in the eyes of you // grooming fur

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  • It wasn't sharing tongues exactly. It was more like him struggling to groom his rat's nest of a coat of fur while a few of the kits and apprentices watched, stifling their giggles as the blind feline nabbed out a twig between his massive jaws. Brows furrowed in annoyance towards his wild coat of knotted fur and the giggling children around him he grabbed the stick in his jaws and spat it out at them. "You all won't find this so funny when that stick ends up in your nest," he threatened in his usual lighthearted tone, hiding the frustration he felt towards his tangled mess of fur. Wincing as he felt a sharp prick against his tongue he spat out a thorn. Uncertain as to what it was he raised a paw and began feeling around slowly as not to poke himself on it again. Unfortunately, that didn't work too well as he jabbed his paw pad over the thorn. It didn't hurt as much as his tongue but it felt like a tiny, annoying itch against his paw. "Or this thorn," he snorted as he plucked it out with his claws and dangled it in front of the children's eyes.

    "Now all of you, scram!" He barked loudly with a hint of a smile on his lips before returning to his attempt at grooming his fur. Maybe if he had eyes this would've been a lot easier but for now he could wait until someone with eyes showed up and offered to help. And if they didn't he would make them. He had some very large lungs and a very deep voice. He was pretty okay at intimidating people even in a joking manner.

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    From a small distance away Minkpaw would watch the scene unfold with a happy smile on her maw. Seeing her clan happy and giggly, especially kits, never failed to make her happy. With a small yawn she gets up from where she sits and begins to amble over to Rulindil, only now she doesn't walk with a limp. Her burn mark had healed into a rather obvious scar but she was just glad overall it hadn't gotten infected or something while it was healing. However the problem she was still trying to get use to... was hearing. But she was adjusting and making progress.

    You'll b-be one of those cats one day queens tell s-stories of to their misbehaving k-kits to get them to behave." She giggles as she approaches the tom. She found it amazing how a cat who had just completely lost one of his senses could... act almost as if he hadn't lost anything. Didn't he miss seeing? All the colors? Or did he just try not to think about it? She hadn't even lost all her hearing and she cursed herself for even thinking about going out that night... "Y-You need some help there...? You- You look like you're struggling." She asks with a small purr as she sits down a few paw-steps away from him. Even if not, maybe they could talk? She didn't know the tom too well... she didn't know most of her clan too well and she hated it. It didn't help that it almost seemed like she did her best to hang out with just Hawkpaw. He was probably her... only friend within the clan. Aside from Lizardstar, if the leader considered her one. The two hadn't spoken much in a long time.

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  • Typhoonstrike had been sitting in the warriors' den grooming his own fur as he watched the whole scene.

    His deep chuckle rung out invouluntarily and he padded over to Rulindil. "Want me to help?"

    The large (and fluffy) warrior glanced at the kits still scampering away and that caused another chuckle to escape.

    "You're pretty good at getting them to listen, aren't you?"

  • Whiskers twitched in slight happiness as he was approached by the medicine cat apprentice. He liked her, she seemed like such a little sweetheart. He just wished he was in her place. He'd much rather be a medicine cat apprentice than a senior warrior. Now he was actually expected to fight when the issue came up. That was definitely something he would have to think about. He wasn't senior warrior material, hell, he wasn't regular warrior material. But again, those were thoughts for another day as he had a conversation to keep up with Minkpaw. "Hm, you reckon? Maybe they'll threaten that I'll poke their eyes out too if they misbehave," he snorted lightly to the apprentice with a wave of his tail.

    In reality it did kind of bother him that he was blind, but it was better to pretend he didn't care. He'd hate to get pity stares because even if he couldn't see them, he could definitely feel them. "Some help would be appreciated, from both of you," he smiled softly to both Minkpaw and Typhoonstrike as his co-senior warrior stepped up. "I guess, maybe they're just scared that they'll turn to stone if I look at them the wrong way," he chortled as he scratched at the wild mane of fur around his neck hoping to scrape out anymore twigs or thorns that he might've missed.

  • Typhoonstrike chuckled a bit at his remarks about turning the kits to stone with a look.

    "Now that'd be a threat I'd run away from. I don't wanna be stone." He started helping Rulindil by gently pulling out some sticks and thorns that were in his mess of fur.

    "Long fur is such a pain isn't it?"