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  • for a dawn sky, it was dull. sure, gingers and peaches flitted among the clouds, turning them from pearly grey to a faint blue hue, but everything seemed muted, darker and more sullen than perhaps even the day before. the sun rose just above it all, a faint beacon of golden light spilling from the rain clouds that had haunted the night. through the bitterness strode the young woman, eyes fixed upon the foliage ahead of her. droplets of water clung to the mottled flame and coal fur as she passed through a clearing ripe with chances for prey. the sounds of the birds didn't call her towards them, nor did the chattering of squirrels, or the fact that the sun had broken through the dark. her mind was fixed on one place, and she had to get there before anyone noticed her gone. this was the right time, the time no one would see her, mourn her, miss her in the slightest. it was for the better of them all that she did this, before she ended up hurting someone else, before her pain seeped into the workings of the clan. they were all important now, too important to notice a missing daughter, a missing sister, a dead clanmate. it was better for her this way.

    the black tar came on before she realized it, and for a moment she stopped, relishing in the peace of the forest. emerald eyes flicked from tree to tree, memorizing this spot, this territory where she'd spent so many days. it was not their fault that this was going to happen. she might miss them- her brother and father mostly, but she was certain this would have little impact on them. she'd tried to say her goodbyes last evening, spending one more moment with her brother, sharing tongues with him, silently praying he'd know how much she loved him, how much he deserved to be happy. she'd spoken to her father, cuddling close to him for one day more before it came time. she was so far gone lately, so much of a background cat that it seemed she'd disappeared already.

    (the rumbling began)

    she sighed, heart fluttering, eyes wide and certain as she took her last look at her home. it was time, her ancestors would meet her and she would be at peace, both her mind and body at rest. it was supposed to happen this way... why now was it hard? swallowing, she saw it coming.

    (red and flashing in the pale sunlight, it roared along the dark road beneath it, eyes glaring and stern)


    she sighed. she blinked. she stepped out onto the darkness. darkness was all she saw when she finally felt no more. crimson would spread across the pavement as the vehicle sped away. only the bundle of blood soaked fur would remain. she was at peace now.



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  • Why. That never ending, sinking feeling in the deepest pits of his very being. It roared to life, screaming atrocities and sins that were bound to happen. Yet, he knew, already knew that it came at too late a time. Once more, again, time and time again, he was too late. He was too slow to respond, to react on the pain that was obvious in the cruel cycle that was life. There were signs. Many of which he purposefully denied, ignored, thrown out the window without caution to the wind and it's destination.

    Racing through the forest, his heart dropped scenting the tangible scent of life blood. Crimson as the blood that flowed through his and his children's veins it wasn't much of a surprise anymore that life threw him another of its punishments. My darling child. I've failed you Vio... why didn't I see you pain sooner...

    Blackstorm couldn't be angry at himself. He already failed her. Why cry over the fact that he wasn't a good leader nor father in the time his daughter was suffering? Now all he knew was it was the right decision to become a regular warrior. This only confirmed it. Carefully, he made his way to his daughter's mangled and broken form. There was so much blood. So much more than he spilled during a time of darkness in his youth. Back and forth all it came to was that this was Starclan's punishment. Finally, it made sense. He held back for so long. Burying his muzzle into her bloodstained fur, he let it flow. All the pain poured from his very being. Blackstorm cried.

    Cried for all his fallen children, cried for his fallen mates, cried for his fallen comrades, and most of all, cried for the fact that Violetpaw wasn't able to cry into his shoulder. Not when she needed it and wanted the attention she so rightly deserved. "I'm so sorry Violetpaw.... My little inquisitive little princess, my little chattering chipmunk. You delighted me in so many ways. Your curious and vibrant nature as a kit... where did I go wrong little one? How could I let you lose that beautiful light in your eyes?" He hurt. He really hurt this time.

    The senior warrior would not get up from his grief stricken position. No matter how many monsters whizzed past in the now far distance, his little enclosed glade was the only solace he had. That and the sorrow that freely rolled off him in agonizing waves.

    "i wait for the morning."

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    He felt it before he saw it. A feeling deep under his pelt that something was wrong. Something was broken. Shimmerpaw turned his head to look back at his sleeping denmates, ticking off their names in his head.

    Violetpaw was gone.

    He bounded out of camp, lifting his head to the dawn sky in an attempt to pick up her scent. He padded onward, and the further he went, the less he could smell the mingled scents of the undergrowth around him, instead overpowered by something else.

    Oh, no.

    Blackstorm came into view, keeled forward over a mangled shape. Shimmerpaw crept forward, his eyes rounding as his mind finally recognized what he was looking at. "Oh, Violetpaw, no," he whispered quietly. The apprentice dug his claws into the earth beneath his feet and let out a shaky sigh. He should have been a better friend to her. He hadn't even realized how awful she must have felt. He should have tried harder. He should have...he should have done something.

    He crept up beside Blackstorm and crouched beside him. He was silent for a moment or two, leaning down to gently lap at his denmate's bloodied pelt.

    He sat up again, leaning down to tug the newly woven yellow flower from his own fur and weaving it into Violetpaw's. Pressing his pelt against Blackstorm's, he gazed down at Violetpaw before speaking. "I know it's no violet," he apologized softly, "But I hope you like it, wherever you are. I...I'm sorry I wasn't a better friend to you."



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  • 「 feeling estranged in reality — the doctor asks me if i've {censored} 」

    When she heard the news - Violetpaw is gone. Taken out by a monster. - Snow couldn't tell if the nausea roiling in her belly was from the lingering morning sickness or the fact that her step daughter was dead. Delicate white paws would tremble and stumble as she made her way back to the nursery, pale blue eyes unfocused with grief and disbelief. She felt guilty. Violetpaw was not her sire, but she was Blackstorm's daughter, and Snow should have taken her in better, should have spoken with her more, should have done so many things any mother would do but she hadn't and now there was a corpse to carry back to camp and mourn over.

    Laying down as carefully as possible in her nest in the nursery, Snow tried to keep her grief contained, memories of Laureltwist's litter suddenly assaulting her vision. She could mourn and feel grief, but she needed to remember to take care of herself, to not strain her body too much, lest there be a repeat. This was potentially Snow's last litter, and she would not risk their little growing lives - the lives she and Blackstorm were so looking forward to being a part of. But she felt that grief for Violetpaw like a deep stab wound in her chest. The poor she-cat had been so young, so full of life and potential and now she was simply gone. It wasn't fair and Snow wanted to yowl it to the stars that it wasn't fair and they needed to stop taking lives so young. Weren't their ranks expansive enough with the memories of her children and past mates? Hadn't Snow outlived enough of her family for one lifetime?

    Her grief had now turned to anger, and Snow took a deep breath in an attempt to calm down, to settle herself so she could be there for Blackstorm who was likely feeling this grief much more potently than Snow ever could.

    "i answered without any hesitation that i have."

    speaking thoughts



    🔺🔻🔺 Crimson remained confined to camp's walls. He was the last of his littermates to survive. What irony. The weakest, sniveling wimp, runt of the litter had survived past so many's expectations. Sure, that stutter took so long to fight and conquer, but he was now alive and better than ever. He couldn't find solace with his mother anymore... he would go to Snow. And let his anger out on the world another day.

    Crimsonpaw was a grown apprentice, but somehow, despite the un-attachment of his emotions, he found comfort in being near the denmother. Squeezing in, he huffed a greeting and immediately curled up by her side, equal in size to the small molly. "I'll leave later Snow... just give me a few moments please." He murmured, covering his pained expression with his long tail.

    I won’t cry anymore


    ( if my heart had a voice, i'd cut through the noise)


  • 「 feeling estranged in reality — the doctor asks me if i've {censored} 」

    Saying nothing to discourage the younger tom, Snow merely dragged herself back to reality and leaned over to comfortingly groom the fur between and around Crimsonpaw's ears. She reminded herself that he was here, alive and whole and without his siblings. She could still protect him, still look after Redstripe's remaining kit. Crimsonpaw was not Snow's sire, but he was still part of her family and Snow would do anything to protect him. She wished - with a pang of guilt - that she had been able to protect Violetpaw like this. But now it was far too late.

    Continuing to groom Crimsonpaw's fur, Snow tried to offer the young tom as much comfort as possible before he inevitably drew away to grieve on his own. She hoped to encourage him to come back to her if he ever needed guidance or comfort. He was far too young to have to deal with this on his own.

    "i answered without any hesitation that i have."

    speaking thoughts


  • it was all darkness until it was light. the pain which had blinded her and sent her into the spiral of black faded off slowly as the light began to move towards her, a silvery glow illuminating her broken form. below her lay her body, neck snapped cleanly, spine broken and blood pooling. ahead of her stood the stars, a mass of glittering beauty, among which stood a gleaming dark pelted molly. she blinked once at the woman, tipping her head, a question in her eyes, one she didn't dare to ask out loud.

    then she heard him. his cries, his sobs of pain and fear and hurt. tears filled her own eyes as she watched her father pour his soul out, collapsing beside her slowly cooling form. he didn't deserve to have all of this pain put upon him, not now, not ever. guilt welled up inside of her as he sobbed and she felt the yearning to go back down, to comfort him, to do anything. a pleading look was sent towards the dark she-cat, but the starclan warrior shook her head. violetpaw had done it- she'd been the one to choose to and it was her fault this pain was being inflicted. she'd thought that the pain would go away after she was gone. apparently not. with tearstained cheeks, she watched shimmerpaw make his way up, and her heart broke again. the yellow flower twisted among her cold form's fur and a warmth fluttered inside of her soul, watching the pointed tom press his nose against her. it's not your fault... don't apologize, you were wonderful. please be happy. the words were itching to escape but her lips couldn't move, and she was stuck here watching them mourn, watching their world break.

    (apparently she had mattered. if only she'd known.)

    in the camp, the ghostly form of the dark she-cat prowled forward, and violetpaw followed her silently, knowing what she was about to see, dreading to see it. curled in the nursery lay the mourning molly, fur as bright as frost stained with tears, and beside her hunched the russet form of her brother. both were silent, comforting each other, and she felt that pang again. pain flooded from her as she bent to sniff her brother one last time, wishing he could know that she was okay. in the elders' den lay the gingery shape of her mother. redstripe didn't know yet... she didn't know and violetpaw wanted suddenly to be with her again. why had she done it...? what had she gained besides this sadness. it had been selfish of her... she realized it now and an anger clawed up through her chest.

    and then she was in the stars again, above the territory, above the clouds, a stairway of stars leading her up. the dark she-cat was ahead of her, guiding her onwards, and she looked once back. the clans were peaceful in this soft morning light. the trees which she had roamed so faithfully as an apprentice waved gently in the breeze. she looked back for half a heartbeat, then moved forward. violetpaw would watch them from the stars now, along side her fallen siblings and ancestors. they would be okay- they would recover. she would be at peace.


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