What is this place? {Open, getting to know the cats around camp}

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  • Firestain sat just outside of the nursery, grooming her pelt.

    There were so many cats around, and she didn't really want to cause a rucus so she didn't know any of them.

    Except the queens that took care of her, no cat really had spoken to her. She continued grooming and looked around camp for any cat that may be good to talk to, and maybe get to know.

    No one, maybe one would approch her, that'd be good she was terrible at starting converstaions.

  • It seemed that her hope was ill placed. Morgan was quite possibly the worst person to show up. Not only could he not start a conversation either, but he didn't even talk. He was as silent as a corpse, always slithering in and out of the shadows like a leviathan coated in a dark mane of wild, tangled fur. And that was how he approached Firestain too. Paws carrying him silently as ever until he stood in front of the ginger and white kitten, a curious tilt to his head always present whenever he was seeing a new face. And Firestain was definitely a new face. Sitting back carefully he lifted his paw in a silent wave of greeting as he spoke no words. It seems they would both have to wait for someone else to come along.

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  • Firestain almost didn't notice Morgan approch, so it can be assumed correctly that she jumped half out of her pelt when she lifted her head and saw him standing next to her.

    Nontheless, she returned the silent wave hello and gave a dip of her head.

  • "You both are stiff necked little peanuts." Nova smirked. Sitting besides her sister's progeny, the silver svelte molly greeted them both. Her bicolored gaze shifted from both younger cats before she rolled her eyes in amusement. Such dry youngsters. Well, Nova was a dark and drab personality herself, but at least she knew when and how to socialize. Why did it feel like the younger generation was so afraid to let a peep out? "Anyways, I know you're my sister's kit, i'm your mother;s littermate Nova." She nudged Morgan lightly. Looking to the young ginger, her eyes narrowed as she delved into her memory. She couldn't seem to place a name on the face. "I don't know your name... what was it again?"


  • "My, my, a little flatterer aren't you. What a charming little one you are. Perhaps someday you'll have many chasing after you, cutie." Nova smirked lightly. Now, this was a kit she could grow to like. Well, considering she really only liked her siblings kits, that was a big compliment from her! Purring, she licked a paw and drew it over her head, Nova disliked it when the tufts on her ear felt or even looked out of place. The silver molly had been known in her younger days to be so messy and chaotic. Well, even now she was kinda all over the place, but still, at least appearance wise she wanted to be a little prim and proper.


  • "Flatterer? Okay, first I'm a peanut, then I'm a flatterer... what else am I gonna be? I'm kinda liking this."

    Firestain chuckled as she spoke, a smile etching it's way onti her maw for the first time since she'd arrived in BloodClan.

  • "Oh hush you. I'm enjoying myself too." Nova grinned, her amusement reaching her normally stone-like bicolored gaze. The bobtail was definitely in brighter spirits lately and it was quite obvious. Good to have change, even if it blossomed from pain and chaos initially. "Well, now, do you like Bloodclan?" The mainecoon molly queried curiously. Her massive form gracefully slunk forward as she pulled herself into a stretch. Since she initiated the conversation, she might as well keep it going. Making herself known to her clan was gonna be quite the task again, but it wasn't right that she kept her gorgeous self so isolated.


  • An alabaster man crawled across the cracked concrete, a ruined visage pointed to the hells below. His attention to the passing ground below his body was stolen by voices. Laughter breaching words of nonsense, and he lifted his crimson hues to spot a pair of mollies, the older of the two playing clown, perhaps to break the ice of conversation as it seemed they were being acquainted. Keaton was one to stick to the sidelines in grief, but ever since his brain injury, he found himself crawling further away from his antisocial self. Blinking fast, a shiver ran down his spine, radiating from his healing head-wounds.

    ‘do you like bloodclan?’ she asks the ginger molly, Keaton found himself staring at the child. Mute, if his recollection served well, or just preferring to use his ears rather than his mouth. Smart. "Room for one more?" Keaton greeted with a dip of his ruined skull. "I’m Keaton, and I do hope you enjoy yourself here. A home to killers and saints alike" he rasped, his tongue dancing behind his exposed jaws with precise pronunciation.

    His eyes traveling to Morgan, the kid was a wonder on four paws. Pleasantly fascinated, Keaton greeted the tom with a polite bow of his head as well. "Artemis…. that’s who you belong to " Keaton muttered, eyes narrowed to slits in thought. "strapping young lad, aren’t you?" he wore a smile in his words though he could not wear one on his muzzle.

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  • "Killers?" Firestain echoed the thought as it bounced around in her skull.

    "That sounds...cool." Her maw was laced by a small grin. "I'm Firestain, or Firekit, I'm not quite sure. Nice to meet you, Keaton."