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    Simple. It can be described as dainty flowers plucked from meadowlands by wandering fingers, delicious aroma of mother's homemade apple pie on windowsill, soft laughs of darling lover while lips mold together and teeth lightly clack on another. A crisp crunch to fill sweet spring air at the action of pearly whites to pop into red flesh of an apple. Yet such states of easy going happiness hold little interest for a man who only knows of stone cold corpses that lay at sinner feet and winter's cruel laugh towards those who dare defy it. Devastation is his accomplice and misery his loaded gun, rather drown in frenzied mayhem than drift on the lazy river of deserved comfort and validation. He's in it the the kicks, the thrills, the created chaos caused by sharp tongue that slices too paper thin flesh. It's what being alive is for him. Ain't no rest for the wicked, as they say.

    Lone man traverses new lands on own accord, memories of old world to surface every so often, quiet reminisce of days long gone. Nagging question if one who means the world, chosen family than one of bloodline, is still living or one among many lost, dead. Heart wrenching it is. Too painful to dwell on and busied self with traveling, sightseeing, if you will. Gain insight of foreign landscapes, note details who lives where, terrain claimed by clans or free range lands that loners and rogues call home. Little over a month did he live alone, grateful for independence where no expectant eyes demand help in silence to keep "home" together. Bluelagoon has never been one for a community lifestyle, high preference to remain alone or reside with select few. Loyalties take home in certain individuals, not clans, for they change as the wind– unpredictable and sudden.

    Yet doesn't stop Bluelagoon from becoming apart of the Sanctuary again, greet old friend with open arms and lazy banter, change name for new meaning, new life. Loner at heart he may be, but loneliness creeps up and sinks deep in ivory bones even in the hardiest of people. Despite renewed residency in now current home, he strays. Strays far, far away, still in search of adventure in reckless abandon, brief engagement of petty fights here and there, yet satisfaction, a sense of whole manages to elude him. Some may call it fate for what comes next. ( For him, it's a strange coincidence. )

    A child yet something unordinary, peculiar. One who shifts one form after another, never one set species, a ripple that flows through tiny figure into something different- something new. Perhaps, had he not been used to oddities of now long gone Earth, it would bring forth utter terror. Perhaps, had tears not stream down innocent face, starlight tears a woeful galaxy on lashes, staining youthful cheeks, a blind eye would have been turned. Instead, caution rules mind while worry rules heart, tugs at heart strings and he can't leave this kid. No, buried memories of agony and treachery filled childhood rear its ugly head, and catapults straight into a decision: he'll help.

    Help them stop sopping up sadness like a mop, even if happiness is temporary. No doubt in the history of those who lived he's among the worst in emotional support. Though, it doesn't deter him. If anything, it eases thorn in heart at the sight of melancholy morph into lively joy and takes leave once brilliant smile appears on shifting child's face. Little did it occur they would trail behind own feet, confusion to strike icy veins and unease to tickle heavy stomach. Reluctant is he to let such a little one to follow after him, no desire in parenting or watching after another living soul, yet they stick by him. A stubborn tick who refuses to release iron grip on unprotected skin, sticky glue that cakes messy hands, glob of bubble gum caught in hair.

    Out of good conscious does he accept them in his finite journey, learns they lack a name after a proper introduction, leaving him to name them. . . Child. Surely not his finest moment – naming a child Child – but he's no expert on caring for a precious creation birthed into cruel, tainted world. He's no father or father figure.

    Short is their lazy trek across thriving woodlands and peaceful meadowlands. He's quick to note how once altering physique settles onto current species he is: hellhound. Retains stability in new form and it causes a sigh of relief and allows concerns of prying eyes and judgemental hearts to melt away. One less problem to worry over.

    Truth be told, Bluelagoon had no intended clan and minutes later they face different meadowlands. Eyes of bitter winter roam over rolling grass and perky wildflowers, slight quiver of charcoal nose and flare of nostrils, long inhalation that leads to a faint whistle. Wind Haven. A clan- pro at that. Different from anti and neutral clans he's lived in. Doubts whisper in ears and flicks them, once, twice, as if to chase away pesky flies buzzing about. Who knows, positive growth to rise above lurking demons may sprout and bloom here. Depends where the seed of new beginning is planted and who waters it.

    Lean muscle ripples beneath skin, coils and springs forth as tired limbs bring him closer, closer, closer. Man of golden hair pauses seconds before feet cross scent line, hovers a few inches too close. Then does he lurch forward, slow and careful, before hind legs lower down until massive body rests itself atop green grass. Slight crane of head backwards, lips pull back while husky voice punctures calm air.

    "We're here."

    Piggyback ride now over after reaching their random destination and is patient as he waits for Child to clamber off. Only when tiny toes touch land does he rise, head tilts back a tad, then turns ever so slightly to the right. Heartbeat of a second passes and words, rough and sullen, escape into the wind. "Bluelagoon and Child, for any nearby. Looking to join."

    He's quiet now.

  • Open your eyes, darling, it is time for you to be free again.”


    Since your consciousness has been touched by light, eyes wide open and system runs high, your world sings with you, to you. Every morning, you are first greeted with a hello song from chirping birds and buzzing bees, and every night, you are last greeted with a goodbye lullaby from chirping crickets and croaking frogs. Musics crafted of golden greatness and silver serenity, edges so soft yet cores too strong, between their discrete notes, your heart sings along with them.

    Weakly, but joyfully nevertheless.

    Fine flesh, fragile bones, tissues too thin to fully support the heavy, the shaken. From the surface below to the sky above, they ever sway, ever pulling your body back and forth. Though, through the sunlight and moonlight, with your clumsy pads, you skip, leap—live. Even when you fall and twist and decay a bit more quickly by then. Sore forms, soul shakes. Stardusts rushes though constant shifting veins as blood and dirt coats constant snapping mouth; a sense of wildness. You embrace it.


    Devouring sugary substances with no chains around belly, remaining awake at the dead nights with no strings around limbs, you do these sort of things because you wear laxity as if it is your skin. Canvas marked with reds and purples, blood and bruises; torn and bent. You are a mess to yourself, but to anything else, with kindness that leaks from baby teeth and gentleness given from little gestures, you are a beautiful one; a sun behind a storm.

    Despite everything with the joys and wonders, though, you are all alone.

    You have always been alone since your consciousness has been touched by light.

    You will always be alone, even before the light dies between your eyes forever.


    You start to notice something feels strange. Many days had gone by, brushing your skin like calm breezes, and this is a feeling you never experienced until now. Something strange... What is? Mind searches deeply for anything that can fulfill satisfactions, but it only finds dusts and ashes, leaving you lost in the dark. Colours blur, shapes deform. You stare with gaping mouth, and unknown only stares back at you... Your eyes are burning... Your eyes are dying...


    Heart soon begins to weep, as joy begins to bleed.

    Something breaks inside of you, and the storm has been loosed within you.

    You wail.


    Though, it doesn’t last long until something kind touches you.

    No... It is not a something, but a someone.

    Someone who carries a face like you.


    His voice, laced with cool comfort, eventually brings you to clap your pads and giggle. Sadness no longer runs over your youthful cheeks and paint the world blue. Though, seeing him leave makes you realize you could have someone all of this time. You try to seek for an answer, but once more, the unknown just gazes at you. A heavy feeling cuts deep into you at the thought of him leaving you alone again—fear is it the feeling?

    You do not know what it is, but it only pushes you to follow after him.

    So you do.


    Child, did he—Bluelagoon—named you after he decided to let you accompany him.

    You are Child.

    Child of the feral smile, child of the unknown gaze.


    “Er’ew ehre.”

    Static noises fill through ears, sending the tiny system to awaken. Blink, blink, blink. Visions dipped in greens and blues. Child rubs their eyes with puny paws a few times and frowns, unsure of where Bluelagoon is taking them to. Generally, they holds little idea on what is happening in general. They only desires to be with Bluelagoon, regardless of the cases given from his cold heart.

    However, they knows too well when joy ends; Bluelagoon lowers himself close to the surface, pressing them to get off of him. They blinks, lips curl downward, tightly shutting the mouth before a small whine escapes from hidden teeth. Eyes closed, head shaking furiously. Pat, pat, pat against cold furs–more, more, more.

    Though, Child eventually remains silent and leaves Bluelagoon’s tired frame after remembering that the damned creature himself does not need to beg to be obeyed. So, once paws landed against the prickly grasses, they gazes around and finally lets the scene silently consume their mind. Curiosity runs deep within veins, gravitated to the strange new sights.

    However, glancing at Bluelagoon with his empty dead eyes, they bites down a desire to wander off on its own. They only places their paws firmly into the surface to fight against the urge. Soon, attention flickers when Bluelagoon spoke once more in statics— not directly towards them, but...someone else?

    Ears perk, head holds high, they pads over by Bluelagoon’s side. There are more like them? Here? While mind drifts in and out of reality, their forelimbs wrap around Bluelagoon’s, embracing him, before they places their cheek against the furs, rubbing them—a seek for comfort as it seems like Child has to wait.

  • Being alone was something that comforted Cass, unlike the two that found each other on the border. She preferred being alone, aside from the less-than-verbal companionship that she shared with her hawk. In fact, most of her life was spent by herself, her few times returning to the Clans only to be cast out once again. It hurt to think of the impending time that she would, once again, stroll out of her newfound home for an undetermined amount of time. She loved a few of those here and, even though she hated to say it, she had children to look for.

    So, come to think of it, maybe she was far too much like Bluelagoon and Child. They found companionship and likely feared for when it was going to end.

    The cyclops woman approached the border fearlessly, her hawk flying in circles up above. She only observed the two at first, since the older one already gave them the information they needed to go through with the easy-breezy joining process, before she finally spoke, "You're free to join. Don't expect me to offer a tour, though," the guardian huffed, eye flicking from one to the other, "Do you have any questions? I'm here now, if you need them answered."

  • ⌠★⌡ Everything he'd known as happiness in the vault was the saccharine frosting thickly smeared on an over-baked cake- all this empty, artificial flavor to disguise a burning, the same way he'd parted and combed his fur to keep the likes of Washington from noticing his mother's lessons. It'd been nothing filling or nutritious, nothing real. It came out of a pre-packaged tin with bright labeling, meant to please the taste-buds and nothing more. Meant to beguile, and that was all he'd ever done for half his life. He coated himself in white-toothed grins and easy laughter to hide the fluorescent glint on knives in his bedroom.

    But he knew better now. Life didn't have to be slipping through windows and dragging dispassionate claws over a throat, didn't have to be death. It could be Wash's soft breathing while he slept, the press of his ribcage against Honey's back while he had a paw draped over to brush against Bianca. It was their little Bee's soft mewling and uncoordinated limbs, small pink tongue unfurling with tiny yawns. A man like him hadn't done anything to earn this, but he'd sure as hell hold onto it. Honey knew how to do that much.

    The lion re-positioned Bee in her sling, just a bit, though maybe it was only an excuse to touch her again. One day, she'd probably be yelling back at him and rolling her eyes, so he'd enjoy these quiet moments as much as he could. Duty always called, though, one way or another. Checking on the border after seeing Cass's hawk wasn't much compared to what he used to do, but with Bianca, the paranoia he'd previously fought into crevices had seen the light again.

    Honey doubted either of the two on the border would be interested in hurting her, but he wasn't about to trust anyone, even other children. "Welcome to Wind Haven," he said evenly; he wasn't bursting with warmth, though next to Cass's more brusque demeanor, it was definitely a bit brighter. "I'm Honeyguide. I can show you where to rest up, if you're not keen on looking for it yourself."

    surely we must be more than

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