Overwatch Roleplay???

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  • Hello there! I have been playing a lot of Overwatch and have been re-reading a lot of lore for it lately and i have grown a huge urge to roleplay it! My muse is so outrageously high for it right now I am bursting with muse! Now, i do have some rules that must be followed, so i'll explain them now!


    1. I love roleplays where we both play an OC and each other's love interest! It makes it all the more interesting! Example; I play my OC as well as Reaper (solely example) while you would play your OC and Soldier 76- the canon characters there for romance!

    2. For my Oc, i prefer BxB. Though if you want to make your Oc a female, you may. I just like my Ocs to be homosexual!

    3. I am a semi-advanced to advanced roleplayer, so i would expect you to be as well. Meaning no less than eight sentences. I understand low muse, so tell me if a muse shortage strikes! As stated, my muse is high so I am more on the advanced side, so if you are willing to match my pace that is wonderful!

    4. Please use proper grammar and know your sentence structure. What i mean is no run on sentences and know the difference between 'their' and 'there'.

    5. Please be active and post at least once a day!

    With all that said, we can begin plotting! I have quite a few ideas for roleplays if you wish to hear them, but otherwise we can just plot together!


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