border of the Exiles. A couple months ago, she never would have done this, never would have even considered coming here. What would her mother think, if she could see her daughter right now? She knew that her mother never liked the Exiles - despised them, even. Not that it mattered. She could do what she liked, and it wasn't like she wanted to make friends here. But she'd stay, for the time being.

    "Hello? Aegis, here to join," she said, short and to the point. She didn't want to draw this out for too long - just wanted it to be done with. Although she had told herself she was going to be less stoic... at that thought, she changed her expression into that of a smile. The feline would be a lot more sociable here.

  • The only person he could see being disappointed in him for joining a group such as the Exiles would be his father. The man was peaceful and loving and compassionate, a strong and religious figure who only ever wanted to help those unfortunate and in need. Unfortunately, he had made the poor decision in remaining with his mother when his father split from her because of her gross and toxic behaviors. If father saw him now, he wondered what he would say?

    "Hey," The Peacekeeper would greet as he steps over, tumultuous ocean blue eyes settling on the girl before him. She had gone and introduced herself and explained away her intentions with the Exiles, which saved Ivorybones a bit of breath. "Welcome to the Exiles, Aegis." The Anatolian Shepherd allows broad and compact shoulders to roll whilst he offers her an amicable smile, his tail wagging in broad strokes behind his gargantuan frame. "I'm Ivorybones but I usually go by Ivory - nice to meet you."



  • The Exiles was a disappointing location, if he was being as kind as he could. Murderers, drug-dealers, kidnappers, his plans didn't seem favorable in this climate what with all the other power hungry fools that resided here. I do have one loyal follower however, if he could ever consider him loyal. His son was a fleeing topic from his ever constant mind. "Welcome to the Exiles, dear," he greets coolly, smooth and lavish voice dancing out from within his mouth as ivory words slipped from his tongue. "I am called DIO, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Aegis. What a darling name, might I add." Flirtation and the poison that came with it was a dangerous remedy for manipulation, and he was beyond eager to sway this newcomer - as well as the rest of these Exilers - to his side. "If you so desire anything, or have any questions about the locale, do ask."

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  • The young lion had felt much the same about the Exiles when he'd indoctrinated himself here. But, his father was here, and he had a mission to carry out. He wanted to destroy the evil of this earth, and this place seemed to be a good jumping off point. It was just unfortunate that he found it so hard to blend in. Even when he was feeling at his worst, when he was thirsting for a fight or for blood (curse his vampirism), he could not bring himself to the lows that his 'clanmates' (and... even Dio) did. Some things he simply could not stand for. His mind wandered to the burning of the child he'd witnessed not long ago, and he pressed a shiver down his spine. Now was not the time for such thoughts.

    The young lion arrived and stood next to his father, the resemblance striking. "Yes, welcome..." he murmured, an echo of the bigger man's voice. "My name is Giorno Giovanna. It is lovely to meet you." His flaxen chin rose with confidence, staring the newcomer up and down not in an act of condescension, but simply to gain an understanding of her. Aegis? It is a lovely name... he thought, but did not admit it. As Dio offered his help, Giorno nodded along. Perhaps his father wouldn't mind him playing guest to their escapades, should she accept.



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    It didn't take long for someone to show up and accept her. Ivorybones was the name of the first person to show up, and he was different from what she expected. When Aegis thought of the Exiles, the first thing that came to mind was bloodthirsty murderers. He... didn't seem like the savage, vicious, and angry people she expected to see. Neither did the next two that arrived, although she already felt a bit uncomfortable around Dio. 'Darling', really? And since she didn't want to get off with anyone on the wrong foot yet, she'd have to pretend she liked it, too. Great.

    "It's so nice to meet you three as well," she responded in a much friendlier tone than the one she used when she joined, giving Giorno a strange look as she noticed him watching her. "And... thank you. Dio's not too bad of a name, either," honestly, she didn't think much of his name, but it was only polite that she mentioned something back to him, right? Aegis had never been too good at that 'sickeningly sweet' sort of thing, and she was much more liable to sarcasm - something she hoped hadn't been in her voice when she gave her sorry excuse of a compliment. "I'd be grateful if someone could show me around," she continued, seeing as Dio mentioned a tour of some sort, and all three of them seemed like they wouldn't mind it. Normally, she would've liked to explore by herself, but she couldn't be that person anymore.

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    in tumbled the blubbery and furry seal princess. she was late to catch this newcomer, but it was the thought that counted, right? still, she worried that maybe the newcomer would be mad at her for coming so late. she didn’t mean any harm and she was trying really hard. “w-welcome...” said the ice princess softly as she came to settle besides ivory. “i-i can h-help you around...i-if you want...”






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