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  • Could wonders never cease?

    First, there was the incredible heat. He still could not understand how or why it had settled so thickly upon their lush jungle, but it had, heating everything from the air to the earth and the water they drank. But... that was okay. They could always find a new home, if they absolutely needed to. If this didn't let up. They had allies for a reason, no? They were small enough that Kira was sure they could be taken in without complaint. Second, there was the stress of a new position. He didn't feel as though he was bad at his job, but considering he had never truly done anything like this before, he wondered often how his clan viewed him. Did they think he was competent? Did they think he was respectable? The things Rohan had told him echoed in his head, and he pursed his lips. That... lead him to the final thing.

    Rohan was missing.

    The new Macaw of Unity had gone missing not long ago; in fact, Kira recalled seeing him yesterday, only for him to be absent in the morning. At first he'd wondered if the artist was patrolling, and so he'd checked (though he had no idea why he wanted to search Rohan out so badly) the borders, but there was no sign. No sign except a faint scent of an Exiler, hidden but not well enough to get past him. Kira's brows knit. That... there had been Exilers on their border not long ago, leaving notes, inviting them to that meet and greet... could it be the same person? It was the group of outlaws, no doubt, but... his fur prickled. Had Rohan not heeded his warning? Had anyone else gone without his knowledge? His mouth grew dry; perhaps not for the worry of his clanmates' health, but more for how it would look should they perish under his rule. Because they didn't listen. Or... or worse, because the Flights was not well-enough protected to fend against whoever might be stalking in the night. Did he need to increase border patrols? Did they need to reinforce their territory? He flicked his ears back, and trotted solemnly to camp.

    "Rohan has been captured by the Exiles."

    His statement was flat and intense. He didn't try to mask his anger or make himself look suave and collected, as he usually did. Rather, his brows knit tightly towards the center of his face, his lip quirked with an animosity likely unseen by many of his clanmates until this point.

    "We'll be conducting a rescue raid soon. But... with our size, I feel it would be best to enlist help from another." His pale gaze searched camp for Honeywine. She was their Vulture of War... perhaps he should not be making all of these decisions alone. The man straightened his posture, but not his face; his eyes still burned with fire. "Honeywine... I would like you to come with me to discuss a joint raid with the Sanguine Ruins. I recently talked with Stone about a ceasefire, and it seems that the Exiles have been terrorizing them as well. It could be a good opportunity to gain a strong ally." And there, he rested his case. His claws itched terribly. He wanted to leave now.

    "If anyone has any objections, speak now."



  • Ver hadn't known Rohan had disappeared until it was announced, she'd been hiding in the infirmary (or medicine hut) most of the day safely away from the heat surrounded by herbs and fresh water to force by her gullet. The only other creature she would've noticed going missing was Soleil and maybe a few of the members that frequented inside to fetch herbs to combat heatstroke or for herbs to ease their heat cramps.

    Her ears would perk as Kira went about his announcements and his declaration for war. She couldn't blame him and would support the decision but she feared that the Volarians wouldn't be ready for a battle like Solaris or the Veil was but she'd wish them luck anyways. And with the Ruins on their side they'd be quite the fighting force. However she wouldn't participate, she was nursing wounds and had quite enough of prodding at them for a good while she wouldn't go back to fight but instead she'd defend the home-base and prepare the medicine den for their return.

    She was soley a healer here nothing more nothing less and this would be her first real chance to get some hands on learning even if her patients would likely be heavily against it. ”I wish you luck and good fortune for your battle Kira but i'll hold up the base and keep the children and patients safe alright? I don't want anyone sneaking in to take another one of our members whilst the main fighting force is away” and if they did appear Solaris wasn't that far away. ”If olivia s. (Soleil) is staying as well i'd be happy to prepare things for both you and the Ruins return ”


  • Sol wasn't aware of Rohan's capture either, but really that was because she spent most of her life hiding from gazes of judgement inside the herb store where she lived and worked. But still, the news did sadden here- he was a moderately pleasant Volarian to have around, and well... she never really liked to hear about people being captured, considering her... history, with the Exiles. At the mention of their name, she glanced down at her bandaged paws- clawless, thanks to that guy who she'd never learnt the name of. The wolf who had watched in delight as she screamed and begged for him to stop. So... something in her wanted to act, not just hold down the fort. And anyway, having Ver around was undoubtedly helpful; maybe leaving the older woman on her own would be a good test. Oh, she was an awful teacher...

    "If... if you'd be happy to have me, I'd like to attend the raid." she said, folding her ears back. This wasn't just revenge for what they had done to her, they'd taken her son, too. Kept him in a cold little cell, laughed as he wept. "I've had... past issues, with the Exiles. And I think it's about time I... I got my own back." she said, nodding her head affirmatively. Surprisingly for such a meek little thing, Soleil had always been rather vengeful, though she hid it the best she could. "And anyway... I trust Ver to look after camp. She's talented, and... it would help to have a medic on field, too... in case of emergencies." hopefully, Kira would approve; though, it wasn't like she was going to argue if he didn't. She'd never be that confident.



  • Two faces appeared in the mist of his red vision. How could I be so angry over this? I should be rejoicing. And yet, he wasn't. He put his rage aside, trying to pay attention to Ver's words with careful focus. So she would protect that camp? That was... probably for the best. He hadn't exactly thought of Exilers trying to raid them at the same time; perhaps he needed to consult her more. She clearly had experience in battle. But... no, he was too proud. If he asked her for help it would be like surrendering the Flights to her, wouldn't it? Don't be irrational, he chided himself. She was just here to help.

    "That would be wonderful," he answered evenly, though his voice was still tense with barely-bridled anger. Perhaps this glimpse into his true emotions was uncanny to those who knew him (or... thought they knew him), but he wasn't worried about it. He was worried... no. He wasn't worried about Rohan, he couldn't be worried about Rohan. He was worried about his reputation if he didn't get this taken care of quickly and effectively. That was it. That was all. Kira took a breath, trying to calm his nerves and ultimately failing, before Sol's statements reached him. ... I'd like to attend the raid. Oh?

    She didn't strike him as much of a fighter. His rancorous attitude was put on pause for a split second as he processed; Soliel wanted to fight? Did she know how? But... well, Kira only knew the basics of physical combat without using his Stand, so perhaps he did not have much room to talk. As skilled as he was, he could only do so much in a fight without revealing his best-kept secret. But then, maybe revealing KQ was not an awful idea. It would certainly earn him respect, wouldn't it? But he digressed.

    "You're welcome to attend. This may be a rescue raid, but I am no stranger to anger- do what you must." And with that incredibly ambiguous statement, he finished, glancing between the two that had gathered, wondering where Honeywine was. "If you two could possibly pack supplies, it would be good preparation. I still have to talk to Stone- this could take a day or two. But... don't keep it far from your thoughts." The feline's tail flicked. He seemed to have calmed down a bit, but perhaps it was all show. It was difficult to tell with him.



  • Strat had little to no idea of who this Rohan was, but she knew for a fact that she loathed the Exiles enough to do anything to get a chance to go in and fuck them up. Interested, the feline padded over with green eyes fixated on Kira as he spoke of the situation surrounding the kidnapping and the potential aid from the Ruins. "I'm sure a good relationship with the Ruins can be attained if you try hard enough," she offered, "especially because of the connection Ver has to them. And also-- their leader happens to be my uncle, and one of my brothers holds a high position, so I might be able to do some sweet-talking." An unusual smile crossed the face of the Patriot. Whatever went down, she'd be up for doing some dirty work if it was at the Exiles' expense.




    ( right here, right now, before the devil? )


  • Strat's reasoning reassured him greatly. While they had a ceasefire with the Ruins, he had still been somewhat doubtful of their compliance, but... this was soothing. He gazed at her intently, hope breaking into his pressed smile.

    "That would be great, thank you."


    BITES THE DUST * volary flights & sanguine ruins joint raid