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  • Midnight was wandering the woods, hunting.

    She didn't hear them approch but she could smell them.

    After looking to her mate for comfirmation, she shifted to human form, tucked in her wings and made sure they were hidden.

    "Who are you and why are you in my territorry?"

    strwberi. You are Ella so we need you. ^^

    Vali Lucifer You're Midnight's mate so we kinda need you too.

    I'll add you to the Pm we plotted in, sorry I didn't get you sooner.


    fear, anger, anxiety all bubbled up in the pit of ella's stomach as she looked up to her friend gavin. her expression immediately softened as she nudged him softly.

    we both lost something important to us.. she sighed, unaware that midnight was approaching them.

    gavin was getting ready to respond when he heard midnight speak, this conversation could wait until they were in private but for now he had to act as ella's protector.

    your territory? he scoffed, do you know who this is? this is princess fiorella reyes, the princess of artemis, and i am her royal advisor. for now. she may be wherever she want to. he snarled, pushing ella behind him.

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  • Midnight stifled a chuckle.

    'Okay, well, this is Earth, not Artemis and because of that her reign doesn't effect us alphas here on Earth."

    She shifts to wolf form and stretches out her wings, ready to pounce. "Now either stand down or leave, or else the last thing you see will be my teeth ripping out your throats."

    The lavender runes on her fur and wings started to glow red and her lavender eyes started swimming with black colored smoke inside them.


    she's right. earth works very differently from how artemis does. ella spoke, tapping on gavin's arm, but he wouldn't back down.

    he caught a glimpse of her wolf form, she was no match for a gemstone wolf, even more-so that his body would be much harder and harder to cause injury too.

    ella sighed, lifting both of her arms up, her wings sprouting from her back. as of now, her parents hadn't found a way to fix her torn wing, and told her to stay off of it, but her large wings could still shield both him and her from midnight's attack if she needed too.

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  • Midnight loosened a little at Ella speaking.

    "Well, at least one of you has some sense. Maybe the princess would like to kindly escort you two back onto whatever ship you came from and leave my territorry?"

    With that, she starts moving slowly towards the two, not even a bit fazed by the Gemstone wolves' size.

    "So, uh, what happened to your wing? Looks like it was tough seeing as how you're a gemstone wolf."


    gavin let out another snarl, as midnight approached them both. if this were artemis, she'd learn to have a little more respect for the future queen. he still didn't understand that earth worked much differently then artemis. ella didn't really understand it either but the last she wanted was to call her mother and let her know that her only protector was dead.

    it's a long story, another wolf from my homeplanet turned out to be a traitor to the royal family and she tore one of my wings and destroyed my eye. ella returned the favor by destroying her eyes, but still.

    as for us returning, i'm afraid i have to stay here until my family ensures me that it's safe enough to return home.

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  • Midnight let out a sigh at Ella's words as she looked to the sky confirming that it was sunset.

    "You have a place to stay?" With her words, she barred her teeth and lunged past Gavin and Ella, clamping down on a fox's throat and chrushing it's neck with one bite.


    i've.. i've never been to this dimension before.. i've only heard about it. ella lowered her wings so the remaining three now rested on the ground. she tapped gavins leg and watched as he transformed from a gemstone wolf back into his human form. stay calm okay, threatening people will get us killed gavin. she spoke.

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  • "Mm.." Midnight deposited the fox in the middle of the clearing that gavin and ella were standing in and continued tyo catch animal after animal after animal.

    "I think you can stay with me and Rayne, or I could help you find somewhere else to stay."

    She pauses and then adresses Gavin. "And she's right, don't thin for even a second that I won't attack you for any threat you try to make."

    Midnight also shifted to human form and used her wings to fly up and check above the tree tops. When she landed, she waited for Gavin and Ella to choose between staying with her and Rayne, or finding somewhere else to stay.


    oh yes! we could stay with you! since she offered, ella took it. they needed to stay lowkey, and the more people they had protecting and helping ella the better. don't worry about gavin, he just has a sworn duty to protect me, but clearly you aren't going to hurt me without reason. she said, shooting gavin a small glare, i'm fiorella by the way, but everyone calls me ella. she smiled.

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  • "Okay, Ella. Follow me." She turned and started off for the mountains in the distance.

    Now that the adrenalin from hunting and the thought of intruders had ebbed, it was clear that Midnight was sisck. From the way she moved to her constant coughing that she tried to hide.

    I few steps forward, the pile of animals she'd killed started floating behind her, following the girl as she waled.


    ella began to follow her, gesturing for gavin to follow her as well. he knew this wasn't the time but they had to talk about what had happened.

    what are you going to do? he asked her in a low voice. ella let out an annoyed breath through her nose, scoffing.

    we have to sit tight until my mum gives us the okay to come ba- she was interrupted by midnights coughing, she was clearly sick.

    um, excuse me miss? she asked, are you okay?

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  • "Hmm? Oh, I'm - okay." Midnight pushed forward and ripped a few armfuls of moss off of a nearby tree.

    She soaked the moss in water from a stream and added them to the pile of prey that was still floating behind her.

    After that, she cllimbed a tree and looked around the tops, coming back down with a satisfied sigh.

    *Coughs* "We're almost to my home, we just gotta climb a little ways up that mountain." She gestured to the mountain behind her.


    ella pursed her lips, sharing a look with gavin. if only she had her wings. don't. gavin said simply, her mother had told them as soon as they dealt with the issue at hand they would work on getting a replacement for her torn wing, but for now she had to sit still and function as if she were and actually human.

    well, at least walking is good for you? she shrugged, it wasn't that bad.

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  • "Is walking not good for you two? I'm strong enough to lidt one of you as I fly us to the mountain if you need."


    oh no! thats quite alright!ella beamed, i'm just not used to walking is all. she thought, after all she was the princess, she either had her wolf form or her wings to rely on, but not in this dimension.

    usually i'd be able to fly us as well but i don't know how well my wings work anymore. she frowned, lifting up her wings. two on the right remained, while one and a half was on her left. they were big for her person already making her flying wobbly but she could only imagine what her flying would be like now without her bottom wing to stabilize her.

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  • "Mm, okay. Let me know if you change your mind."

    With that, Midnight turned and started off for the mountaains again, not stopping until they were at a cave which was her home.


    gavin waited until midnight had turned around to continue his discussion with ella, he figured that talking may help the time pass by quicker.

    we cant just sit around on a whole other dimension while my mother raises hell on artemis. he kept his voice low.

    my mum will handle it, she's dealt with all other problematic members of my family. avagail should be no issue. if mum really needs backup she'll call for us..

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  • Midnight looked over her shoulder bbefore turning to face them completely and started walking backwards.

    "Issues on Artemis?" She paused and then spoke up again. "You don't really think I can't hear you, do you?"


    it's not that. gavin replied. why would midnight even care about whats going on in artemis, it was none of her concern, i'm just trying to make sure no spies are listening to us.. they can't understand your language but if there were any on this dimension and they saw us the issues on artemis could easily be issues on this dimension as well.. whatever it's called.

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