On the rocks // Solaris Checkup

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  • It'd been a day since the raid and whilst she felt they were successful in their efforts their was still casualties and injures. On both sides and while she knew Solaris would lick it's wounds and come back stronger she was worried for their allies, they were far weaker in numbers and didn't have the power needed to strike at the Exiles themselves. She worried they'd be a target now, the Solaris camp had the benefit of being hidden away but that Sanctuary was easy to traverse, the meadow was inviting and easy to roam around in. There was no threat of traps or looming patrols across the land as she'd had in Solaris with the Warfare guild.

    The Dawningcrown had arrived at the border and would quickly woof as a NPC arrived ”Go fetch SURVIVALINSTINCT. for me could you?” she'd ask but her tone was more tersely orderly than just a question she wasn't giving any room for argument. Hopefully the male would arrive soon so she could take a report on their damages as well as hand over the supplies she'd brought over from the Kingdom which were fastened in a tote wrapped around one of her wings. It was stuffed with supplies from herbs, blankets to even things such as old scalpels and some prey items.

    The Quuen would look behin dher shoulders to check if Ryad was still behind her, she'd left his side to get here quicker and was already expecting some form of berating words.


  • TAGS. the raid had proven to be . . . something. chicagocrimes can barely recall the last time she had flexed claws in the throngs of a war as screeching thundered overhead, blood flooding nostrils cruel and dizzying, damned beast snapping teeth and riling fire on breath. a mix of adrenaline and fury from the battle of yesterday is still infused and laced within the veins of the puppet she's strung herself to, a high that hasn't quite wavered, the stings of her cuts and lashes scabbing or red. it's been a few years, she guesses, since she really, truly fought for this place and for it's people.

    she catches the npc hurrying back as she's been making her own way through these meadows fae touched and haunted, unable to help but note their eager pace. given what happened the day before, chica can't help but worry for the worst. she moves to block their pathway, a rasping order of her own cracking free off of tongue tip; the dead girl never has adjusted to her position as a mere member, lacking rank and authority, but not respect. "woah there, what's th' rush?" are the exiles already rallying a raid in retaliation? so soon? whispers of smoke pull from fur, throat knotting some at the tense thought for there's no way those fuckheads are already bouncing back.

    it's not them, though. solaris queen on border, they say to the dead girl and relief takes to her shortly thereafter. the npc brushes past after a soft and fervent pause between them both where they shift about, probably ready to return to the task assigned to them. that's fine with chicagocrimes, who lets them by without even another glance. she'd rather go and meet up with their visitors, anyway.

    the spirit glides forward, lips pulling back into sharp toothed grin despite cuts. "hey, you two! long time no see." chicago tries a half hearted attempt at teasing, eyes of sugared plums glancing over first ver then ryad, and then to the bag clinging so carefully to the queen's wings. she tips her head at that, "are those fer us?"


    is it cause i bring you to your knees? // a sanctuarian spirit

  • [ retro to blind recovery B) ]

    Jesus I'm here, I'm here. "Fuck you for expecting a poor blind old man such as my little ol' self to chase after your ass," he says as he trails behind Ver, coming up to her flank and taking a seat as he idly cracked his neck, waiting for some Sanctuarian to arrive. And of course one does as soon as I sit down. As Chicago cracks - what he assumes to be a joke referring to the raid - he places a paw in mock offense upon his chest. "Hey," he says with a sarcastic bitterness. "Stop being so mean to me!" And then a lapse of seriousness over takes him as she asks whether or not the supplies and goodies were for them, and he nods in response. "They are. Ver told me the basics of what she brought, so - guess you'll have no colorful description from me. How's the Sanctuary doing now? Everything holding up here after that whole mess? They really did a number on us, huh?" I can't help but make jokes, what the fuck else am I supposed to say? Congratulations no one died? Jesus, I'll leave the talking to Ver unless she messes that up equally.

  • A huff of amusing laughter presses from the canine as she listens to Ryad's complaint ”Come on now Gramps it's not that hard to keep up” she teases sticking her tongue out at the older male. Though before she can woof another word to him Chica one of the warriors appeared, the third Sancturian she'd met and one who struck her as off in anything else. Pretty yes but almost ethereal as if she wasn't meant to live on this plain. She didn't understand why she got that feeling but she just supposed it was her senses, she'd always been perspective regardless of her once-lack of powers to the world around her and it's inhabitants. Ver was no idiot, unschooled and illiterate as she may be she could see things others couldn't without a closer inspection.

    She just had a habit cultivated from months with nothing better to do. She looked into things to much, tried to figure people out when in return she hated it when they did the same to her.

    Whatever the case was about Chica she didn't care, she was attractive and nice to her from their few interactions and that's all that really mattered in her eyes. ”Shame only two of us can see” she wryly comments as one paw gently hits Ryad on the shoulder as she approached Chicago to drop her baggy by the smaller woman's paws. ”Yep it is! Some miscellaneous stuff but you also have us here or umm.. You have me Ryad's just a tag-along” she smiles smugly before elaborating onto what she mean't. ”I'd be happy to hold a checkup with one of your healers is what I mean, as well as discuss what exactly happened back there if your leader would like that” she hoped he'd get here soon otherwise she'd feel exceedinly pushy and over domineering even if she didn't intend to be that way.


  • They'd have to forgive him, since after the raid the poor man had fallen horribly ill with a nice dose of slight memory loss to boot as well. Upon being called for by the NPC, Val took his sweet time getting up and moving over towards where the Solarian Queen, her deputy, and Chicagocrimes were. Glazed over verdant eyes flicker over to Ver, then Ryad, resting on Chica for a moment and more before he turns his head towards the horned canine once more. "I'm here..." Val wheezed, struggling to remain upright and on his paws.

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